Funkfreed of One Piece

Funkfreed is the name of Spandam’s sword.


“Ivory Dart”

As a sword, it does not look particularly unusual at first glance. His trunk acts as a cutting edge, his horns are ornaments and his feet serve as hand guards. His tail is also still present.
In the hybrid form, the head has already transformed into an elephant, but his trunk is still a cutting edge.
In the elephant form, he has pale skin and wears some sort of purple harness on his back. He also has a headdress of the same color.

Abilities and Strength

Funkfreed possesses what is known as the Elephant Power, which gives him the power to transform into an elephant or an elephant sword. Apparently, in the hybrid form, he is very light to the wearer, but has the weight of an elephant to outsiders. That’s why Spandam was surprised when his sword lost the test of strength against Franky. Like Mister 4’s pistol, this sword possesses the power of a devil fruit. The method by which it is possible to give objects devil powers was discovered by Dr. Vegapunk. Since then, it has been used by both the Navy and the World Government.


In Funkfreed’s first appearance, he stood next to Spandam, who was happy to receive a golden Den-den Mushi from Aokiji. Then Blueno was defeated by Luffy, Usopp shot down the World Government flag, and the Straw Hat Pirates, along with Franky, flew Rocket Man to a lower floor of the Justice Tower.

Rushed by the recent events, Spandam wanted to leave immediately with Lucci as escort to lock Robin up in the Impel Down. In doing so, he brought Funkfreed to him, who then transformed into a handy sword. As it turned out, Funkfreed possesses a devil’s power.

When Robin tried to flee from Spandam on the way there, Funkfreed stopped her with an Ivory Dart on his owner’s orders…. When she was dragged to the Bridge of Hesitation by force after all, Franky got involved, who first attacked Spandam with Weapons Left and a Strong Hammer. He was also able to easily withstand Funkfreed’s attack, despite the latter being an elephant. He was then able to defeat him by threatening to put a bullet in his head. Afterwards, Franky used Funkfreed’s gigantic body to finally slay Spandam.


  • In the SBS of Chapter 423, it is revealed that Funkfreed accompanied Spandam during his childhood.
  • In the anime, he has fair skin and purple jewelry. However, on the cover of Volume 42, he has brown equipment and deep purple skin.
  • His favorite food is bananas.

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