Franky of One Piece

Franky, also known as Iron man or Cyborg Franky, is the shipwright of the Straw Hat Pirates and was once the boss of the Franky Family shipwrecking crew in Water 7. His real name is Cutty Framm (jap. カティ・フラム, Kati Furamu). To hide from the world government, he called himself Franky after his return to Water 7 to remain unrecognized. Since then, everyone except Spandam calls him that.


Franky before the time jump

Franky is a very tall, powerfully built man. He has high standing blue hair with sideburns. He has a metal nose and a chin with three prongs. He always carries sunglasses with him and in his first appearance in Water 7, Franky also wore a mask. Franky likes to wear Hawaiian shirts for his life, which he always wears open. Of course, Franky changes his clothes from time to time. In his first appearance, he wore a purple shirt with yellow palm tree patterns on it.

Clothes that he also always wears are his gold chain, which is very big according to his size, and his battle pants, always in dark blue and which is never covered because Franky never wears pants. Also noticeable about Franky is that he has very thick forearms, with two star tattoos, and hands. He got these, as well as the metal nose, when he converted himself into a cyborg. On his shoulders there are also two cannons, his so-called Franky Destroyer cannons. Under these cannons he has tattooed “BF” and “36”, which stands for “Battle Franky 36”. So it seems that Franky sees himself as Battle Franky 36.

However, not everything about him has become metal, but only his front. His back as well as his genitals have remained “human”. Another striking feature is that Franky does not wear shoes. He also has a refrigerator in his belly, where he can store a maximum of three bottles of Coke. If he doesn’t refuel his reserves regularly, or after a fight, his hair falls over in front. However, these stand up again when he has replenished his supply. They can also deform if Franky puts other drinks in his fridge. Like any other character, Franky goes through changes.

While on Karakuri, Franky discovered Vegapunk’s lab, which he destroyed – by mistake – with the self-destruct button. Franky survived, but his outer shell was badly damaged, so he temporarily put on a tiger skin. Then, after two years, Franky returned modified to the Sabaody Archipelago to see his nakama again. Externally, Franky changed a lot. His blue hair is no longer there, but only single roots of hair, but he could grow them back at will. The sideburns are still there. Probably the most drastic change has gone through his arms and hands. Two metal rings hold the huge balls that form his shoulders. On them you can read “BF – 37”, which means that Franky now considers himself Battle Franky No. 37. Furthermore, you can see his typical stars on them.

The arm is extended by two large hinges and two large square parts, which also have the stars on them. Franky’s hands have also changed, as they are no longer human, but look very similar to Blugoris’ hands. In these hands, he has mounted two smaller hands to still be able to perform smaller manual tasks. Next to them, in his right arm, is a toolbox. During his stay on Karakuri, Franky has also acquired two long scars that extend from the left and right sides of his neck to his legs. However, he has not lost his fondness for Hawaiian shirts, nor his Battle Pants. Furthermore, Franky now wears knee pads that extend to his feet.

On Punk Hazard, Franky was put into Chopper’s body by Trafalgar Law’s abilities. In the process, he retained his signature eye circles.


Franky loves to pose.

Franky’s dream is to build his dream ship (which he already owns in the form of the Thousand Sunny), with which he will then sail around the world. Even as a child, he helped his master and role model Tom, from whom he learned shipbuilding. However, after Tom’s death, he then became a ship dismantler and boss of the Franky family street crime gang. As a result, he lost sight of his goal, but his passion ignited when he stole the 200,000,000 berries from the Straw Hat Pirates to buy his long-awaited Adam’s Wood, which is very durable. After the events on Enies Lobby, Franky then built the Thousand Sunny out of this wood for the Straw Hat Pirates. As the new ship’s carpenter, he regularly takes care of the Thousand Sunny and repairs it when it gets damaged.

Franky gets sentimental and plays the guitar.

Franky’s personality is sometimes very ambivalent. While he’s usually very tough, the very next moment he hears a heartbreaking story, he can start crying loudly, like in the case of Usopp’s fight against Luffy. Then, when someone calls him on it, he yells at them not to cry. While doing so, he sometimes plays his guitar, which he uses as an amateur musician to process impressions. His music is usually melancholic in nature and is used by the cyborg as a pressure valve.

