Fuza of One Piece

Fusa is a giant bird and mount as well as partner of the priest Shura.


Sketches of Fusa

Since Fusa is a giant bird, he is huge compared to normal birds. His feathers are completely purple, and his feathers around his neck are orange. Furthermore, he has very sharp claws and a very pointed beak.

Skills & Strength

Thanks to a fire dial inside his beak, he can breathe flames. He can also fly very fast and is also very agile, making him an ideal means of locomotion in battle.


Dispute over the “sacrifice

When Nami was testing her new Waver, she got very close to the Upper Yard and watched as the four priests of the Upper Yard chased and tried to kill a Blue Eer. Fusa got his master Shura to the venue as quickly as possible, but too late because Enel threw a wrench in the foursome’s plans by making the Blue Eer feel the punishment of God.

The Going Merry in the Sea of Flames

After the The Going Merry was brought to the altar of sacrifice, Shura came to the altar of sacrifice with his giant bird Fusa to destroy the The Going Merry. Right after they arrived, Chopper noticed this and whistled Gan Fall over to help. However, the latter needed some time to get to the Lamb. Meanwhile, Fusa had set fire to the mast of the Going Merry. Chopper tried everything to save the Lamb from destruction, but was attacked again and again with flames. However, Gan Fall finally arrived and was able to distract the two.

A fight then broke out between the two opponents. In the fight, Shura was pushed down once by Gan Fall’s attack of Fusa, but was caught again by Fusa. Eventually, the two were able to defeat Gan Fall, but then also retreated.

The final test of the cords

The final battle against the Shandia did not go well for Fusa and Shura. At first, Fusa was able to beat back some of the Shandia with his fire, but then Wyper came through the cords and defeated them both.


  • His favorite food is sky lizards.

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