Gasparde of One Piece

Gas bath was a former admiral who had betrayed the navy and started a life as a pirate. He had eaten of the candy fruit. That he is still alive is quite unlikely.

This article contains information unique to One Piece – The Dead End Adventure (2003).


Gasparde (drawn by Oda)

Gasparde was a very tall and muscular man, even towering over Luffy by several heads. He had blond hair and a very rigid looking face. Even in his pirate days, he still wore the coat from his days in the Navy. Underneath he wore plain black pants, but they were held up by an ornate belt. A purple scarf was tied around his neck.


Gasparde was a rather arrogant man who didn’t care about human lives at all. To him, the only thing that mattered was getting his way. He also didn’t mind killing people for his pastime, as it happened in the Dead End race, where almost all participants were killed. Furthermore, he liked to provoke inferior opponents, such as Luffy, whose straw hat he severely damaged. Such things were just a “game” to Gasparde. Although he was a pirate, he hated the sea.

I’m confused as to how you can claim such a thing.
A pirate makes friends with his crew?
What a waste of time!
On the sea, there are those who rule and those who are ruled!
Strength is everything!
That’s why I became a pirate!
I despise the sea, but with power I can rule all!
-Gaspardetalks about pirates.

Skills & Strength

Gasparde’s entire body grows spikes – his strongest attack.

In his time in the Navy, he held a very high post as an admiral. When he later formed his own pirate gang, he received a bounty of 95 million berries. Because of his strength, he was seen by all other pirates as the favorite in the Dead End race. He had a large gang under his command, but with the exception of Needless, they had no strong fighters to show for it.

As you can see from his muscular physique, he had tremendous physical strength with which he could even hurt the rubber man Luffy with his punches.

Once upon a time, he had eaten of the Candy Fruit (Jap. Ame Ame no Mi), making him extremely strong as a Logia user. His body could now transform into a green, sticky, and thick sugar mass. This made him immune to physical attacks, and his opponents would be stuck in his body after their attacks. Furthermore, he could also harden this mass to grow spikes from his body. However, if Gasparde was hit unexpectedly, his body would be normal and vulnerable. However, he could prevent this by paying attention. However, Sanji found his weak point, the flour, which he brought to Luffy so that he could injure him.


Gasparde and Needless raid Shuraiya’s village.

At an unknown time, Gasparde joined the Navy, but left after working his way up to the rank of Admiral. He wanted to finally rule by his strength and no longer be subordinate.

Eight years before the plot of the movie, he raided the village of Shuraiya Bascúd and looted it. Only Shuraiya and his sister Adelle survived, so Shuraiya swore revenge and became a bounty hunter.


The night before the race

Gasparde instigates Anaguma to commit murder.

The day before the great race, a member of Gasbad’s pirate gang suddenly stood before the captain. It was the only one not defeated in the brawl against Luffy and Shuraiya, whereupon the ex-admiral taunted him. Gasparde then wanted to invite the two victors to join his gang, but they refused. As Luffy also insulted Gasparde in the process, he was attacked by Needless, but the captain interrupted the fight. If the two changed their minds, they could always come on the ship, Gasparde said before leaving. Back on his ship, he was met by Anaguma, who needed money for medicine from old Biera. The captain promised her this if she could shoot a pirate, which she intended to do. Gasparde was glad of this and went to his cabin.

The Dead End Adventure – Just a Game

Gasparde finishes off Shuraiya.

Early in the morning, the race began and Gasparde was quickly able to take the lead, having switched the Eternal ports to Partia with those to Navarone as a joke, causing dozens of pirates to perish there. Willy saw through him, however, and fought Gasparde and his gang, but the latter won easily. Gasparde now received Shuraiya coming on deck to fight him. He first had Needless compete, but he lost. Against Gasparde, however, the bounty hunter could do nothing in the fight, and was defeated. The race seemed to be won, when Gasparde heard a shout from afar: it was Luffy, who was in front of Navarone, but was now chasing Gasparde to take revenge instead of continuing the race.

Whoever wins, survives!

Gasparde’s logia is too strong for Luffy.

Luffy furiously charged at Gasparde’s ship and kicked the whole gang off of it. He was now going to go after Gasparde, but the defeated Shuraiya got back up and intervened. So that he would not be killed, Luffy knocked him unconscious. Now the fight between Luffy and Gasparde began. The latter was far superior at first and severely damaged Luffy’s straw hat to provoke him even more, causing the latter to get very angry and fight Gasparde harder, but still couldn’t do much against the latter’s logia power. Gasparde continued to make fun of him, insisting that he was just a game to pass the time anyway, which Luffy couldn’t understand. Eventually, however, Sanji brought his captain a bag of flour, and after a brief exchange of blows with Gasparde, he noted why: when Gasparde is covered in flour, he can’t use his devil power to avoid the attacks. So Luffy was able to hurt him with several fierce attacks.

You were the one who played with pirates, Gasparde!
But that has come to an end!!!
-Luffy to Gasparde.
However, he ends up hurling him into the Cyclone.

An attempt to throw Gasparde into the raging cyclone with the Gomu Gomu no Bowgun failed, as Gasparde was able to hold onto the figurehead of his destroyed ship. He jumped down covered in spikes, but Luffy struck again with a powerful gum-gum bazooka. He ignored the spikes piercing his hands and managed to hurl Gasparde into the cyclone. Luffy was rescued by Biera shortly after. It is unlikely that Gasparde survived, as he was a Devil Fruit user who got caught in a cyclone.


  • He is one of the few filler and movie characters designed by Oda himself.
Hint:Gasparde is often referred to as General (. 将軍 Shogun), but since he was once in the Navy, this is a mistake, as the rank of (note: needs link) General in the Navy is equivalent to Admiral ( 大将 Taishou).Compared to the other admirals, Gasparde is relatively weak and he’s only a movie character, which means you can’t attach much importance to his rank.

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