His personality can also be affected by other drinks. He then behaves according to the drink, such as on Enie’s lobby when he got hold of vegetable juice and acted like a working farmer rather than a fighter. Also, Franky has a habit of performing a special dance when he is happy about something. At the end, he then poses in a certain position and shouts “SUPER!”. Franky also uses the term “hentai” (jap. 変・体) when he transforms into his Franky Kentauros. Although this term means “transformation,” it is a pun on “hentai” (jap. 変態), which means “perverted.” To this end, he also feels addressed when someone shouts “hentai”, for example in the fight against the Tobiuo Riders, where Duval gave the order to “form up”, also shouted out with “hentai”, where Franky thought he was being addressed.

His favorite foods are hamburgers, French fries, and really anything where Coke goes well with it. (SBS Volume 45) Oda reminds Franky, if he were an animal, of a fighting bull and that the color turquoise represents him, as well as that the cyborg smells like cola. (SBS Volume 50)

Skills and strength

Franky’s Air Cannon.

Franky, as a cyborg, is stronger than normal people, since he has many technical tools inside him and his entire front is made of metal. He can use these to protect people from a hail of bullets or to fend off something similar, as in the case on Enies Lobby where he protected Robin from the marines’ bullets. Even Franky’s hair can be razor sharp, as seen in his Franky Triangle Jacker, using his sideburns as a throwing knife. Only his back and private parts, which Robin also chose when she tortured him with her Dos Fleurs, Grab to convince him to join the Straw Hat Pirates, have remained human and provide a weak point for his opponents.

Most of his tools and weapons are built into his left arm, including his Weapons Left, which even includes a visor in his palm. His Coup de Vent, which he executes with both arms, does heavy damage. In his first use against the Galley-La’s carpenters, Franky devastated almost all of Dock No. 1. The air cannon also had an effect against PX-4 (a Pacifista), and the Pacifista was thrown far away. With his skills, he was even able to defeat the superhumans and CP9 agents Owl and Nero.

Franky quickly builds a replacement bridge to Perona’s room.

The origin of his power is due to the cola he stows in his belly. Franky’s air cannon as well as his Coup de Boo, whereby the cyborg inflates his butt, are powered by Coke. This allowed him to briefly free himself and Robin from Spandam’s grasp and get onto the balcony of the Justice Tower. When Franky gets hold of other drinks, even his whole demeanor changes to strength.

On Enie’s lobby he received vegetable juice from Chopper instead of Coke. Franky was now completely on a “fresh trip.” In this form, he was able to perform the Vegetarian Punch, but it didn’t have too much effect on Owl. Another ability Franky has is to transform into a centaur, using this transformation in his applications in combination with another attack. In doing so, he splits his legs and pelvis, turning 2 legs into 4. He uses this technique to keep his opponents in check and then give them the final blow with a few well-aimed punches, as in the fight against Nero.

After the destruction of Enie’s lobby, and fittingly for the start of his pirate career, the Navy placed an initial bounty on Franky’s head in the amount of 44 million Berry out. Two years later, after the incidents at Dress Rosa, the sum was raised to 94 million Berry increases.

But Franky has not only fighting skills, but also craftsmanship, because he is the shipwright of the Straw Hat Pirates. He is good at improvising and quickly builds useful things from scrap lying around, as he did when Oz destroyed the bridge to Perona’s room. Within a few seconds he made a solid, stable bridge out of wooden planks. He also proved his skills in the fight against Oz when he used his Franky Sky Walk to build a staircase out of wooden slats. But Franky can also build weapons, such as his Heavy Nunchaku, which he crafted from two columns and barbs. In addition, he is imaginative. He built the Thousand Sunny, the new ship of the Straw Hat Pirates, which even has a reverse gear, Chicken Voyage, and the Gaon Cannon, which killed almost all the flying fish and the base in the battle against the Tobiuo Riders.

After a two-year stay on Karakuri, Franky has drastically transformed himself. He has added more technical parts to his body, so that he is now able, for example, to change his hair at will or have smaller hands extend from his new, large hands.


Franky as child with iceberg

Apprentices under shipbuilder Tom

Franky was born in the Southblue to two pirates named Cutty Framm. Together they passed Reverse Mountain. In the course of their journey through the Grand Line, his parents threw him into the sea from their ship.

Franky meets Kozuki Oden

He was subsequently rescued by the legendary shipbuilder Tom, who made him his apprentice. During this time he also met the Roger pirate gang and turned down an invitation to join the gang. From Tom he learned everything about building ships in his shipbuilding company Toms Workers. So young Franky spent most of his time building small fighting boats, which he called Battle Frankys, designed to hunt down and kill sea kings.

