Ginrummy of One Piece

Ginrummy is a headliner within the 100-beast pirate gang led by Kaidou.


Ginrummy is a slender woman with purple hair. Her rather revealing clothing style is kept very dark and consists mainly of black fabrics and armor. She wears black gloves on her hands and gold earrings on her ears. She also wears a small black cape with a sheep lining.


Ginrummy seems to be a calculating, rational thinking woman. Thus, she immediately ordered her men to retreat after Sanji defeated Sheepshead, as none of them would stand a chance against the Straw Hat Pirates’s ship’s cook. Though she wears quite little on her body, she seems uncomfortable with lustful stares and blushed when Sanji glared at her. She also seems to be quite well informed and knew, among other things, that samurai is just the common word for warrior of Wano, which is why she referred to Raizo as such even though he is a ninja. Furthermore, she always addresses her own superiors very respectfully.

Skills & Strengths

The fact that she holds a high rank as a headliner within an Emperor’s Gang is evidence of some strength. However, she seems weaker than Sheepshead, whom she titles “Master Sheepshead” and who was easily defeated by Sanji. Still, she has the authority to give orders to subordinates and they follow them. Within the squad that was present on Zou, she seemed to be the third highest ranking member.

Based on the dark horns on her head, it can be assumed that she consumed a Smile Fruit, but her abilities were yet to be seen.


Ginrummy was part of Jack’s squad that had attacked the inhabitants of Zou and was searching for Raizo. After five days, they were able to win the battle against the Minks and their allies by using Caesar’s poison gas, but were unable to locate the wanted man. A day after the battle, Jack left Zou to free the captured Donquixote Doflamingo, leaving most of his men, including Ginrummy on Zou, to continue searching for the samurai. She later went after Nami, Momonosuke and Brook with Sheepshead and a few other men, believing they would lead them to him. However, when Sanji joined them and defeated Sheepshead, Ginrummy ordered them to retreat and that none of their men should report the incident.

Later, Jack returned and Ginrummy and a Jack-tortured Sheepshead were also on the ship. The Headliner was aware that she should never tell her superior that they had been forced to retreat. Jack now planned to attack the elephant Zunesha and thus wipe out all the Minks, but it instead sank Jack’s entire fleet with only one trunk strike.


  • Her name alludes to the card game Gin rummy.

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