Gama Pyonnosuke of One Piece

Pyonnosuke Toad is a small toad that sits on his head during Usopp’s stay on Wano Country.

One day, Usopp was walking past the toad when Pyonnosuke saw a snake and jumped on Usopp’s head to save himself. Since Usopp is also afraid of snakes, he quickly ran away. Thinking he was safe with Usopp, Pyonnosuke stayed on Usopp’s head.

Thus he remained always by Usopp’s side during the preparations for the great battle, but was not to be seen with him on the day of the Fire Festival. So he left Usopp before the latter went to Onigashima with his gang.


  • Oda mentioned the name in SBS Volume 95.
  • Gama can be translated as “toad”. Pyonnosuke is probably a portmanteau of pyon-pyon, the Japanese onomatopoeic sound for hopping/jumping, and nosuke, a typical Japanese name ending for boys.

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