However, Franky had to build a full 34 ships to finally get the boat that was also capable of killing a sea king. Tom’s other apprentice was Iceberg, who gave Franky this nickname because he found that Cutty Framm was a funny name. He often argued with the latter, as Eisberg thought Franky’s idea of battle boats was total bullshit. Franky’s other acquaintances included Grandma Kokoro, who was an employee at Tom’s Workers, and the sumo wrestler frog Yokuzuna, who also worked at Tom’s company alongside Franky and Eisberg.

Tom’s trial and his plans

One day, in order to revive the economic situation of Water 7, Tom designed the sea trains. However, his plan almost failed because suddenly a justice ship arrived on Water 7 and arrested the fish man and had him sentenced for building the Oro Jackson, the ship of the pirate king Gol D. Roger. He received the death sentence on Enies Lobby. To postpone his execution, Tom recited to the judge that he was developing a sea train that could travel over water.

The judge granted Tom 10 years to build the lake train. Back at the safe house, Franky was furious at Tom’s conviction because the Oro Jackson was the best ship in the world and had sailed all over the Grand Line. In his opinion, Tom did not deserve to be executed on Enie’s lobby. The latter took it in stride, however, whereupon Franky stormed out in a huff and showed Yokuzuna how to tickle properly. Eisberg pleaded for Tom to kick him out, but he said he was amazed and Franky deserved to stay in the company because his shipbuilding skills were actually very good. When he first saw Franky on Shipwreck Island, building real cannons out of scrap metal there, he was quite amazed. So 13 years passed and the sea train was slowly completed and could start its maiden voyage on the sea.

Spandam’s intrigue

They were now waiting for Tom to be acquitted by the government. But Spandam, at that time head of the CP5, appeared on the shipwreck island and demanded from Tom the plans of the ancient weapon Pluton, which had been passed down from generation to generation among the shipbuilders of Water 7. Tom, however, assured him that he did not possess the plans and threw him out of his lair. Spandam did not want to give up already, so he made a plan and wanted to accuse Tom of a crime in order to get the plans. After Spandam’s visit, Tom gave the blueprints to Franky and Eisberg. Excited, Franky wanted to build the ship right away, which Eisberg thought was too dangerous and took the plans.

The injured Tom interfered and defended Franky that he was not to blame for the disaster. Franky apologized to him. At the same moment, the townspeople and Spandam showed up. His plan had worked and Tom, Eisberg and Franky were blamed for the attack on the Justice ship. In a new trial, Franky tried to deflect their guilt and ruin Spandam’s plan, but the townspeople and the judge didn’t believe a word he said. Spandam told him that there was clear evidence, whereupon Franky affirmed that he wanted nothing more to do with his fighting boats. Seized by rage, Tom broke his handcuffs and knocked Franky to the ground.

No matter who the ship you built hurts!!!
No matter how much destruction it causes!!!!
The father must love this ship because
no one else does it!
The father of this ship shall not deny,
that he built it!!!
Don’t blame the ship!
A man must be proud of the ships,
he builds!!!
– Tom to Franky about his view towards his ships

Return to Water 7

Four years after that, he returned to Water 7 to see Eisberg. The latter gave Franky the plans of the Pluton, which he once got from Tom. During this time, the cyborg met his Franky Family and entered the ship dismantling business with them as a boss.


Water 7

The lake train race

Franky shortly before his victory.

During the train ride, Franky and Usopp were (reluctantly) rescued by Sanji. Franky agreed to help with Robin’s rescue operation. In the process, the three encountered Wanze. Sanji agreed to fight this one. Franky had to find another way forward and decided to climb over the roofs of the wagons. On the roof of the next wagon, however, Nero was waiting for him. A fight ensued, which the cyborg won thanks to his extraordinary weapons and abilities. Nero was knocked through the roof into the train car by Franky’s Ultimate Hammer. He met Sanji and entered the CP9 compartment together with him. A diversionary maneuver by Usopp briefly freed Robin. After uncoupling the wagon from the CP9’s, Blueno used Air Door, which allowed him to return Robin to the CP9’s train. Kalifa pulled the train back to the train using her thorn whip and Franky was arrested again. Usopp and Sanji were able to disappear and were later picked up by Luffy & Co. who had followed Puffing Tom with Rocketman.

Enies Lobby

Back in Water 7

Thriller Bark

Sabaody Archipelago


Dr. Vegapunk’s birthplace.

Franky chases Vegapunks Laboratory in the air.

