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Gally the Sicklebearded is the antagonist in Romance Dawn 1, but also makes two guest appearances in the One Piece anime and a brief “cameo” appearance in the One Piece manga. Furthermore, he appears in the Romance Dawn remake, which takes place in the storyline between the Thriller Bark Arc and the Tobiuo Riders Arc.

This article contains information taken from Romance Dawn 1.


Gally in Romance Dawn

Gally is a middle-aged man of normal build. His distinguishing feature is his Mikazuki shaped beard. He has a very angular face and short dark hair, a very small nose, but a large mouth, out of proportion. He wears the classic outfit of a pirate captain, including a captain’s hat with his Jolly Roger on the front.

In the Romance Dawn remake, his appearance differs slightly, so he now has orange, slightly longer hair and also a Mikazuki shaped chin beard. He looks a few years older, but otherwise comes very close to the original.

In the anime, however, Gally is significantly older, so he has gray hair there as well as a much more wrinkled face, and he’s also a lot taller and lankier. His nose is conspicuously pointed and his captain’s hat is more in the form of an extravagant tricorn hat, with the front tip bent downwards.


Gally is a very selfish and unscrupulous person, which is already evident in his position as Morgania, a pirate who attacks and robs the civilian population. Thus, it was also his plan to steal all the valuables from Silk’s home village. His cruel nature is also shown when he tried to drown Luffy. These traits are also reflected in his personality in the anime and Romance Dawn remake. Unlike his appearances there, however, he undergoes a character change in Romance Dawn, eventually forgiving Luffy and even joining his pirate gang.

Skills and strength

Gally is a very feared pirate among the civilian population, so the inhabitants of Silk’s hometown wanted to hand over all their valuables to him without a fight, because they saw themselves outnumbered. According to his own statement he is one of the three most feared pirates, but in contrast to Luffy he is quite weak and could be defeated by him several times with ease. He was also unable to position himself more strongly in his other appearances.

He carries a saber as a weapon.


Romance Dawn

The protagonist Monkey D. Luffy was on his way to becoming a so-called “Peace main”, a peaceful pirate or rather adventurer. These are characterized, among other things, by the fact that they hunt “Morgania”, evil pirates. He encountered the ship of Gally and his band of pirates, dispatched them with ease, tied them up, and set sail with their ship towards an island where Silk’s hometown is located. The residents there froze in fear, having already heard of the infamous Gally, and decided to surrender defenselessly and hand over all their valuables, but instead Luffy got off the ship and was mistaken for Gally by the residents.

The pirates managed to free themselves and then sought revenge against Luffy, as the pirate captain refused to admit defeat. However, when they confronted him again and saw his rubber powers, they became frightened and hid from him. Fortunately for them, the villagers, continuing to assume that Luffy was the evil pirate captain and that there was infighting within the gang, took advantage of this moment and overpowered him.

Tied up, the Peace main was now taken hostage by the Morgania and along with the stolen valuables from the city, they fled to their ship. Gally enraged Luffy by stepping on the latter’s greatest treasure, the Straw Hat, and subsequently threw it overboard. However, Luffy was rescued by Silk and used his rubber powers to sink Gally’s pirate ship. The pirate captain then swore revenge.

The conclusion, on the other hand, saw him aboard Luffy’s ship as a member of it after a lengthy time jump. He told him that land was in sight. Since Luffy wanted to create a pirate gang consisting exclusively of Peacemain, i.e. good-hearted pirates, it can be assumed that Gally changed completely either directly after his first encounter with Luffy or over time.

OVA – Romance Dawn Remake

The plot of Romance Dawn and the Romance Dawn remake are very similar, but there is no Peace mainor Morgania, but simply good and bad pirates. The big difference here is the final battle between Gally’s band of pirates and Luffy. After Luffy was rescued from the water by Silk, Gally ordered his men to attack the city with cannons and so they destroyed some buildings.

When Luffy tried to use his devil powers to get himself onto their ship, he was hit by a cannonball and fell towards the water again. He was rescued this time by his pirate gang, the Straw Hat Pirates on the Thousand Sunny, and a fight broke out between the pirates. Gally, meanwhile, dropped a wanted poster of Luffy with a bounty of 300,000,000 in his hand, which was shockingly high compared to his 5,000,000. Luffy went on to destroy the ship of Gally’s pirate gang in Gear 3.

He grabbed the Sickle bearded One and flung himself with him onto a piece of the shipwreck, while the Straw Hat Pirates sailed away with the treasures. Gally then swore revenge on Luffy, but Luffy didn’t listen and instead knocked him into the distance with a gum-gum pistol. This information comes from an anime filler.

Anime: Loguetown

Gally the Sicklebearded also makes a cameo appearance in the anime, as mentioned at the beginning. Along with his crew, he robbed the civilian population of Loguetown when Luffy and the Straw Hats were on the scene. Unfortunately for him, Smoker was also in town and during his search for the Straw Hat, he bumped into Gally, who was just enjoying his loot. However, Smoker was able to overpower and capture him and his crew with ease.


  • In One Piece Movie 9, the profile of Gally the Sicklebearded Man can be seen, but in this case he has a bounty of 3,450,000 instead of 5,000,000 . View
  • Gally makes a brief “cameo” appearance in the manga: when the Straw Hat Pirates escaped from Deadland, they were looking forward to Sanji’s food. In this panel, a connection is drawn to Zeff, but it’s not Luffy, Chopper, Brook, and Carrot waiting for the food at his place, but Gally with two of his men. This is also confirmed by Oda in the SBS to volume 91. View

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