Gonzo of One Piece

Gonzo is the butler of Ratchet’s family. He seems to be the only non-mechanical butler in Ratchet’s castle.

This article contains information unique to One Piece – Castle Karakuri’s Metal Soldiers (2006).


Gonzo is an older gentleman with a half bald head, graying hair and a goatee. He wears a typical outfit for a butler, consisting of a black tailcoat with a white shirt and a red cross tie. Furthermore, he wears glasses with small, round lenses.


He is extremely loyal and devoted to Ratchet’s family, especially Roba. He was assigned by Roba to keep an eye on Ratchet’s plans and later helped Luffy & Co. escape from a trap set by Ratchet. In the process, he, along with Roba, begged the Straw Hat Pirates not to be angry with Ratchet and blamed himself for everything by not stopping Ratchet.


After the Straw Hat Pirates solved Mecha-Island’s first riddles, Ratchet had Erich invite them to his castle. Once there, the butler Gonzo made his first appearance, but after Chopper had already encountered a mechanical house servant, he also mistook Gonzo for a robot. However, he quickly clarified the misunderstanding thereupon.

Later, when the giant turtle awoke from its thousand-year slumber, Gonzo secretly overheard Ratchet’s world-conquering plans and retreated for the time being. Shortly thereafter, the Straw Hats appeared in the castle, but Erich was able to trap most of the Straw Hats into some sort of trash compactor. Gonzo opened the lid of the trash compactor, freeing them from their predicament. Afterwards, it was revealed that Gonzo had been assigned all along by Roba to monitor her son Ratchet and his intentions.

After Ratchet’s defeat by Luffy, Gonzo took care of the downed Ratchet alongside Roba. Together, they watched as Luffy destroyed the castle. Gonzo was also present when Roba rebuked her son after the pirates left.

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