Franky was hurled onto this winter island by Bartholomew Kuma. He was still on the Grand Line, but separated from his friends. The cyborg was discovered by the inhabitants of the land and was immediately attacked by the futuristic-looking dog Taroimo. He survived the attack largely unscathed, but struggled with the cold. To warm up, he performed his usual dance, immediately dragging along the inhabitants who imitated his poses. Later, Franky was pursued by angry animal cyborgs who wanted to get at him. On Karakuri, Franky also soon discovered Dr. Vegapunk’s laboratory, the genius of the world government who was born on this island. He learned from the inhabitants that Vegapunk tried to heat the island with geothermal energy, but failed due to lack of funds. The cyborg broke into the lab, believing to find an icebreaker to sail back to the Sabaody Archipelago as soon as possible, as he was informed of Luffy’s current situation. Unexpectedly, there were marines stationed in the lab guarding Vegapunk’s valuable inventions.

They pursued Franky through the lab, where he found numerous blueprints that he was heavily impressed with. Rather accidentally, he then hit the lab’s self-destruct button. It was destroyed in a gigantic explosion. This day went with the title The nightmare of Balsimore in history and marines immediately notified the naval headquarters. Despite the huge explosion, Franky survived with some damage thanks to his metal body. Afterwards, he read in a newspaper about Luffy and his reappearance in Marine Ford. By means of a fake tattoo, Luffy made it clear to his comrades-in-arms in one of the photos that they will meet again in two years on Sabaody Archipelago. So Franky decided to live in Vegapunk’s second, secret laboratory to become stronger with its blueprints for his captain. He put a tiger skin over his head until he had a real skin again.

The reunification

The Thousand Sunny dives

For two years Franky had lived on Karakuri. Now he finally returned to the Sabaody Archipelago to see his friends again. After going to the Bottakuri Bar, he headed straight for the now-coated Thousand Sunny on Grove 17, where he met Nico Robin, who was happy to see him and the Sunny again. Shortly after, Chopper, Usopp and Nami also showed up. He demonstrated to the former how he grew his hair back and his small hands that could extend out of the big ones, which Usopp and Chopper were very excited about. Rayleigh and Shacky joined them as well. Rayleigh informed the gang that Luffy was already on the island and they had better go to Grove 42 now, as it would be the best location to go out to sea. The remaining Straw Hats had already been informed of the plan through Den-den Mushis. After all the Straw Hats were reunited, the Thousand Sunny, which had been coated by Rayleigh, left the Sabaody Archipelago and dove off a short time later, with the long-awaited destination of Fish-Man Island.

The fish man island

Franky with Den in lake forest

Just before the entrance to Fishmen Island, Hammond the fishman blocked the gang’s way. He knew about Luffy’s victory over Arlong and now gave him the choice of either joining the New Fishmen Pirates or being destroyed. Luffy refused, whereupon Franky activated a coup de burst to get through the bubble that surrounded Fishmen Island. However, the inside of the bubble was filled with water and the ship was caught in a violent current, separating the gang. Franky, Robin and Nami were washed up at a cove and separated to take care of some business. The Cyborg decided to find Tom’s relatives and apologize for the death, for which Franky still blames himself. With Tom’s brother Den, he then went to the Sea Forest, as many ships land there, including the Thousand Sunny. Likewise, he saw the former samurai Jinbe in the distance. After most of the Straw Hats had gathered in the Lake Forest, Jinbe began to tell the pirates the story about Otohime and Fisher Tiger.

Franky defeats Ikaros Much

When Hody Jones declared that he would make himself king and kill all the fish people who wanted to live with the humans, the Straw Hat Pirates with Jinbe and Shirahoshi set out to foil this plan. Arriving at Gyoncorde Plaza, the gang fought fiercely against the New Fishmen pirates. Franky showed here for the first time the new stages Soldier Dock Systems Black Rhino FR-U 4 and Brachio Tank 5, which can combine to form the Franky Shogun. In this gigantic robot he fought against the commander Ikaros Much and was able to defeat him with his new Franky Radical Beam. After all the New Fishmen pirates were defeated, a victory party was organized for the gang. The pirates then left Fishmen Island and headed to the New World.

Punk Hazard

Law interchanges the Hearts of the straw hats.

In the New World, the Straw Hat Pirates reached the island of Punk Hazard. While some of the pirates explored the island, Franky stayed on the Thousand Sunny with Sanji, Nami, and Brook. However, using sleeping gas, they were stunned and captured. In their captivity, they encountered the cut samurai Kinemon, whom they tried to help put his body back together. On their escape, they encountered giant children in Biscuits Room, who had apparently been kidnapped from their home island. The mastermind of the island – Caesar Clown – was conducting dangerous experiments on them. The children asked the pirates to take them home. When they stepped out in front of the entrance, they met the newly appointed Samurai of the Seas Trafalgar Law, who switched the hearts of the Straw Hats with each other so that Franky ended up in Chopper’s body.

