Gaburi of One Piece

Gaburi is a creature that only appears in the video game Unlimited Cruise.

This article contains information unique to One Piece Unlimited Cruise.

In the first part, he is created to watch the Straw Hat Pirates go through their trials. In the process, he learns the meaning of friendship. Later, however, he becomes a part of the Doomguard and eventually sacrifices himself for his friends.

In the second part, he is reborn after the Straw Hat Pirates passed their first trials. His appearance has fundamentally changed in the process. Together they now fought their way through the enemies and manage to defeat the Doomguard. After these events he says goodbye to the pirates, who were now real friends.

At the end of the game, you see a boy, who looks like Gaburi, rowing a barrel across the sea. It seems to be Gaburi who has turned into a boy.

Gaburi, like Patrick Redfield and Pato, was drafted by Oda.

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