Fukaboshi of One Piece

Fukaboshi is the eldest son of the royal family Neptune. He is the brother of Manboshi, Ryuboshi and Shirahoshi.


Fukaboshi is a very muscular shark waterman and, unlike his brothers, appears very serious. He has light, long hair, which he wears open and reaches far over his shoulders. On each of his broad shoulders are two gills and on his dark blue lower body is a light blue dot pattern. Around his waist he wears a purple cloth, which is tied tightly by a long light sash. Furthermore, his upper body is adorned with a light-colored ribbon, which starts at his hips, runs over his shoulders and finally ends in the sash at his hips. This is worn by all princes or even the princess of the Neptune family and could be a sign of their status. In addition, he is usually seen with his golden trident.


Fukaboshi, unlike his two brothers, has a very serious character and is rarely seen laughing. His sense of justice is especially strong, which he wants to spread throughout his future kingdom. He continues to be a brave fighter who would sacrifice his life for his homeland. Like his mother, his greatest concern is to keep the peace and so he also has no hatred against people.

Skills & Strength

Fukaboshi brandishes his trident.

Fukaboshi and his two brothers are the commanders of the Neptune army, so it can be assumed that they are all very strong. As the oldest scion of the Neptune family, he is also considered the strongest of those very same. Not only in cooperation with his brothers, but also on his own, Fukaboshi’s physical strength is noteworthy. Similar to his father, he is also able to use Ningyo Gujutsu. Thus Hody Jones’ troops had no chance against the prince and even against the pirate captain he was able to hold his own for a short time. As a weapon, Fukaboshi uses a golden trident. While it is not known if he can use Haki, he at least seems to know what it is, as he was not surprised when Luffy used the ability.



Fukaboshi at his mother’s deathbed

After the birth of their sister Shirahoshi, Fukaboshi and his two brothers were given the task of looking after her, as their mother Otohime wanted to spread her views among the people.
Six years later, when the world aristocrat Saint Mjosgard was stranded on Fish-Man Island and only saved from being murdered by the Fishmen by Otohime’s protection, the royal children were also present, with Shirahoshi beginning to cry, attracting several sea kings. Ryuboshi, as well as Manboshi, therefore immediately and in the future tried to keep their sister always cheerful.

After this incident, the queen accompanied the human to the surface to fight the hatred there as well, with Ryuboshi and the others eagerly awaiting their mother’s return. However, when she successfully returned to collect more signatures, her petition was burned and Otohime was gunned down. At their dying mother’s side, Fukaboshi and his brothers promised never to feel hatred towards humanity and also to become strong fighters so they could always look out for their sister.

In addition, Fukaboshi gave a speech during Otohime’s funeral, vowing to carry on her will so that one day her dreams would come true.


Arrival of the straw hats

When Luffy and his gang reached Fish-Man Island and Sanji got such a nosebleed from the countless beauties courting him that he almost died, the princes also met the Straw Hat and his friends for the first time. Without further ado, they took the royal boat and searched for help for Sanji in the harbor of the island. Fukaboshi wasn’t too thrilled about this, after all, he had received a message from Jinbe, which he wanted to deliver to the Straw Hat Boy.

A short time later, Fukaboshi and his brothers visited Madame Shyarly, having heard of her prophecy. To the prince’s regret, the fortune teller confirmed the prediction.

Fight in the Gyoncorde Plaza

Fukaboshi throws himselfinto the fight

After Fukaboshi and his brothers overheard Hody Jones’ speech and learned of his plan, they immediately rushed to the battlefield to prevent their father from being executed. In doing so, Fukaboshi vowed to hunt down Hody Jones himself. In no time, the three princes defeated several sea kings, as well as dozens of Hody’s men. In the battle with Hody Jones, however, Fukaboshi was ultimately defeated as well, unable to understand why Jones was doing all these terrible things and what the humans had done to him. After the latter simply answered “nothing”, Fukaboshi tearfully asked Luffy to stop hating him.

After defeating Hody, Fukaboshi had the New Fishmen Pirates and Vander Decken IX thrown into the dungeon, from which they would never be released. Fukaboshi was also present at the big celebration in honor of the Straw Hat Pirates. He also bid farewell to the Straw Hats along with the rest of his family, promising that he would never forget their deeds and would pray for a good outcome to their continued journey.


As the Levely approached, Shirahoshi was asked if she would like to accompany Fukaboshi and her other brothers to the Holy Land of Mary Geoise. She initially declined, saying she was too scared and didn’t want to break her promise to Luffy, but Fukaboshi still managed to convince her because of Otohime’s wish. Before they left the fish people island, they saw quite a few children walking around with straw hats.

As per the guidelines, the royal family was escorted to Mary Geoise by the Navy – in their case, by former Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp. On their way up to the Holy Land, they were completely mesmerized by the endlessness and beauty of the sea and the surface, so Fukaboshi also suggested they go off the moving walkway to enjoy the view longer. However, the royal family attracted a lot of attention, especially the princess, who found many suitors.

Unsettled by the many compliments, as well as marriage proposals, she retorted that the noble sons were not her type, and fearing to upset someone, her brothers, especially her eldest, tried to defuse the situation with words before Shirahoshi befriended Rebecca and Vivi as she overheard their conversation about Luffy. Later, Saint Charlos wanted to make Shirahoshi his own, but was saved by Saint Mjosgard, who was deeply in debt to the royal family of Fishmen Island because of his shared past with Otohime.

At the end of the negotiations, the Neptune family was also accompanied on their way back by Garp. The latter informed them of the recent calamitous events concerning Arabasta.


  • Fuka means shark.
  • The design for Fukaboshi’s face is based on Jusaburô Tsujimura’s film and Kabuki.
  • His favorite food is Haliotis.

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