In the fight against Assassin Baby 5 and Buffalo.

Later, the Straw Hat Pirates met the rest of the pirate gang with Kinemon and the children in a cave in the icy land. Due to an assassination attempt by the Yeti Cool Brothers, Nami, who was in Franky’s cyborg body, was kidnapped. Luffy and Franky set out to rescue her. Franky took one of Chopper’s rumble balls. Unintentionally, he mutated into Monster Point, which he could not control and thus attacked Luffy. Fighting the Yeti Cool Brothers, Franky was eventually knocked out by Luffy. Back in the cave, Law, with whom Luffy had formed an alliance, put Franky’s heart back into his real body. The pirates now followed Law’s plan to kidnap Caesar Clown. Luffy, Robin and Franky therefore stormed the entrance of the laboratory, but were defeated by Caesar himself. They were locked in a sea stone cage with Law, Smoker and Tashigi. However, after a diversionary maneuver by Franky, they were able to free themselves. The cyborg then made his way to the Thousand Sunny.

Franky collected the Mini Merry and took the ship to the other side of the island. There he waited in his Franky Shogun for his remaining comrades. Unexpectedly, Donquixote Doflamingo’s subordinates Buffalo and Baby 5 showed up to pick up Caesar Clown. Without warning, the pirate attacked the two assassins. The fight went very much in Franky’s favor, as Buffalo and Baby 5 were unable to penetrate his shogun’s armor. The fight was eventually stopped by Usopp and Nami and Caesar was captured. After that, the journey led to Dress Rosa to destroy the Smile factory.


Franky, Usopp and Robin learn about Operation SOP.

After the Straw Hat Pirates and their companions reached Dress Rosa, Franky went ashore with Luffy, Zoro, Sanji and Kinemon in the disguise of old men to destroy the Smile factory on the one hand and rescue Kanjuro on the other. In the port city of Acacia, Franky witnessed Fujitora’s devilish powers in a restaurant, which was cheated in gambling. Franky realized that the gambling cheats belonged to Doflamingo and began to interrogate one of them in a side alley with Luffy. From him, the two learned that the Fire Fruit had been offered as a prize in a big tournament at the Corrida Colosseum. Franky suspected behind the action a trap Doflamingos for Luffy, but nevertheless he encouraged his captain to get back the fruit of his deceased brother. At the registration for the tournament, the cyborg was just able to prevent Luffy from revealing himself and gave him the warning that he must not blow his cover during the tournament. Franky, who was now about to resume his search for the Smile factory, was stopped by the toy soldier. Inside the Coliseum, the Toy Soldier opened up to Franky that he and his comrades also wanted to destroy the factory, but first the forced laborers there would have to be freed.

Shortly after, Franky was seen with the toy soldier on his shoulder on the way to the flower field, where everything else was to be discussed. Although Franky had already gotten used to the presence of the toys in Dress Rosa, he still wanted to know who had created them and suspected a scientist whose intelligence would have to be comparable to that of Vegapunk. Taking advantage of an incident with another toy, the toy soldier revealed to Franky the truth about the toys and himself. Thus, Franky learned that each toy had once been a human before a certain devil fruit user from Doflamingo’s gang had transformed them, which had the additional effect that no one could remember them.

Franky vs Senor Pink!

After they reached the flower field, the toy soldier led Franky to the headquarters of the Riku army, where the Tontatta present thought Franky was a strong toy. The latter was in turn shocked that the army consisted only of dwarves, but the toy soldier assured Franky of their enormous strength and speed. In the meantime, Usopp had pretended to be a descendant of Noland the Liar named Lysoland and had also changed the names of the rest of the Straw Hats in the process, so Franky introduced himself as Fraland. Together with Usopp and Robin, who had also reached the flower field, Franky then listened to a stormy speech by the toy soldier, and afterwards the three learned the story of the Tontatta as well as the circumstances of Doflamingo’s rise to king, which caused Franky to burst into tears. In a Den-den Mushi conference with the rest of the Straw Hats, Franky’s anger at Doflamingo became clear and he made it clear to his captain that he could not stand idly by when the Tontatta were willing to risk their lives for the freedom of Dress Rosa. Franky then got permission from Luffy to run free.

