Goldberg of One Piece

Goldberg is a giant from the island of Elbaf and ship’s cook for the New Giant Warrior Pirates. He was born on the same day as Prince Loki and Road.


Goldberg is a giant and accordingly many times taller than a normal human. He has an extremely stockily built body with comparatively small, thin legs. He has shoulder-length red hair and a noticeably wide mouth. Like many giants of Elbaf, he wears a horned helmet. Furthermore, he wears a light-colored cloak tied at the neck with a brooch and a brown belt that runs across his torso, which is otherwise unclothed. He also wears green plaid pants, a blue sash, and dark shoes. He is seen carrying a club as well as a yellow and blue striped shield depicting a face with its tongue sticking out.


Goldberg was born on Elbaf 63 years ago. His birth was celebrated at the beginning of Lent on the winter solstice. At an unknown time, he and his band of pirates joined Buggy’s Delivery. The giants were the top earners of the organization and rose to become S-class mercenaries.


After the events on Dress Rosa, Hajrudin and his gang left Buggy’s Delivery, having joined the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. Buggy was very angry at this news. As a result, the New Giant Warrior Pirates left Karai Bari and set sail again with their pirate ship.

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