Gonbe of One Piece

Gonbe is a rabbit and Chimney’s pet. He lives with her and Grandma Kokoro at Shift Station.

Appearance and personality

Gonbe is a rabbit with blue fur on his back and spoons and white fur on his paws, belly, face and the inside of his spoons. He also has whiskers and a pom-pom tail. Like his owner Chimney, Gonbe is always grinning.

The bunny is convinced he is a cat. This conviction goes so far that Gonbe meows like a cat. As Chimney’s pet, he always follows her around and often shares her facial expressions as well.
After the time jump, Gonbe has grown a bit and looks more rabbit-like than before.


In front of the Aqua Laguna

The members of the Straw Hat Pirates first met Gonbe when they docked at Shift Station and spoke with Granny Kokoro. Some time after the meeting, Granny Kokoro announced to Chimney and Gonbe that it was time to leave the station because of the upcoming Aqua Laguna.

During the drive to Enies Lobby

After the Aqua Laguna set and the only sea train departed for the justice island of Enies Lobby, Grandma Kokoro agreed to provide a second sea train, Rocketman, for the trip. Chimney and Gonbe snuck aboard the sea train without permission. As a large wave of Aqua Laguna rolled towards the sea train, Chimney and Gonbe were terrified, as Granny Kokoro claimed they must now die. Thanks to the combined strength of the passengers, the wave was overcome and Rocketman reached Justice Island.

On Enie’s lobby

Chimney and Gonbe followed Nico Robin, Spandam and Rob Lucci and discovered the underwater tunnel to the Gate of Justice. When Luffy tried to cross the choppy sea in a rowboat and was in danger of drowning, the two rescued him and Chimney told Luffy about the secret tunnel.

Rob Lucci had noticed the girl and the rabbit, but did nothing about them, as he had not been ordered to do so. During the fight between Luffy and Rob Lucci, the CP9 agent flooded the bridge’s support tower with water, and with it the underwater tunnel, which at the time was being traversed by Chimney, Gonbe, Granny Kokoro, and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates.

The mermaid Kokoro helped her companions by taking them to safety on a captured navy ship that was off Enie’s lobby on the occasion of the Buster Call. Gonbe was thus saved from drowning. Sanji then rescued Granny Kokoro, Chimney, and Gonbe from enemy cannon fire targeting the ship. After the group was surrounded by the navy, Gonbe jumped into the sea with the others to be rescued by the The Going Merry. Chimney and Gonbe also took part in the subsequent farewell ceremony for the The Going Merry.

Events after the Buster Call

After returning from Justice Island, Chimney and Gonbe found themselves at the Galley-La Company headquarters in Water 7. When Vice Admiral Garp arrived to see Luffy, they were shocked at the fact that Garp was Luffy’s grandfather. While Luffy was talking to Koby and Nami was eavesdropping on the two of them, Chimney and Gonbe were swimming in the Galley-La Company pool, trying to convince Nami to get in the water as well. The two attended the send-off of the Straw Hats, who were now on their new ship, the Thousand Sunny.

After the departure of the Straw Hat Pirates…

Yokuzuna plays with Chimney and Gonbe.

Since Yokuzuna didn’t fight the sea train after the previous events, he played Shift with Chimney and Gonbe at the station instead.

Two years later

Two years later, Gonbe backed up the new, popular station captain Chimney, who now ran the station shift on Sundays. After the new bounty for Franky was released, Chimney and Gonbe were seen grinning at the wanted poster alongside the shocked Iceberg.


  • Gonbe, like Pappag, is an animal that doesn’t think of itself for what it actually is.
  • His favorite food is fish (actually carrots).

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