Ganzack Pirates

This article contains information that only occurs in an OVA

Ganzack‘s pirate gang originates from East Blue and only appears in the One Piece OVA “Finish Him! The Pirate Ganzack” and the novel Down with Ganzack!


While Luffy, Nami and Zoro are drifting across the open sea, they suddenly encounter a long-necked dragon that capsizes their boat, whereupon they are washed up on an island and wake up on the beach there. As it turns out, this very island is oppressed by the pirate Ganzack and his gang, who force the inhabitants to work on the so-called Devil’s Tower. Luffy agrees to help, which is why they have their first encounter with Ganzack’s pirate gang. The long-necked dragon is also among the enemies, so the Straw Hats are ultimately outmatched and captured, with Ganzack also desecrating Luffy’s straw hat. A short time later, there is an uprising by the villagers, which Ganzack quells, however. He then reveals that his forced laborers have been building his new ship all this time, with which he now wants to sail. However, the still young Straw Hat Pirates doesn’t want to allow that and so it comes to the final fight. Zoro takes out the entire gang and the long-necked dragon can also be defeated, while Luffy takes on Ganzack himself. Enraged, Luffy finally takes revenge with a gum-gum slashhammer.

Known members

PositionNameBountyDevil Fruit
Sea monsterLong-neckunknownnone

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