Galley-La Company

The Galley-La Company (jap. ガレーラカンパニー, Garēra Kanpanī) is the best shipyard in the world. It is located in Water 7 and is headed by the mayor of that city, Iceburg. The deputy head is Paulie. It also builds ships for the world government and navy.


The Galley-La company specializes in shipbuilding and repair. It is considered the best shipyard in the world and serves as a supplier to the Navy and World Government. It is also responsible for repairing the damage done to Water 7 by the Aqua Laguna.

Each of the members are masters in their own right, owing much to their boss Iceburg, and to that end they owe him the utmost respect. Since the carpenters are all extremely skilled in combat, the Galley-La also accepts orders from pirates, as they usually have nothing to oppose the craftsmen with if they want to bounce. The workmen are generally considered heroes of the city and are admired by the inhabitants of Water 7. There were once seven different shipyards in the city, all of which Iceburg united to form the Galley-La. With his merits, he improved the situation of the city in general and was therefore elected mayor.

The Thousand Sunny – built by Franky and the best carpenters of the Galley-La.

An example for the shipbuilding of the Galley-La is the Thousand Sunny, the current ship of the Straw Hat Pirates. It was built by Franky as well as Galley-La boss Iceburg and his associates Paulie, Tilestone, and Peepley Lulu. Eventually, it’s supposed to be the best pirate ship ever.


The founder and owner of the Galley-La is Mayor Water 7s Iceburg. This one has a lot of experience and skill as the apprentice of the former master shipwright Tom. Four years before the plot began, he united the seven competing shipyards of the water town to form the Galley-La Company. The vice-president of the company has recently become chief craftsman of Dock No. 1, Paulie, in whom the founder of the company has the utmost confidence.

Iceburg’s secretary, until she turned out to be a secret government agent, was Kalifa, who was always well organized and had her boss’s orders carried out immediately. A suitable replacement for her was sought by casting and was found in the form of a 10-year-old girl. At each of the seven docks, several shipwrights work, led by five master craftsmen.

Accordingly, Dock 1 is home to the best carpenters, with Paulie, Tilestone, and Peepley Lulu leading the pack of master craftsmen. At one time, secret CP 9 agents Rob Lucci and Kaku were also considered such. Iceburg also has a member of the Franky Family sent to work at the shipyard every day since their boss Franky became a member of the Straw Hat Pirates. In doing so, Zambai seems to lead the Franky Family members within the Galley-La Company into “Zambai’s company union”.



Headquarters of the company.

The Galley-La’s headquarters is located at Dock No. 1, which contains Iceburg’s office, his dorm room, and several other rooms. Among other things, it has a basement, in which there is room enough for a few people. Since Iceburg is the mayor, the headquarters also serves as a kind of Water 7 city hall.

It was in the headquarters that Iceburg was first shot and also attended to by doctors afterwards. Since the Straw Hat Pirates was blamed by the assistance of Nico Robin after the assassination, Luffy broke into this building later that day to talk to Iceburg. A second assassination attempt eventually took place that evening, with the entire building complex being ignited by CP 9, pretty much destroying it.

Dock No. 1

Dock #1.

Dock No. 1 is the largest of the seven docks in Water 7 and is located on the upper level of the city. This is where the headquarters of the Galley-La Company is located. Also, only the best shipwrights in the city work at this location, among whom are the chief craftsmen Paulie, Tilestone, and Peepley Lulu, formerly Kaku and Lucci. The dock is recognizable from a distance by the large gate numbered 1. Inside there is enough space for shipbuilding as well as many facilities needed for it. Especially significant here is the huge crane, which was once knocked over by Franky’s Coup de Vent and erected again by Oimo and Kashii. Other parts of the dockyard were also briefly destroyed by the cyborg’s air cannon.

Dock No. 2 – 7

Docks numbered 2 – 7 are located in rows of the Water 7s shipyard. The shipwrights who work here do not quite reach the level of those who do their work on Dock No. 1.

Temporary Headquarters

The temporary headquarters.

The makeshift headquarters houses a spare office of Iceburg’s, as well as the “pirate room” where the Straw Hat Pirates was quartered after the events on Enie’s lobby. The entrance to the building is through a gateway under a three-pronged archway, which has the Company’s name and symbol on it in red. Also nearby is the temporary Galley-La headquarters, which is connected to the shipyard’s swimming pool. One wall of the house was destroyed by Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp and rebuilt by him and his Marine unit.


The ship of the Galley-La.

The ship of the Galley-La is a huge galley. On it there is room for many of the company’s employees. On the foremost of the numerous sails is the name and logo of the Galley-La.

It was with this ship that Iceburg and his men picked up the Straw Hat Pirates after the events on Enie’s Lobby, as their “The Going Merry” would not have made it to Water 7. On the Galley-La ships’ tenders, the pirates finally said goodbye to their faithful companion and traveled back to the City of Water on the ship. Furthermore, Luffy wanted to take this ship from the Galley-La to follow CP 9 to Enie’s Lobby despite the Aqua Laguna before Kokoro pointed him to the second sea train “Rocketman”.

Swimming pool

The big celebration at the Galley-La swimming pool.

The Galley-La has a large swimming pool for the staff to relax after work. Located near the temporary headquarters, it is surrounded by a wall and accessible by stairs. If one wants to get out of the complex on the other side, one reaches a grove. It was from here that Admiral Aokiji conversed with Nico Robin.

