Galley-La vs Helmet Pirate Gang

After the Galley-La had repaired Moonsickle’s ship, Paulie demanded payment from him. However, the captain of the helmet pirate gang refused to pay, because he was a pirate and could do what he wanted. But no sooner had he spoken his words than he was knocked out with a pole by another employee.

The rest of the crew was furious about it. However, they had probably misjudged the employees of the Galley-La, because one of them was put out of action by Kaku, with the help of his saw. Now all the other pirates had also drawn their weapons, but it was already no use, as they were defeated, this time by Peepley Lulu, who used a hammer.

Finally Rob Lucci intervened in the fight and killed several pirates. The rest that were still standing were shot down by Tilestone with a cannon, with which the helmet pirate gang was finally defeated.

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