Gaimon of One Piece

Gaimon is the “guardian of the forest” of the lost island, to defend the strange animals living there from poachers and pirates. The animals that make up the real “treasure of the island” are his only comrades these days. 20 years earlier he was a member of an unnamed pirate gang.


Gaimon during his time as a pirate

Gaimon is a short man with a large green afro, which, like his uncut beard, is due to the fact that he hasn’t had the chance to shave in 20 years. Furthermore he has a wide mouth and a thick, grown together eyebrow. Only his arms and legs can move somewhat since his accident, the rest of his body has completely grown into the treasure chest he once fell into. Without this box, he would fall apart because it supports his body.

In his pirate days, his hair was still short and he had only a slight fuzz of beard. He also wore a blue and purple striped sweater, earth-colored pants, brown shoes, and a bright green belly band.


Gaimon is extremely rude and aggressive towards strangers. However, he quickly made friends with Monkey D. Luffy or Buggy and chatted amicably with them. He can also be very emotional, such as when saying goodbye to his friends. His knowledge of the rest of the world seems to be limited, as for example, like many people in the blues, he sees the Grand Line as an impregnable “pirate tomb”, not even knowing about its exact location.

Skills & Strength

As a pirate, Gaimon was in possession of a pistol, which he was quite good with. If he came across any unwanted guests, he would attack them from ambush. If his target escapes him or he is no match for him, he retracts his head and limbs to disguise himself as a bush. Although he can hardly move in the box, he has so far gotten rid of all enemies with this fighting technique.


Gaimon ends up in the box

Twenty years ago, Gaimon was making the East Blue unsafe as part of a pirate crew. One day, the 200-man gang decided to search for the infamous treasure on Lost Island. But when, even after three weeks of hard searching, nothing was found except an empty treasure chest, their captain wanted to leave. As the crew made their way back to their ship, Gaimon had the idea of climbing the rock in front of which his captain had been sitting all those weeks to have a look.

Indeed, he was overjoyed to find some locked treasure chests there. However, at the same moment he lost his footing and plunged downwards into the empty box, the only one that had already been found. Startled, he realized that he couldn’t get out of the crate on his own and slowly crawled to the cliff where he saw the ship of his pirate gang sailing away. Ever since that day, Gaimon kept trying to climb the cliff. He had also made friends with the unusual animals of the island, driving away anyone who tried to hunt them for their uniqueness.


Meeting with the Straw Hats – The Shattered Dream

Luffy and Gaimon are talkingabout the Grand Line

After their adventure in Orange, the Straw Hat Pirates, consisting of Luffy, Nami, and Zoro, also stopped by the island. The latter was still too weakened because of his fight with Cabaji, so he stayed behind on the boat to rest. (In the anime, the meeting doesn’t take place until after the Syrop stay, which is why Usopp and Zoro also meet Gaimon).

Meanwhile, the other two were exploring the island and were attacked by Gaimon. Luffy, however, was able to easily deflect the pistol shots thanks to his rubber body. Gaimon now disguised himself as a bush, but stumbled while trying to escape. Eventually, the pirates and the guardian of the forest became friends. He told of his story and the treasure chests on the rock. Luffy didn’t think twice and wanted to help his new friend. Using the Gomu Gomu no Rocket, he catapulted himself up.

Gaimon asked him to throw down the chests, but the Straw Hat refused, as all the chests were empty. Now Gaimon realized that the “treasure of the island” was not gold, but the strange animals were meant by it. He was very happy to have finally learned the truth. After that, Luffy and Nami said goodbye to Gaimon again, who wanted to continue to take care of his animals.

Meeting with Buggy – Friends forever

Gaimon and Buggy drinking

Later, Buggy the Clown also landed on the lost island thanks to a giant green bird. Gaimon, of course, immediately tried to shoot Buggy, whose limbs had been stolen in orange by the thief Nami, which he managed to prevent. A standoff ensued. Afterwards, the two told the other their story, with Gaimon calling Luffy a friendly boy, while Buggy called him a troublesome dwarf. Eventually, there was an emotionally charged goodbye between them as well.

Two years later – Gaimon & Sarfunkel

Gaimon and his new roommate Sarfunkel

Two years after the events with Luffy as well as Buggy, Gaimon had made a new friend: Sarfunkel, who was stuck in a barrel, also landed on Rare Animal Island. The two seem to get along splendidly.


  • At their meeting, Luffy made Gaimon an offer to join the Straw Hat Pirates.
  • Gaimon is referred to as a “box person” by Luffy.
  • The names Gaimon and Sarfunkel are a clear reference to Simon & Garfunkel.
  • Both Gaimon and Buggy think the other is a freak.
  • Gaimon’s favorite food is melons from the Isle of Rare Beasts.
  • In the voting so far, Gaimon came in the following places:

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