Goki of One Piece

Goki is a member of the 100-beast pirate gang and there part of the so-called “Numbers”.


Over 20 years ago, Goki was a test subject for giant experiments on Punk Hazard, but they failed. Goki and his colleagues were later recruited by Kaidou and joined the Beasts Pirates as “Numbers”.

In addition, the Numbers destroyed an impressive amount of cities in the past.


Five days before the Fire Festival began, Goki arrived at Apoo Hakumai on Wano Country alongside other Numbers and Scratchmen.

On the day of the Fire Festival, the Beasts Pirates Pirates partied on Onigashima while Queen fueled the atmosphere. However, when chaos broke out caused by the enemy alliance, Goki, Juki and Jaki, who were drunk, went on a rampage and took collateral damage within their own ranks. In the process, Goki fell victim to many samurai, though he was without a chance when faced by the Straw Hats. After Zoro split his club, Luffy attacked Goki with a Gomu Gomu no-Kong Gun. Goki was unable to rise, after which Apoo mourned him.


  • The name is composed of the characters for “five” (五) and “demon” (鬼). The latter is also the character forOni“, ogre-like demons from Japanese mythology, which the Numbers are also based on.
  • The previous names of the Numbers actually all contain numbers.
  • He has a distinctive laugh of his own: Goki’s laugh is composed of Go and several Kikis, thus Gokikiki.

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