Genrin of One Piece

Genrin is a resident of Wano Country and lives in the village of Ebisu.


Genrin is an old and small man with a very wrinkled face. He has no teeth left and except for a few graying hairs that he has tied into a knot at the back of his head. He wears a dark kimono with a light coat over it that has trees on it. All of his clothing has been blended several times.


Genrin is a very selfless person who didn’t want to accept Yasuie’s food and drink because he is sick anyway and Yasuie as well as others need it more. Despite the fact that he lives in poverty and doesn’t have long to live, he is still an apparently content person. Due to eating a failed Smile Devil Fruit, he was robbed of his emotions for sadness and anger, which is why he could only laugh even at Yasuie’s death.


When some straw hats were in Ebisu and Yasuie visited the residents and took care of them, he also paid Genrin a visit. He wanted to give him something to eat and drink, however, Genrin did not want to accept it at first. Since Genrin called Yasuie friendly, Yasuie then even gave him two millet grains. After the news of Yasuie’s planned execution was made public, Genrin and other residents of Ebisu ran to the Rasetsu District where the execution was to take place. He watched the execution, but due to the Smile fruit he had eaten, he could only laugh, which infuriated Zoro. Despite being told to leave by Orochi’s subordinates, Genrin refused.


  • His name was first revealed in Vivre Card ~ One Piece Picture Encyclopedia.

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