Franky Family

The Franky Family was a gang of shipwreckers and bounty hunters founded by Franky that ran rampant in Water 7. Since he left, the members have been working for the Galley-La Company.


The Franky Family attacks Zoro, who is asleep on the deck.

The Franky Family earned their living by attacking and destroying pirates who came to Water 7. They then stole their ships to dismantle them. They then sold the remains of those. If there were any wanted men among the defeated pirates, they delivered them to the government and collected the bounty. The individual members, who mainly used swords, cannons or bazookas in battle, are not overly strong, but Boss Franky and the Destroyers were not to be underestimated opponents.

But the violent shipbreakers also enriched themselves through other petty crimes, pirates being the most frequent victims. Among other things, they stole 200,000,000 from the Straw Hats when they realized that the pirates themselves were too strong.

The goal of the Franky Family was to be able to buy wood from the Adam tree, which they saved up for a long time. But they blew the money again and again for bull races and other things. Through the above-mentioned theft, they could finally fulfill their desire.

Many members of the family were once criminals or homeless people from the streets that Franky picked up. Some of them also once wanted to become Galley-La shipwrights, but failed the initiation test. Their lack of talent in this subject is also evident in the construction of the new Franky House.

The family members love their boss very much and so they even pursued him to the justice island Enies Lobby when he was arrested. There they fought against the world government. They only want what’s best for Franky and so when he received a bounty, they were eager to persuade him to become a member of the Straw Hats because they saw how happy he is working as a shipwright and it would be too dangerous for him on the island.

Nowadays, since their boss had left, the Franky Family really works for the Galley-La. Every day a member can come to the shipyard to work as a ship’s carpenter.


Some members

Former boss of the Franky Family is Cutty Framm aka Franky. Formerly working in Tom’s service for Tom’s Workers, he has been considered dead by the government since his removal to Enies Lobby, where Franky attacked hundreds of officials and was apparently run over by the sea train. The brilliant shipwright returned to the City of Water under his nickname and founded the Franky Family to protect Water 7 from pirates, among other things. Since Franky’s departure, Iceburg has been seen as the new boss, as he was the Galley-La company boss who offered the members the job at the shipyard. But even before that, there were deals between the two organizations. For example, the Galley-La gave the Franky Family unusable ships to be dismantled.

The family has many members. Most of them wear dungarees with a star on them, the symbol of the Franky Family. Apart from that, the logo is often found on clothing or as a tattoo on the body. In addition, welding goggles are also part of the uniform clothing style.

The Franky Family Destroyers.

While Zambai often took charge and represented the family in Franky’s absence, Mozu and Kiwi Kiwi and Mozz provided cheerleaders who rarely left their boss’s side. Sodom and Gomorrah, two King Bulls, served as pets as well as draft animals for the family’s ship.

The giant destroyers are a special unit. They are the killer group of the family and are quite a bit larger than normal humans. They don’t seem to be real giants though, as they are a lot smaller than normal giants like Oimo and Kashii. They each fight with a spear, an axe, and with a bazooka. On Enie’s lobby, their task was to open the main gate. However, they failed at the second gate because the giants Kashii and Oimo got in their way and beat the crap out of them.


Franky House

Before the destruction…

The Franky House is the lair of the Franky Family. It was once a grandiose building with an unusual appearance, but Luffy, Zoro, Sanji and Chopper destroyed it after the Dismantlers beat up Usopp. After the battles on Enie’s lobby, the members of the family rebuilt the house, but with moderate success. The walls of the building are totally crooked and it has to be held up by two supports.

Warehouse under the bridge

The CP9 at Franky’s hideout.

The warehouse under the bridge was Franky’s second lair and formerly owned by Toms Workers. As such, the company’s old office can also be found there in pristine condition. As the name of the hideout suggests, it is located under the large bridge that leads directly into downtown Water 7s. It has a water lock so ships can be stored inside. After Franky’s departure, it is very unlikely that the warehouse under the bridge will find any use.


The ship pulled by the King Bulls.

The “ship” of the Franky Family is, so to speak, a floating house pulled by Sodom and Gomorrah, in which the members find shelter during sea voyages. On the roof of the ship is a special cannon. It was destroyed upon impact with Enie’s lobby.



The creation of the Franky Family.

Four years after the supposed death of Cutty Framm, he returned rebuilt as a cyborg under the name Franky. With the intentions of helping the city like his role model Tom, he collected criminals and homeless people from the streets and promised to give them food. Thus was formed the Franky Family, whose members worked as ship dismantlers and bounty hunters from then on.

One day the family ate a sea king. In its stomach they found the two King Bulls Sodom and Gomorrah. Franky didn’t want to eat them anymore, so they became grateful members of the Ship Demoners ever since.

