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After Franky and Robin escaped from the Zombie Generals, the Zombie General Tararan blocked their way. Tararan is a Spider Monkey, so he can also produce spider webs. It was he who had woven the great spider web in which the Thousand Sunny became entangled. Robin and Franky could not escape because Tararan was waiting in front of them and the Zombie Generals behind them. Franky, however, had an idea how the two of them could get out of the situation in one piece.

Franky and Robin are in trouble

He blew up the bridge they were all on using the Coup de Vent. This resulted in everyone falling down, and during the fall, Robin and Franky managed to stay level with the bridge with the help of Cien Fleurs, Wing, and Franky then pulled himself and Robin to the end of the bridge at Dr. Hogback’s castle with a Strong Right. Shortly after, Brook fell screaming from the sky and crashed to the ground….

Robin’s Wings

The fight

Robin and Franky want to escape and look for Luffy and the others, but Tararan follows them with the help of a spider web and the fight begins. Tararan immediately goes on the attack. He sprays cobwebs from his hands, which fly towards Franky and Robin. She prevents the cobwebs from getting where they should by using the Seis Fleurs, Slap attack to grow six hands on Tararan’s eye, which immediately strike the eye.

The latter hits his eyes with his hands. The still flowing cobwebs now cover Tararan’s entire face.

Franky now uses a new attack with his nunchucks Heavy Nunchaku. Here he has attached thick stone pillars to his nunchakus and then hits Tararan’s face with full force, who can hardly believe that a human has such power. While Tararan flies away hit, Franky jumps over him, twirls the nunchakus and then hits Tararan several times. Finally Tararan manages to stop the nunchakus with his spider webs.

Nico Robin Stuck On A Spiderweb Surrounded By The Spider Mice

Franky is unimpressed, however, and hits Tararan in the face with the Weapons Left.

During the fight, the spider mice have Robin tied up with a spider web. Franky is distracted and startled when he sees this. Tararan takes his chance and also covers Franky completely with cobwebs.

Tararan is already sure of his victory and wants to eliminate the two for good, when Brook gets in his way. He shows that his walking stick is actually a Shikomizue. He now uses this sword and uses the same attack against Tararan that Samurai Ryuma used against Nami, Chopper and Usopp. However, he did not use the back of the blade and hits Tararan with the Hanauta Sancho: Yahazu Giri.

When hit, he groans in pain. Since he is a zombie, he can’t be killed anymore and so he can stand still despite the slashed head. Franky is amazed and points out to Brook that he can stand still. Brook immediately takes care of it and tells him about the zombies’ weak spot.

The weakness of the zombies

Suddenly Tararan lolls over and continues to moan. Something black comes out of his mouth. Franky is completely taken aback and Brook orders the “zombie soul” to return to the Master of the Deep and there the soul flies away. After the soul leaves Tararan’s body, he loses consciousness and falls over.

Tararan loses his shadow

The subordinate spider mice are beside themselves with fear, screaming around that Tararan has been defeated, and run back to Moria to report to him. Brook later reports that he has exploited the zombies’ weak spot: salt. Sprinkling this into the zombies’ mouths causes the shadow to leave the zombie body again. This procedure takes place because the salt has the power of the sea, which allows it to cancel Gecko Moria’s devil power. Franky simply burns away the cobweb shackles with Fresh Fire.

Tararan is not yet not quite defeated

The group splits up now, Franky and Robin try to find the others, while Brook wants to repeat his shadow and challenges Samurai Ryuma.

Video of the fight

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