Franky went to the toy house and attacked it directly to start a diversion and give the Tontatta time for their Operation SOP. He was then confronted with a superior force in the form of Señor Pink, Machvise, Dellinger and soldiers of the Navy. However, the latter were too inattentive, allowing the seemingly defeated cyborg to escape and reach the Smile factory. Señor Pink, however, recognized Franky’s goal and pursued him with the help of his devil power. The two subsequently engaged in a fierce battle of manhood both outside and inside the factory, which Franky ultimately won. Together with the Tontatta, Franky now destroyed the inside of the Smile factory. In turn, Franky used the outer walls, which were made of sea stone, to help Zoro in his quest to stop the bird cage from getting smaller.

After the defeat of Doflamingo, Franky rested together with his friends in Kyros’ hut. Meanwhile, Fujitora and the Navy wanted to arrest the Straw Hats, but thanks to the help of the Gladiators, the Tontatta as well as the citizens of Dress Rosa, the Straw Hat gang managed to leave Dress Rosa again. Aboard the Yonta Maria, Franky now witnessed the formation of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet.


After leaving the Yonta Maria again, Franky and the others were taken by Bartolomeo to Zou, which is on the back of a 1000 year old elephant. Here they wanted to meet the group around Sanji as well as Law’s gang again. Once on the back of the elephant, Franky witnessed a brief attack on Zoro by Carrot, who quickly retreated with Wanda. Together with Robin, Zoro, Usopp and Law, Franky then explored the remains of the city of Claugh, which seems to have been recently destroyed. Finally, Franky and the others reached the fortress of Ubala, where they were frenetically cheered by the Minks. Here they also finally saw Nami, Chopper and Brook again. Gradually, Franky learned about Jack’s attack on Zou and the rescue of the Minks by Chopper, Sanji, Brook and Nami. In the process, Sanji’s kidnapping by the Big Mom pirate gang was likewise revealed. The following night, Franky stood guard with Robin and Brook at the gates of Zou to prevent Kinemon and Kanjuro from entering the island, as they did not want to anger the Minks. However, they fell asleep and the samurai were able to enter the island. The true bond between the Minks and the Samurai was revealed shortly after, however, and Franky was present for the release of Raizo, whom the Minks had tied up in the sacred whale forest for his own protection. While Luffy was now sailing to Whole Cake Island to rescue Sanji, Franky was already planning to leave for Wano Country with Zoro, Usopp, Robin and the samurai to prepare for the war against Kaidou.

Wano Country

Franky learns that Minatomo has pawned the blueprints.

After Franky’s group reached Wano Country, the cyborg pretended to be Franosuke, a carpenter, in order to avoid attracting attention among the citizens of the country. He infiltrated the master carpenter Minatomo to obtain his blueprints for Kaidou’s estate on Onigashima. After Luffy was defeated by Kaidou, he met up with Usopp and Robin in the flower capital at Sanji’s soba stand. There, three yakuza from the Kyoshiro family gave Sanji trouble and a small fight broke out between them, which Franky also joined. As a result, the Straw Hats met the little girl O-Toko, who worked for the courtesan Komurasaki. While Robin was summoned to Shogun Orochi’s castle shortly after, Franky, Sanji and Usopp watched the courtesan procession in the flower capital. Franky then returned to Minatomo to ask him again for the blueprints. However, Minatomo explained to him that he had already pawned the blueprints to a pawnshop ten years ago, so they were no longer in his possession. Annoyed at this waste of time, Franky made his way to said pawnshop. From there, he rattled off various people in the flower capital who had been in possession of the blueprints over the years. Eventually, however, the trail got lost, so Franky informed Kinemon about the situation.

In the evening, when Page One went on a rampage in the Flower Capital in search of Sanji to avenge the Kyoshiro family, Sanji, Franky, Usopp, and Trafalgar Law initially hid to avoid being discovered by the Beast Pirates. However, Sanji decided to fight against Page One. To the excitement of Franky and Usopp, Sanji activated his new Raid Suit in the process. As O-Soba Mask, Sanji was able to shake off his pursuer for the time being, so the group around Franky retreated to Ebisu. There they made the acquaintance of Tonoyasu, who was very committed to the destitute inhabitants of Ebisu and also wanted to join the rebellion against Kaidou. However, this did not happen, because Tonoyasu was captured by Orochi shortly after. When the Straw Hat Pirates heard of Tonoyasu’s capture, they immediately set out for the Flower Capital, where he was to be executed. However, they reached the scene too late and Tonoyasu was killed by Orochi. His daughter O-Toko, who was grieving for her father, was subsequently targeted by the shogun, so Zoro and Sanji stepped in to protect her. While Usopp, Nami and Robin also fought Orochi’s men, Franky grabbed Tonoyasu’s body. They fled back to Ebisu, where they built a makeshift grave for Tonoyasu and Pedro. Franky used the last days before the Fire Festival to repair the shipwrecks from the port of Itachi, which were needed for the crossing to Onigashima.


