Glorious Island

Glorious Island is a prequel to One Piece movie Z. The first half was streamed on the Japanese Channel日(日本初スマホ向け放送局 NOTTV) NOTTV on December 23, 2012 and had a very short duration of about 5 minutes. The second half of the special followed on December 30, 2012, and the full special was repeated again on January 06, 2013. It was only available on certain smartphones in certain regions of Japan.


Luffy, Nami, and Brook fool around in the pool while the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates keeps busy or relaxes on the Thousand Sunny. Sanji, meanwhile, is angry because Brook is enjoying the sight of Nami in a bikini. Suddenly, a seahorse emerges from the sea. Sanji urges Luffy not to let the animal escape so he can use it as provisions. The captain defeats the horse with a gum-gum jet bazooka, whereupon it is flung far away. Luffy laughs until he remembers that he was going to eat the meat from the seahorse. Immediately, the seahorse is chased at high speed. The pirates finally find it floating unconscious on the water. Luffy is excited to taste the meat, but Zoro cautions not to forget the sake, which degenerates into an argument with Sanji. Franky tries to reassure Zoro that they can celebrate without it. He explains that it might rain cherry blossoms, too.

Chopper inquires with Nami what she thinks of a milk diet he has been following for some time. The navigator is stretching out a parasol to sunbathe on a lounger. When Chopper asks if she’d like some, she replies that she’d rather have an orange juice. With pricked ears, Sanji hears Nami’s request in the kitchen, which surprises Usopp since Nami is quite far away.

The long-nose, meanwhile, is preparing a pesticide for parasites that have appeared in his garden. Sanji wants him to go on deck since they are in his kitchen. Robin climbs down the ladder and asks Usopp where the watering can is. However, he has modified it.

Meanwhile, Franky is trying to get the others to understand how they can use their imaginations to eat something without having anything. Brook is thrilled by the imagined location of his comrades and wishes Nami to show him her panties, whereupon he gets a kick from her. Sanji then appears, having now finished cooking the seahorse menu. Together, the Straw Hat Pirates celebrates a big feast under the suddenly appearing cherry blossom rain.


The insertion at the end of the first part.
  • The special was available on the DVD and Bluray of the “Greatest Armored Edition” of One Piece Film Z.
  • The story was written by Oda herself.

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