Giro Chintaro of One Piece

Giro Chintaro is a samurai of Wano Country.

He was given the role of cutting off Zoro’s head during seppuku after he was arrested by Magistrate Toyama Tsujigiro and framed as a nocturnal street killer. Before performing this ritual, however, Zoro realized that the street murderer was the magistrate himself, whom he subsequently finished off.


  • His name is apparently a pun on the Japanese word for guillotine (jap. ギロチン, girochin) in reference to his role as Kaishakuninto decapitate the samurai performing seppuku. As such, his role was to honorably end the samurai’s seppuku, cutting off the samurai’s head at the moment of the belly-slitting to prevent prolonged suffering and thus a pain-distorted face. The name ending -taro (太郎) is very common in Japan and denotes the eldest son.

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