Genbo of One Piece

Genbo is a leader of the Shandia and thus one of the most skilled warriors of his villag


Sketches of Genbo

Genbo wears a yellow and white striped cap that is rolled up horizontally. He wears a giraffe pattern jacket with it, but it only covers his arms and part of his back. He has a belt around his body like a sash. Around his waist he wears a feather skirt held by another belt. He is mostly barefoot or with skate-wavers on his feet.

Like all the inhabitants of Sky Island, he has wings on his back.

After the two-year time jump, Genbo has become noticeably slimmer and wears a dark cloak like those worn by his fellow Divine Guards.


Genbo is a quiet contemporary who does not lose many words. He is a determined man, attached to his convictions, but he also shows his friendly side towards his tribe members.

Skills and strength

In combat, Genbo relies almost entirely on his bazooka, whose penetrating power is based solely on the kinetic energy of the fired iron balls from the blue sea associated with its high mass. Thus, the sky warriors were easy prey for him. However, when he encountered Corporal Yama, who was able to throw his bullets back with a mere kick, he was devastated by him.

High mobility in combat gives him the ability to move with skate-wavers.



As a child, Genbo, like many other young Shandia, listened to the chief’s stories. He learned a lot about the Golden City of Shandora and the great warrior Kalgara.

Negotiations with Gan Fall

Ever since Gan Fall had become God in Skypiea, he had tried to bring the conflict between the Shandia and the Celestials to a peaceful end. To that end, he came to the Shandia village and offered to return parts of the Upper Yard and make amends in exchange for peace. This was too little for Wyper, however, who considered the whole of the Upper Yard to be the rightful property of the Shandia. Upon further coaxing from the head of the Celestials, he became increasingly irritable until he finally lost his temper and started a brawl at the head’s comment that he liked to drink pumpkin juice. Even Mantis and Braham together couldn’t stop him, while Genbo held back. Despite repeated rejections, Gan Fall kept seeking clarifying talks with the Shandia. But after Enel took over Skypiea one day and then mercilessly attacked his enemies, peace was out of the question and the fighting flared up again.


The meeting

Shandia’s review.

In the Shandia village, Genbo attended a meeting of Wyper along with Laki, Mantis, and Braham. Laki told about the incident on Angel Island. She also had information about Gan Fall’s attack on the Upper Yard. When Wyper ended the meeting a little later, Aisa, troubled by her mantra, burst into the tent and told them that a priest had been defeated. Wyper saw this as a welcome opportunity for the Shandia and ordered the immediate attack on the Upper Yard.

The first attack on the Upper Yard

The Shandia are leaving.

To reach the Upper Yard, the Shandia moved across the Snow White Sea with skate-wavers. Their destination was the House of God, which they planned to raze to the ground under Kalgara’s protection. Wyper gave the order to Mantis, Laki, Genbo and Braham to complete their missions and fired the first shot at the Upper Yard with his bazooka, after which the Shandia split up. The priests quickly noticed their rushing attack and prepared to defend themselves.

In the Upper Yard, Genbo fought with other Shandia against the priests. The fight between the two parties was fierce and many Shandia went down injured. But regardless of these losses, the Shandia continued to fight and did not retreat one bit. However, when Catchfly was finally wounded as well, Wyper made the Shandia retreat.

A bag full of Vearth

After they left the Upper Yard and regrouped on a deserted island, Wyper spoke to Laki. She had gotten distracted, which was why Mantis had been injured. However, the resulting argument was broken up by Mantis, who grabbed Wyper’s arm. He assured Wyper he could still fight and said they shouldn’t be fighting over a bag full of Vearth when they should be focusing on Enel. After that, they decided to attack again the next day.

The next day, Wyper swore his warriors in for the upcoming battle. He wanted to take only those who would be willing to leave their wounded comrades behind. His goal was to cut off Enel’s head with his own hands that day. Genbo also set out a second time with the Shandia warriors to storm the Upper Yard.

Testing the cords

No sooner had the Shandia entered the Upper Yard than they were caught in the test of the cords of the priest Shura. The Shandia warriors were trapped in midair by invisible clouds of cords and could not move. Only Wyper had not fallen into the trap and defeated Shura. Mantis yelled at Wyper, wanting to know why he had used the Reject Dial. He warned him that if he used it again, his body would blow up with it. Wyper said that sacrifice was the only way to win a fight, and fired his bazooka in his direction. The shot destroyed the string clouds and freed the warriors. They split up so they wouldn’t all be caught again.

Genbo VS. Yama

Genbo slips a jab from his opponent.

After Genbo had already defeated several Divine Soldierss with his Iron Bullets, Yama, who had already heard of him, stood in his way. Genbo started the fight by firing one of his Iron Bullets at Yama, but Yama shot it back so hard with one foot without any problems that Genbo was thrown against a tree with great force. The Shandia Warrior made it to his feet once more, but Yama’s Axe-Mountain finished him off.

Life after the war

The Shandia are taking a break.

After Enel and his priests were defeated, the Shandia warriors gathered and decided to leave the injured Wyper with the Straw Hats and Aisa. They planned to abandon the priests on the clouds to inflict upon them the punishment known in Enel’s reign as cloud drifting.

In the evening Genbo celebrated together with everyone else at the huge party.

While the Straw Hat Pirates departed, Wyper, Mantis, Genbo, and Braham sat before the statue of Kalgara in the ruined Shandia village, and Wyper told them the war was over and that he hoped Kalgara’s friend had heard the bell so that his wish had come true. He vowed never to let Shandora’s light go out again.

Later, long after the Straw Hat Pirates had departed, he and the Shandia warriors were seen slowly making the forest habitable.

Two years later, Genbo is once again seen in a cover story. He is now a member of the Divine Guard of Skypiea, along with Mantis, Braham, and Wyper.


  • Genbo’s favorite dish is cloud salmon meat.

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