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Galzburg, also called “the land where war never ends” was a military garrison state on the Grand Line. In their force, called the Galz Force, Douglas Bullet was trained as a soldier at a young age, but after being betrayed by his comrades, he destroyed his country and wiped out the entire army. At one time they also fought a war against the Germa 66.


As a warring nation, war was always on the agenda for soldiers. Even children were recruited and trained as soldiers, serving as expendable casualties and sent forward to locate minefields, for example. They were educated by a reward system in such a way that only successes in war led to recognition and the award, a medal, was also only presented to one at a time, the best.


Forty-five years ago, Douglas Bullet was found by the Army of Galzburg as an orphan baby and trained in their ranks as a child soldier. Under the leadership of Commander Douglas Gray, he went to war for “his” country, because the country was always at war.

Fourteen years later, 31 years ago, Galzburg was close to ultimate victory due to Bullet’s successes on the battlefield, but he was betrayed by his comrades. Fearing that Bullet’s unstoppable force would pose a threat to his position, Douglas Gray, by now a general in the army, wanted him killed. Surrounded by the army, Douglas Bullet then went berserk and destroyed not only the army, but the entire country.
At an unknown time, the country also went to war with Germa 66, but nothing is known about the reasons or the outcome.

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