Ginko of One Piece

Ginko is one of Caesar Clown’s kidnapped children Punk Hazards treated with the NHC10 drug.


Ginko is a girl with about shoulder-length brown hair. She has large dark eyes and wears a white dress and white shoes. Unlike most of the other abducted children, she has not yet grown from the drug and is the height of a normal girl her age.


Ginko has the innocence of a child and believes everything Caesar’s staff tells her. However, on top of that, she also cares deeply about Momonosuke and asks about his well-being. Given her situation, she didn’t lose hope and showed it when talking to Momonosuke.


Ginko was kidnapped by Caesar to treat her supposed illness. She was among the last children to meet that fate. On her way to Punk Hazard, she ran into Momonosuke. Once on the island, she followed him to the secret room and told him that entry was forbidden, but he had eaten a fruit and subsequently turned into a dragon, after which Ginko fled.


During an examination, she asked a member of Caesar’s staff about Momonosuke’s condition, but he replied that she needn’t worry and that he was already being treated. Later, she met Kinemon and told him about Momonosuke’s transformation into a dragon.

After Caesar was defeated, Law treated the children to remove the drug from their bodies. Later, the children went on a tanker so that Tashigi and some marines could take them back to their parents.

After Doflamingo’s defeat on Dress Rosa, Tashigi informed the children that they would soon meet Dr. Vegapunk.


  • Her name wasn’t mentioned until the anime opening to episode 608.

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