Fourtricks of One Piece

Four tricks is a star of the Beasts Pirates.


Four Trick’s outward appearance is heavily influenced by eating a chicken smile, so most of his body transformed into that of a chicken. His head and arms are on the rear end of this and long tail feathers form his red head hair in the process. A “4” is tattooed on the cheek of his face, as well as on the neck of the chicken, and the word “TRICKS” is tattooed above his left eye, matching his name.


Fourtricks is very sure of himself, but unlike Hamlet, who boastfully reveals his “strength”, he behaves more calmly.

Skills & Strength

Fourtricks has eaten from the Chicken Smile and carries a polearm in his hands. Furthermore, as the star of the Beasts Pirates, he has authority over lower ranked members. However, it did not come to a serious fight and a single kick from Sanji was enough to defeat him.


While Luffy, Jinbe and Sanji were on their way to the Akazaya at the top of the Skull on Onigashima on the day of the Fire Festival, they cleared many enemies. For example, the two stars Hamlet and Fourtricks also confronted them, but they were defeated with only one attack, with Jinbe taking care of Hamlet and Sanji eliminating Fourtricks. Defeated, they remained on the ground while the Straw Hats continued on their way.


  • Its name is likely based on the Japanese card game of the same name, in keeping with the card game motif of the stars of Kaidou’s Pirates.

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