Giovanni of One Piece

Giovanni is a zebra mink and a member of Inuarashi’s Musketeers in the Duchy of Mokomo on Zou.


Giovanni in his Su Long form

Due to the fact that Giovanni is a zebra mink, his animalistic external features dominate over the human ones. He represents a humanized zebra that walks upright. As a member of Inuarashi’s Musketeers, he wears a similar outfit to his fellow Shishilian and Concelot. This includes a purple cape, a pastel shirt, a black feathered hat with a pink plume, black gloves, dark boots, and dark pants held up by a black leather belt. Along his torso runs a dark belt. At his neck there is also a pink bandana. He always carries a rapier with him.


Like all Minks from the Duchy of Mokomo shown, he is very loyal to the Kozuki clan, so he would rather risk his life than betray the samurai Raizo and bows to the still young Kozuki Momonosuke. Furthermore, he shows strong gratitude towards the Straw Hats and is immediately determined to go to Empress Big Mom’s territory to free Sanji.

Skills and strength

Giovanni’s strength is outstanding even among the battle-hardened Minks, and has earned him his high place within Inuarashi’s Musketeers. He fights with a rapier, which he can also enhance with the Mink’s ability, Electro. To this end, he is able to control the secret Mink ability Su Long. As one of the three highest musketeers, he has a certain authority over the other musketeers.



Along with the other Musketeers, including Shishilian and Concelot, Giovanni defended his home from Kaidou’s pirates. By day they fought, by night they rested and let the nocturnal Minks do the fighting. After five days, as the Minks slowly gained the upper hand, Jack released the poison gas “Koro” on Zou. The poison weakened the Minks so much that the pirates ended up defeating them. The strongest Minks were crucified. Only the Straw Hats were able to drive Jack’s henchmen off the island – after he left with the news that Donquixote Doflamingo had been captured – using Caesar’s devil powers to neutralize the poison and free the Minks from their torment.

However, the day after Luffy’s arrival, the siren sounded. The Minks, as well as the Straw Hats, were informed that samurais had entered the island. Samurais like that Raizo because of whom the Minks had to suffer so much at the hands of Jack and his entourage. The Straw Hats as well as many Minks rushed to the capital, but when the samurais revealed themselves, things calmed down. As it turned out, the fighting Minks knew very well that Raizo was on the island, but protected him by denying this to Jack. Everyone present was now very happy to see the samurais, especially Lord Momonosuke, and Giovanni was no exception. Just like all the other Minks, he bowed to the samurais.

After Jack’s returning fleet was sunk to the bottom of the sea by the giant elephant Zunesha with just a single blow of his trunk, Inuarashi’s musketeers asked to join Sanji’s rescue force. But Nekomamushi ordered them to remain on Zou for the time being.

Wano Country / Onigashima

As it later turned out, he joined Inuarashi heading towards Wano Country instead. While preparing for the decisive battle, he chatted with Shishilian, Nami, Robin, and others about the weather on Onigashima and what it meant, as clear skies during the full moon would give them a huge advantage.

On the day of the Fire Festival, he joined the battle aboard the Thousand Sunny. Once on Onigashima, he joined the eastern squad led by Kinemon and they were able to advance despite the sudden appearance of Big Mom, as she was distracted by Chopper and Usopp. This allowed Giovanni to make his way to the top of the skull alongside more Minks, and he was preparing when Kaidou appeared there with the Akazaya. The Minks wanted to take care of Jack so that Inuarashi and Nekomamushi could focus entirely on Kaidou. However, despite the full moon, they succumbed to the main representative of the Beasts Pirates in their Su Long form, after which Nekomamushi and Inuarashi finished Jack off. Inuarashi eventually ordered them to leave the rooftop as the fight against Kaidou really got going. On the 5th floor, they finally defeated the Beasts Pirates Pirates, creating a direct path to the roof for Luffy.


  • His visual appearance is based on the protagonists of the novelThe Three Musketeers” by Alexandre Dumas.
  • His name was first revealed in the Vivre Card ~ One Piece picture encyclopedia.
  • His favorite food is snake meat.

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