Girarin of One Piece

Girarin is a member of the Foxy Pirates.

This article contains information that only comes from the anime, not the manga.
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Girarin, who belongs to the genus of fish-men, has light blue skin and red gills on his neck. On his blond hair he has a kind of swimming fin. He wears a t-shirt with a black and purple pattern and an F, which stands for Foxy. On his arms he wears two blades. Like every member of the Foxy gang, he also wears a black mask.


He also cheats in every game, so the Straw Hat Pirates is at a disadvantage.

Skills and strengths

Girarins blades

Girarin has two extendable blades on his arms. These look sharp at first glance, but they are blunt. Nevertheless, they serve their purpose, so he can reflect Foxy’s Slow Beam with them, as it happened in the Roller Race against Luffy.


The Roller Race

Girarin wants to throw Luffy into the audience

In the Davy Back Fight against the Straw Hat Pirates, the Roller Race was Girarin’s first match. As Luffy was rolled through the track in the form of Robin’s gum-gum balloon, Mashikaku (Non-Canon) stood in his way. Robin’s arms threw him upwards, however Girarin reacted quickly and used his blades to send Luffy flying into the audience. He joined Mashikaku (Non-Canon) in Robin’s race against Jube to stand in the straw hat pirate’s way, but was unsuccessful. In the final round, he faced off against Luffy. After a short time, Foxy attacked him with the Slow Beam. When this had no more effect, Robin prevented another attack on the part of Foxy and Luffy could finally overtake Girarin.

Pirate Dodge Ball

Girarin and Jube attack Luffy and Chopper

Girarin’s second and final match was Pirate Dodgeball. Together with Jube, he competed against Luffy and Chopper. The two members of the Foxy Gang hit, and when the Straw Hats dodged, they got stuck in the ground. The two were eliminated during the match.

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