Franky and Brook catch Big Mom with the Black Rhino.

On the day of the Fire Festival, the Straw Hat Pirates, along with the Heart and Kid Piratess, sailed toward Onigashima, where the Alliance planned to attack Kaidou and his Beast Pirates. On the high seas, they encountered the Red Sword Sheaths, who were on a confrontation course with ships belonging to the Beasts Pirates. Kanjuro turned out to be Orochi’s spy here, who kidnapped Momonosuke. When the Beast Pirates attacked the alliance with their long-range cannons, Jinbe emerged and sank the enemy ship. With a new comrade at their side, the Straw Hat Pirates also took out the enemy sentries at the entrance to Onigashima. To blend in with the beast pirates, Kinemon, using his devil powers, outfitted the rebels with camouflage after landing on the island. Franky then readied the Black Rhino FR-U 4 and headed toward the skull with Brook in the back seat. The next time the two appeared on the live floor, they raced the Black Rhino head-on into Big Mom’s face to save Nami. Franky then introduced himself to the Empress and prepared to attack her with a Radical Beam, but then the Numbers appeared with the Brachio Tank in hand. Angry at having to deal with the tank, Franky attacked Jaki instead. Before Big Mom could take advantage of Franky’s carelessness and return the favor to Cyborg, Jinbe and Robin promoted Big Mom out of the hall with a combo attack. Franky then reworked Black Rhino into Franky Shogun with the freed Brachio Tank and gathered at the Live Stage with the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Franky vs Sasaki

Franky was then more or less involuntarily forced to move away from the others. Since Hatcha was sober again and threatening to riot, Jinbe suggested that Franky run off with Shogun to lure the primeval giant away. He ran to the tower of the right side of the skull, where Shinobu, Momonosuke and Yamato had just met Sasaki and his subordinate tank unit. Suddenly, Hatcha punched a huge hole in the ground, into which Shinobu, Momonosuke and Yamato fell. While Yamato was still in flight taking out Hatcha with a ranged attack, Franky was now facing Sasaki and his tank unit. A fight broke out between Franky and Sasaki, but was repeatedly disrupted by the tank unit’s poisoners. Only after Usopp and Nami, with O-Tama’s help, drew the poisoners to their side, could Franky continue his fight against Sasaki undisturbed. After a tough exchange of blows, the cyborg was finally able to achieve a victory against Sasaki. He then continued to fight the Beast Pirates when he heard about Luffy’s recent defeat at the hands of Kaidou.


