Gari of One Piece

Gari is a little boy who lives on Dock Island. He is Mobston’s grandson.

This article contains information unique to One Piece – Z (2012).


Gari is a little boy who is often seen with a big grin. On his head wears a hero mask made of cardboard, which is very similar to that of Z. Blue hair can be seen under the mask. Usually, Gari also puts a red helmet with “03” written on it on his head, but he lent it to Nami for the fight on Piriodo. He wears a sleeveless purple shirt and striped shorts, along with blue shoes. He has thrown on a turquoise cape and always carries around a small cardboard sword with a corresponding scabbard.


Gari is a lively boy who loves heroes. For this reason, he tries to dress up like those he admires to imitate them and play hero. When he met the Straw Hat Pirates, he was unsure who was a better hero: pirate or naval admiral. Eventually, he threw on Luffy’s red cape and apparently decided to become a pirate, even though Luffy explained to him that pirates are not heroes.


Gari listened spellbound as the Straw Hat Pirates talked about Z and the Neo Marine on Dock Island. Just before the fight on Piriodo, he handed Nami his red helmet. He also asked if pirate or navy admiral was a better option. Luffy said pirates weren’t heroes and he should decide for himself what he wanted to be.

After the victory on Piriodo, Nami gave Gari his helmet back. After the Straw Hat Pirates left, it was seen what Gari had decided. He had thrown on Luffy’s red captain’s cape and no longer wore his hero mask on his head, but a Jolly Roger.


  • Gari is very similar to Gaburi in appearance and name.

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