Destruction of the Franky House

Franky House is falling apart.

When the Straw Hat Pirates came to Water 7, some members of the Franky Family led by Zambai attacked the The Going Merry to collect the pirates’ bounties. On the latter was only Roronoa Zoro, who flung the bounty hunters away with the attack Rhinoceros Circle.

They later managed to steal 200,000,000 from the Galley-La Usopp off Dock #1. However, when they tried to escape on Yagara Bulls, Paulie, who was fleeing from his creditors, used his Round Turn technique and seized one of their fish. The money came just in time for him, but he had to give it back to the Straw Hats. The Frankys weren’t giving up yet, though. When the pirates scouted Dock 1, they kidnapped Usopp, beat that one up, left him on the streets, and took all the money to Franky. However, the wounded gunman of the Straw Hat Pirates stormed Franky House alone to retrieve the Berry, as they needed it for ship repairs. Franky quickly defeated Usopp, however, and had him thrown out before leaving for San Faldo himself with most of the money.

Soon after, in order to get revenge for their ship canon, Luffy, Zoro, Sanji and Chopper also invaded the Franky Family house. Threatening not to spare a single bone of the ship demoners, they destroyed the Franky House and defeated every single member. When the Boss found his home destroyed the next day, he set out in a rage to finish off those responsible.

Franky fights with Luffy.

On Dock #1, Franky finally found Luffy and challenged him to a fight. After a short exchange of blows, the Galley-La interfered, who saw in the Straw Hat Pirates the culprits for an assassination attempt on Mayor Iceburg. They therefore fought the pirate captain, but Franky didn’t want to give up his fight and interrupted it with a Coup de Vent, which however needed his full power. So he had to go to Blueno’s bar to fill up on Coke before his henchmen reported to him that they had found Usopp alone on the The Going Merry. Franky had him captured along with the ship and taken to the warehouse under the bridge.

Fight on Enie’s Lobby

Franky’s being taken away by the CP9.

Franky surprisingly got along extremely well with Usopp and was very moved by his story, he had previously quit his gang. Meanwhile, the secret organization of the world government, Cipher Pol No. 9, was trying to get the blueprints of the Pluton. After learning that Iceburg had bequeathed them to Franky, Agent Lucci defeated Zambai and his colleagues, who were in the city to lure the Straw Hats to learn where Franky was. They finally appeared at the warehouse under the bridge, where a battle with Franky ensued. They took out the cyborg and arrested him, along with the pirate Usopp, for his crimes against government officials from four years ago and were going to transfer them, along with Nico Robin, to Enies Lobby on the sea train. However, with the second unknown sea train “Rocketman”, the Straw Hats, along with Kokoro and the Galley-La, took up pursuit to free their comrade-in-arms. Also tagging along were the Franky Family members, and including Sodom and Gomorrah, they attached themselves to the locomotive with their ship, as they were eager to get their boss back. Zambai, in the name of the family, made a pact with Luffy and Paulie to defeat the coming enemies together.

Galley-La & Franky Family vs Oimo & Kashii.

So they fought side-by-side with the Galley-La against Enies Lobby’s forces. They also briefly took down the Gatekeeper giants Oimo and Kashii and fought their way to the courthouse. Franky, meanwhile, burned the Pluton’s blueprints and later fought the CP9 with the Straw Hats; he was able to defeat Owl. With Nico Robin freed and all enemies defeated, he traveled back to Water 7 with the pirates on their miraculously surfaced ship. The rest of the Franky Family also defied Buster Call, now also in alliance with the previously defeated giants, and they fled on “Puffing Tom” to the City of Water.

Franky leaves

Franky joins the Straw Hats.

Since the Going Merry was given a burial at sea after escaping from Enies Lobby, Franky made the Straw Hats an offer to build a new ship with the Adam wood bought from their stolen money a few days after the battles on Justice Island. Before that, however, the whole town celebrated the great victory at the Galley-La Swimming Pool. After Franky, with the help of the Galley-La’s best shipwrights, completed the ship, later named the Thousand Sunny, and also rebuilt the Franky House, the new wanted posters arrived on the island. Although the members of the Franky Family probably got away without a bounty due to Admiral Aokiji, their boss was wanted for 44,000,000 from now on. Therefore they asked the straw hats to take Franky with them. But he was stubborn and had to be convinced for a long time. In the end, he said goodbye to his family and left his beloved Water 7 as the newest member of the Straw Hat Pirates.

To the now lonely Franky Family, Iceburg later made the offer to send one member to the shipyard every day to work as a carpenter. Now this is considered the new boss.

After the time jump, Mozz and Kiwi are working as bartenders at Blueno’s old bar. Zambai has once again taken on a leadership role, leading “Zambai’s company union” within the Galley-La.

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