Giberson of One Piece

Master fence Giberson (jap. 隠匿師, Intoku-shi) is a powerful man of the underworld, known there as the Warehouse titanium.


Giberson is an older gentleman with a stooped back as well as graying eyebrows and a large gray mustache as well. He wears a blue and white striped suit with matching trousers and matching long hat. He also wears black shoes and under his suit a white shirt with a large collar and a green bandana around his neck. There are no hairlines visible under his hat. In addition, he can always be seen with a bottle of alcohol in his left hand and has a striking red nose.


Giberson seems to be a heavy drinker as he always has a bottle of alcohol in his hand as mentioned above and the red nose could also be a clue.

When the Charlotte family revealed their true intentions to massacre Germa 66, Vinsmoke Judge did not understand the world and even began to shed tears. However, the fence found all this amusing and made fun of the leader of the deceived and did not seem disgusted by deception and betrayal, which could be an indication of his lack of conscience.

Skills and strength

Nothing is known about his fighting abilities at this point, but he does have some power as a representative of the underworld. He was important enough to be invited to Sanji and Pudding’s wedding, and even to be seated at the bride’s family table. In addition, he has a strong will, so he was able to withstand Big Mom’s King Shaki outburst.


The tea party from hell

On the day of Charlotte Pudding and Sanji’s wedding, various representatives of the underworld arrived at Whole Cake Island to attend the ceremony as special guests of honor of the bride’s mother. Among the select group of guests was Giberson, a well-known “fence” in the underworld. For this reason, Charlotte Perospero used his devil powers to create a candy escalator that allowed guests to easily travel up to the plateau on the roof of the Whole Cake Chateau. There, Smoothie welcomed them and provided them with drinks. Guests then presented Big Mom with their wedding gifts before she gushed over the Tamatebako. Everyone was impressed with this rare treasure and were very excited to finally get to see it in person.

Thrilled with the wedding cake, Giberson took part in the wedding ceremony before Luffy, as well as several copies of him, jumped out of the wedding cake, destroying it. One of the copies was subsequently seen on Giberson’s back, while Jinbe revealed to Big Mom his intention to leave her organization to join the Straw Hats, removing the latter’s hat, which angered him.

After the Straw Hat Pirates, along with their allies, crashed the wedding, the Charlotte bride family also dropped their mask and revealed their plan to destroy Germa 66, which amused all of the underworld rulers in attendance. However, after Mother Carmel’s image was destroyed and Big Mom flew into a rage, Giberson also had to cover her ears, but was able to withstand her King Shaki outburst. During the turmoil, another powerful man of the underworld, Du Feld, attempted to steal the Tamatebako, but was defeated by Stussy and fell into the depths with the chest. This caused it to explode and the entire castle collapsed, with Giberson on top of it. Thus, Streusen took the initiative and used his devil powers to turn the entire castle into fluffy dough, causing those present to reach the ground safely and much of Whole Cake Island to be covered in dough and frosting.

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