Gambia of One Piece

Missionary Gambia is a staff officer of the Barto Club.


Gambia is a slender, normal-sized man whose front row of teeth is missing. He has tattoos on his arms that resemble the pattern of a leopard, and another tattoo in the shape of a cross on his chest. Furthermore, he has long, light blond hair, which he has piled up like clouds, and sideburns of the same color. For clothing, he wears a red vest, dark brown elbow pads, short yellow shorts with dark stripes, and high boots that go above his knees. He wears dark sunglasses and a light blue bandana, on which he wears another pair of glasses. He also has nunchucks tucked into his shorts.


He seems to be a person who is always in a good mood. In addition, he seems to admire famous criminals, as he described those Maynard talked about as cool. Like his captain, Gambia is also an avid fan of the Straw Hat Pirates and can sometimes barely look at them with excitement when they are all together near him.

Skills and strength

As a staff officer of a famous pirate gang, he must have some strength. He also managed to obtain a bounty of 117,000,000. However, he did not pose a challenge to Vice Admiral Maynard.



He had traveled to Dress Rosa with the Barto Club, as his captain was competing in the Tournament for the Fire Fruit at the Corrida Colosseum. In the waiting room he overheard Maynard. The latter was giving out the names of some wanted pirates he could observe in the waiting room. Gambia approached him about it, as it seemed very suspicious to him. When Maynard, disguised as a Capman, stood up and approached him, he recognized the Vice Admiral of Naval Headquarters. The latter made short work of him and dispatched Gambia without further ado.

A little later Maynard was also done in. The culprit was Bartolomeo, who had avenged his comrade.

During the rest of her time on Dress Rosa, Gambia was nowhere to be seen.


After the creation of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, or during the voyage to Zou, Gambia was aboard the ship of the Barto Club. When they were surprised by hailstones the size of a human head during the voyage, Gambia tried to get helpful information from his “grandmother”, but to no avail. After the Barto Club delivered the Straw Hat Pirates to Zou, they parted ways again.

Under the sail of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet

They reached an unknown island, where they announced a riot. There, they defeated the leader of the local gang before coming up with several souvenirs and anecdotes about the Straw Hat Pirates. When the locals later showed them a flag of Shanks, Bartolomeo and Gambia burned the flag, terrifying the locals.


  • His name probably comes from the real pirate Vincenzo Gambi (note: needs link).
  • On a list of participants in the anime, he was assigned to Block D.
  • In the SBS for volume 81, Oda explains that the “grandmother” isn’t really Gambia’s grandmother. In truth, she is not related to anyone in the Barto Club, but has known and supported him and the entire gang since they were little kids.

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