Franky’s flag
(top old, bottom new)
Franky’s bronze statue at the
Takamori Station, Kumamoto
  • His swimsuit has the name in One Piece Yellow Battle Pants received, which costs 880 berry. (One Piece 10th Treasures – How much Berry!?)
  • Franky’s character design is most likely a mixture of various characters: On the one hand probably Ace Ventura, who is especially remembered by Franky’s hairstyle and Hawaiian shirt, and then of course also Popeye Franky’s thick forearms are the main reminder of this. And the fact that both characters gain their strength from certain foods. For Popeye it was spinach, for Franky it was the somewhat unhealthier variant: cola. There are also theories that Franky is suffering from the EarthBound Character Franky Fly is a reference to the two. Of course, the very similar name and the fact that both build destruction machines named after themselves speaks for this. He also looks very similar to Cyborg C-16 from Dragon Ball Z and uses similar attacks.
  • Franky’s birthday is derived from the following little play on words. Individual components of the word “サイボーグ” (saibôgu ~ Cyborg, which Franky is known to be) can be interpreted in different ways. The “サ” can also san = 3 and the “グ” kyu = 9 ~ so 3-9 or according to the American reading for dates 9.3.
  • Before the Straw Hat Pirates came to Water 7, Luffy drew his dream carpenter. Funnily enough, this childish sketch coincided with Franky’s appearance in certain features, including the thick forearms, the nose, the all-black elongated eyes that resemble Franky’s sunglasses and a blue headgear of the sketch that is relatively close to Franky’s hairstyle. (Show image hide)
  • Franky’s real name Cutty Framm probably has several origins, one of which is related to his shipbuilding activity: Cutty was the participation of the Cutty Sark, a historic sailing ship that was famous for its speed. Fram was the name of a Norwegian ship used by polar explorers at the end of the 19th century until the beginning of the 20th century. On the other hand, its name may also be related to its past: Framm however, could also be derived from the birth name of the German ex-chancellor Willy Brandt be derived: Herbert Frahm. Herbert Frahm adopted his “alias” Willy Brandt to avoid detection by the government of the then German Reich. Here is the fitting connection between Cutty Framm and Herbert Frahm Franky had also created his “alias” to protect himself from the government, and in the end they both kept it.
  • Franky doesn’t want to eat devil fruit himself because he doesn’t want to give up the ability to swim.
  • In Chapter 801, Bartolomeo shows the autographs of the Straw Hat Pirates. Franky has drawn a star above his name and signed it “For my brother”. (Show image hide)
  • One Piece was part of Nissin Foods‘ advertising campaign called Hungry Days, which was to promote Cup Noodles. The ad features the Straw Hat Pirates and many other characters from the One Piece universe in a high school setting. The characters were created by the mangaka Eisaku Kubonouchi designed. (Show Franky’s Character Design hide)
  • On November 21, 2020, at the Takamori Station, Kumamoto, erected a bronze statue of Franky as part of the One Piece Kumamoto Revival Project.
  • Franky’s alternative name suggestion for the Thousand Sunny would have been “New Battle Franky, Lion Gang Champion.”
  • With the Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo, the American shot-putter imitated Payton Otterdahl imitated Franky’s well-known pose during his performance and shouted “SUPER!”. The official Twitter channel @Eiichiro_Staff congratulated him for his performance. However, Otterdahl did not win a medal.
American shot-putter Payton Otterdahl imitated Franky’s well-known pose during the Olympics

Information from the SBS

Above: if all goes well,
below: when something goes wrong
  • His favorite food is hamburgers, fries, and anything you can drink Coke with. (SBS Volume 45) His least favorite is marshmallows because they are not hard enough. (SBS Volume 73)
  • If the Straw Hat Pirates were a family, Franky would be the father. (SBS Volume 48) This role is later filled by Jinbe after he joins, while Franky is demoted to a perverted grandmother. (SBS Volume 99)
  • Oda reminds Franky, if he were an animal, of a fighting bull. (SBS Volume 50)
  • Franky’s favorite island and season is summer on a spring island. (SBS Volume 50)
  • Franky smells like cola according to Chopper. (SBS Volume 50)
  • Franky’s assigned color is light blue. (SBS Volume 50)
  • Franky’s assigned number is 08. (SBS Volume 50)
  • In SBS Volume 56, Oda shows us what Franky would look like if he were female.
  • If Franky lived in the real world, he would be from the USA. (SBS Volume 56)
  • Franky’s thoughts are “pervert, pervert, pervert, pervert, iron” and as with all straw hats, “friendship.” (SBS Volume 59)
  • If each straw hat were assigned a flower that looked most like her/him, Franky would bear the closest resemblance to a wood anemone, according to Nico Robin’s Seiyuu Yuriko Yamaguchi. (SBS Volume 60)
  • Franky bathes like Usopp and Chopper every three days. (SBS Volume 67)
  • Trafalgar Law’s nickname for Franky is. Robo-ya(SBS Volume 72)
  • Franky would represent the Japanese prefecture Nagasaki(SBS Volume 72)
  • Franky goes to sleep at 01:00 and gets up again at 09:00. (SBS Volume 74)
  • If Franky wasn’t a pirate, he’d be working as a pilot. (SBS Volume 76)
  • The dish that Franky can cook the best is barbecue. (SBS Volume 79)
  • Like Zoro, Nami and Sanji, Franky doesn’t like eating ice cream. (SBS Volume 84)
  • In a 50-meter race, Franky would finish in last place because he is the heaviest member. (SBS Volume 85)
  • If Franky was allowed to give O-Soba Mask another name, it would be “Black Rolling Destroyer.” (SBS Volume 94)
  • Suppose Franky ate a devil fruit, then he would receive the powers of the weapon fruit. (SBS Volume 98)
  • Franky likes his fried eggs best fried on both sides, slow cooked and with butter soy sauce. (SBS Volume 99)
  • In SBS Volume 101, Oda drew Franky at 50 and 70.

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