Galley-La vs CP9

While Luffy, Zoro, Nami, and Chopper were sneaking into the Galley-La building, the Galley-La employees who were trying to protect Mr. Iceberg from another assassination attempt were visited by the CP9, who attacked them. In the process, everyone had to try and fight their own battle. However, they were all without a chance.

Tilestone vs Blueno

When Tilestone goes back to Iceburg’s bedroom, he sees the man with the bear mask sitting on the chair in the middle. Next to him are Kaku and Lucci, both covered in blood.

The shipbuilder thinks the man in the bear mask (Blueno) has his two friends on his conscience and therefore attacks him with his hammer. But Blueno smashes it with his iron armor and is able to knock Tilestone down with a single blow.

The two other shipbuilders who had been watching the scene are also defeated by Blueno.

Paulie vs Kaku & Lucci

After Paulie was with Iceburg, he disappears into another room. There he takes out the supposed construction plans for the Pluton from a hidden box, when suddenly the masked Kaku and Lucci appeared behind him. They demanded the construction plans for the Pluton from him. But of course Paulie doesn’t want to hand them over without a fight.

However, there is not much to see of the fight, because in the very next scene we see the shipbuilder go down, covered in blood. Kaku and Lucci take the blueprints. When Paulie tells them that they are fake and that they failed, Lucci goes for the final blow, but at that moment Luffy comes through the wall into the room.

Kaku tries to silence the Straw Hat Pirate with a Storm Kick, but he just barely manages to dodge it, but is then pinned to the floor by Lucci, just like Paulie, with horseshoes.

Peepley Lulu vs Kalifa

Peepley Lulu has nochance against Kalifa

Peepley Lulu confronts the masked Kalifa in the courtyard of the building with some other Galley-La employees, but they only observe the fight. However, Kalifa is in a hurry and therefore makes short work of the shipbuilder, defeating him with just one blow.

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