Foxy of One Piece

Foxy the Silver Fox (jap. 銀ギツネのフォクシー, Gin-gitsune no Fokushī) is the captain of the Foxy Pirates. Except for Porche and Hamburger, his entire crew consists of pirate gangs won at Davy Back Fight.


Foxy’s body

Foxy has black hair, sideburns, and wears jewelry around his chest. Most noticeable is his long pink nose. Further to Foxy’s appearance, he has a purple coat that he always wears open. This is decorated with pink fabric on the hood and sleeves. He also wears orange pants with suspenders and green underpants. As shoes he wears pointed cowboy boots, which are equipped with orange bows. Foxy also has a tattoo on his left upper arm under his clothes. In blue lettering it says “Foxy”, with the O having a dot. Underneath the lettering is a blue shield with a red border in the shape of a heart. Through it goes a red arrow.


Foxy feels insulted very quickly and is very sensitive. He usually kneels down with his head bowed and needs a pep talk from Porche first. When Foxy is offended, he briefly backs away from the fight/opponent. Foxy also works with all the means he can to gain an advantage and emerge victorious.

Skills and Strength

Foxy’s Slow Beam.

He can slow everything down by 30 seconds with his devil fruit, the Lame Fruit. He also always uses this trait to manipulate and win Davy Back Fights. In the first fight with the Straw Hat Pirates, the Donut Race, he used the Slow Beam to stop Robin, Nami, and Usopp, helping his team win. In the last fight against Luffy, he also used the Slow Beam and the fight seemed hopeless for him, but Luffy knew how to help himself with a mirror he had hidden in his afro and knocked Foxy out after all. Luffy was now allowed to determine the new flag of the Foxy Pirates, which hit Foxy hard, as Luffy’s painting skills are known to be atrocious.


Foxy acquired a boxing license in the past, but it was revoked 15 years ago because he used weapons. Thirteen years ago, Foxy ate of the Lame Fruit, which turned him into a Lame Man. Ten years ago, Foxy learned of the legend of Davy Jones and subsequently formed the Foxy Pirates, which he continually strengthened from then on by winning Davy Back fights.


Davy Back Fight

The kombat between captains Luffy and Foxy.

When he arrived on Long Ring Long Land, he discovered the Straw Hat Pirates and surrounded them. He, Porche and Hamburger made their way to Luffy to challenge him to a Davy Back Fight. Not knowing exactly what that was, Luffy accepted the challenge. Usopp and Nami nearly lost it when they learned what Luffy did.

As in every Davy Back Fight he has played, Foxy tried to cheat. When Nami, Robin, and Usopp were on the verge of winning the first round of the Davy Back Fight, the Silver Fox used his Slow Beam to help his team win. He didn’t refrain from tricks in the Kombatt against Luffy either, attacking Luffy with the giant Gorilla Puncher #13, for example, or disguising himself as his own sister or a cook, taking advantage of Luffy’s gullibility towards disguises.
This information came from an anime filler.

Meeting the Silver Fox Again

Foxy’s defeat again

In the anime, Luffy also won over the entire Foxy team, except for Foxy himself, Porche, and Hamburger. This left them with only a rowboat as a ship, and they floated around abandoned on the water for a while. This lasted until the Straw Hat Pirates happened to find them and picked them up. They were looking for Foxy’s old ship, which had been taken over by Kibagaeru. Foxy tried to fight Kibagaeru, but he turned Foxy’s own power against himself, defeating him for the time being. Luffy did Foxy the favor of defeating Kibagaeru for him, but instead of being thankful, the Silver Fox tried again to defeat Luffy, but was again finished off himself.

The Straw Hat Pirates then departed, but were attacked again shortly after by Foxy, who would not give up. When the latter was beaten for the third time, he finally pulled away.

Spa Island

Foxy appears again

After their adventure on Thriller Bark, the Straw Hat Pirates tried to relax a bit on Spa Island. However, they were disturbed by Foxy. The latter wanted to take Rina’s father’s notes in order to find out how a jewel was made. To do this, Foxy used Porche and Hamburger to fight the Straw Hats in a special device, but it was finally destroyed by Luffy with a gum-gum bazooka. Thus he also defeated the three occupants, who fell into the sea.Later, Porche and Hamburger tried to wake up the silver fox again after he had swallowed a lot of water.


  • Foxy’s nickname in his gang is Bossi, in the original Japanese ” Oyabin”, which means “leader”, “boss” or “chief”.
  • His Davy Back Fight statistics are 920 wins and 1 loss, this one to Luffy.
  • Foxy differs from the usual villains in that he cares and cares about his team.
  • He, like many other villains in One Piece, has a very distinctive laugh. In his case, it’s a “pehpehpehpeh”.
  • The shadow of the finger shape he makes when he shoots a Slow Beam is reminiscent of a fox. The fox is also found in his name and nickname, Foxy, the Silver Fox.
  • His favorite food is Tanuki Soba.

This fact only occurs in the anime.

  • The Foxy Pirates includes 500 people with their captain, of which 497 members were lost to the Straw Hat Pirates in the Davy Back Fight.

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