This is also where the big celebration takes place after the Straw Hat Pirates destroyed Enie’s lobby, thus freeing Nico Robin and Franky and avenging Iceberg. In addition to the pirates, the Franky Family, Sodom and Gomorrah, the Galley-La staff, Grandma Kokoro along with Chimney and Gonbe the cat, as well as the giants Oimo and Kashii also attended the celebration.


Foundation & rise to the best shipyard

8 years before the beginning of the plot, the ship’s craft company “Tom’s Workers” was disbanded. The head Tom was taken away to Enies Lobby for building Gol D. Roger’s ship, the Oro Jackson. One of his two apprentices, Cutty Framm, tried to stop its transport and apparently died. His other apprentice was Iceburg. In his mind, he promised his master, Tom, to improve the city.

Iceburg and Franky meet.

Four years later he had succeeded in uniting the competing shipyards to form the Galley-La. This was soon called the best shipyard in the world, where master carpenters like Kaku, Rob Lucci or Paulie worked. But not everyone managed to become part of the company. Many of them later became part of the Franky Family. Iceburg also ran as a mayoral candidate and was eventually elected. Some time later, he learned that his former colleague Cutty Framm had survived, as he had rebuilt himself into a cyborg. The latter eventually asked to meet Iceburg, but the latter initially refused. In their old hideout, however, he finally gave “Franky” the construction plans of the Pluton inherited from Tom, which the world government was after and would accordingly send personnel like Corgi to the company leader.

Assassination attempt on Iceburg & fight on Enie’s lobby

Iceburg was shot.

Just before the Straw Hat Pirates came to Water 7, the Big Helmet Pirates didn’t want to pay for the repair of their ship. However, the Galley-La workers made short work of the pirates. Eventually, the pirates led by Monkey D. Luffy arrived at the shipyard to have their The Going Merry repaired. Kaku, however, recognized the damaged keel and declared it beyond repair. During the night of the same day, two people broke into Iceburg’s dormitory and shot the town’s mayor. The latter survived and the following day described to his workers that one of the two assassins must be Nico Robin. At that time she was a member of the Straw Hat Pirates, which was immediately searched for. In a short fight against the Dock 1 chief craftsmen Captain Luffy could still escape.

CP 9 struck.

That evening, the Galley-La staff abandoned the search for the would-be assassins and gathered in the company building to prevent another attack. Outside Iceburg’s room, the top five carpenters themselves watched their boss. Paulie, however, was sent away on secret orders from Iceburg to throw away Pluton’s forged plans and escape. But several intruders caused chaos, so both Paulie, Tilestone and Peepley Lulu and the rest of the workers were taken out for the time being. Meanwhile, in Iceburg’s room, the same two people reappeared as the day before. After the hoax about the fake blueprints was blown, the rest of the assassins appeared as well. They unmasked and revealed themselves as CP 9 members. Kaku, Lucci, Kalifa as well as the bartender Blueno had infiltrated the company all these years on behalf of the World Government to get the Pluton blueprints. With Nico Robin, who protected the Straw Hat Pirates with them, in hand, they now wanted the plans and recognized the signatures of three people on the forgery: Tom, Iceburg, and Cutty Framm. Through their research, they knew the latter was the underworld boss Franky. After the secret agents quickly defeated the emerging Straw Hats Luffy and Zoro, they left Iceburg as well as Paulie in the Galley-La corporate building set ablaze. Tony Tony Chopper was able to save both of them, however, while CP 9 members Franky and Nico had Robin transferred to Enie’s lobbies. Also on the same night, the strongest Aqua Laguna yet captured Water 7.

Galley-La & Franky Family vs Oimo & Kashii.

The remaining Dock No. 1 chief artisans eventually snuck onto the sea train “Rocketman,” which the Straw Hat Pirates used to chase CP 9 to Enies Lobby to free Nico Robin. The Galley-Las themselves wanted to take revenge on Iceburg’s assassins, and so fought side-by-side with the Franky Family, who had traveled with them, against the forces of Enies Lobby. Thus, they also briefly brought down the Gatekeeper giants Oimo and Kashii, and with those as comrades-in-arms, defied even the Buster Call. They eventually made their way back to Water 7 on the Puffing Tom. Meanwhile, Iceburg helped the The Going Merry make its final run, thus picking up the Straw Hat Pirates from Justice Island, where the Navy had suffered a total defeat that day. Under Iceburg’s leadership, the Straw Hats were picked up by the Galley-La ship on the open sea, where they were forced to bid farewell to their trusty vessel. They then headed back towards the City of Water.

Building of the Thousand Sunny

The Galley-Las help Franky build the Sunny.

After the events on Enie’s lobby, the victory on Justice Island was first celebrated vigorously in Water 7. So almost most of the city was at the Galley-La pool, sharing the joy with the Straw Hat Pirates and the rest. Also, the Galley-La immediately began rebuilding the buildings destroyed by the Aqua Laguna. However, since the head craftsmen of Dock 1 wanted to help Franky build the new ship for the Straw Hats, the rest of the workers briefly took over the repair work on their own. Eventually, Franky, Iceburg, Paulie, Peepley Lulu, and Tilestone were able to complete the construction of the ship made from the Adam Tree in just three days. Finally the pirates named it “Thousand Sunny”. Together with Franky, who in his mind asked the Galley-La staff to take good care of Iceburg, they left the island. The Galley-La chairman now planned to convert Water 7 into a ship that would defy even the Aqua Laguna.

Eventually, Paulie was declared vice chairman of the company, while Iceburg sought and found a new secretary via casting. The Franky Family, on the other hand, is now also working under Iceburg’s leadership.


  • The name of the company is derived from the Galley. This can also be seen in the company’s logo.

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