Galley-La & Franky Family vs Oimo & Karsee

As already discussed in Rocketman, first the Franky Family storms with the people from the Galley-La Enies lobby to clear the way for the Straw Hats. Only Luffy has once again understood nothing at all and is currently storming the main island single-handedly. Meanwhile, the Straw Hat Pirates’s new allies recklessly manage to jump the iron fence and defeat the soldiers. In the meantime, Kiwi and Mozz are able to pick the lock of the main gate and the three destroyers are able to open it afterwards.

Pleased with their success, they storm on to the island gate. But suddenly the two gatekeepers Oimo and Kashii appear. Even the destroyers are no match for the two giants. With a few short blows they can hit the three members of the Franky Family hard. They then go down defeated. But the rest of the Franky Family does not give up. To save their boss, they would even risk their lives.

Fortunately, Paulie, Peepley Lulu, Tilestone, as well as Zambai, Kiwi, and Mozz eventually show up on Sodom and Gomorrah. When the two King Bulls see what has happened to their friends, they attack the giant Kashii, but he is able to fight them off. Of course, the two gatekeepers don’t like it at all that the gate they’ve been guarding for 50 years now is about to be stormed by such a small force. But they don’t stand a chance against the guys from the Galley-La.

First, Kashii is knocked out by Kiwi and Mozz cutting his left shoe apart at the beginning. This makes him lose his balance and he starts to fall backwards. Now Paulie comes into action, using his ropes to pull the giant to the ground by his hair. On the chest of the gatekeeper is already Zambai to shoot him in the face with his bazooka. Kashii then falls against the island gate, somewhat dazed. Finally, Peepley Lulu and Tilestone also fix him on the goal wall.

Oimo is furious with the ship’s roommates, who are still standing next to Kashii’s face for pinning their friend down, and wants to beat them to death with his club. However, they are all able to jump aside in time for Oimo to give his own friend a hard blow right in the face.

1, 2, 3…

While Oimo was busy with the Franky Family and the two King Bulls, Kiwi and Mozz were also able to pick the lock on the island gate. As the Frankys try to rush off to force the gate open for the Straw Hat Pirates, Oimo lunges with his gun to stop them. In the process, however, he is wrapped with a rope by Paulie. When they all pull on the rope, he spins like a merry-go-round and finally breaks through the gate with the Galley-La and the Franky Family, falling to the ground in a daze.

…and ready is the giant spinning top

As he then stood up again, he is caught in the back by the flying Rocketman and now finally goes down defeated.

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