Gerd of One Piece

Gerd is a giantess and hails from the island of Elbaf. She is a ship’s doctor in the New Giant Warrior Pirates and a former member of Buggy’s Delivery.


Gerd as a child

Gerd is a giant woman according to her race. At 75 years old, she is considered a young woman among giants. She has long blonde hair, with two braids hanging down past her temples into her face. She has long, slender legs. She wears a purple top with a large neckline that barely reaches her hips and a light fur cape. She also wears fur leg warmers, dark boots, and a yellow and blue striped knee sock on her left leg.

As a child, she had already braided two pigtails that hung down into her face. She wore a yellow-blue checked headscarf, a light blue dress and dark boots.


As a child, Gerd was a cheerful and friendly girl. Despite her fear of Charlotte Linlin’s superhuman strength, she spent a lot of time with her, playing together or explaining the traditions of Elbaf.


Gerd lived in a village on Elbaf, which was close to Carmel’s orphanage. She often visited Carmel and the orphans there and played with them. She also befriended Charlotte Linlin, then five years old, and showed her around the village.

During Lent, she witnessed Linlin go into an eating frenzy on the seventh day of Lent and almost destroyed the entire village. Gerd called in Mother Carmel to help them with the fire. After this event, Linlin was banished from Elbaf and Mother Carmel moved her orphanage. Gerd remained on Elbaf during this process.

Decades later, she and three other giants joined Hajrudin’s new pirate band as ship’s doctors. The pirate gang was taken in by Buggy’s Delivery and they became Buggy’s best mercenaries.


After Hajrudin returned from his adventure on Dress Rosa, he explained to his crew that he had joined Luffy’s Straw Hat Grand Fleet, so they were leaving Buggy’s gang; much to the shock of the Clown Pirate.


  • Her favorite foods are hamburgers and macarons.
  • Her name may derive from Gerðr (or Gerdr, or Gerd), a giantess from Norse mythology.

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