Flapper of One Piece

Flapper is a dwarf and warrior from Tontatta, the dwarven dominion on Green Bit Island in the New World. After the events on Dress Rosa, he joined the newly formed Tontatta Pirates.


Like all dwarves, Flapper is about the size of a human hand. He also has the bushy tail typical of his species, as well as a long, pointed nose. On his head, he wears a large hat that matches the color scheme of his bushy tail. He also wears a red top adorned with four yellow buttons, light-colored, tight-fitting pants, and yellow shoes. Around his neck is usually tied a yellow bandana.


Like all known dwarves from the Tontatta Kingdom, Flapper is very gullible, immediately believing the story of the heroes of the Straw Hat Pirates, and even believing Sugar, his declared main enemy, at first, that she knows nothing of his captured friends. He is also extremely emotional, a trait he also shares with most dwarves, so the announcement of Mansherry’s rescue moves him to tears, as does Kyros’ speech after the battle.

Skills and strength

Flapper is a member of the dwarf species, so like his fellow dwarves, he possesses extraordinary physical strength for his tiny body, allowing him to literally run a full-grown man into the ground. Furthermore, he can move at lightning speed, making him invisible to the naked human eye. He is also usually seen with a lance in his right hand, but how skilled he is with it has not yet been shown.


Meeting Robin and Usopp

When Robin awoke in the Tontatta Kingdom, she was surrounded by numerous dwarves who were examining her for weapons. After the archaeologist convinced the dwarves that she meant them no harm, she was to hand them weapons. Since Robin was not carrying any weapons, she was to be completely stripped. At that moment, Flapper stepped in and explained to his fellow dwarves that she would belong to the great hero Usopp. Thereupon Robin was left alone.

Operation SOP

The SOP team of the dwarves

During Operation SOP, Flapper accompanied Leo, Usopp, Robin, and the other dwarves to the Officers’ Tower to defeat Sugar. On the way, they encountered two of Doflamingo’s subordinates, who were taken out by Leo and Rampo, after which Flapper praised Usopp for his apparent diversion, believing the latter’s fear to be fake. As Trébol was lured away by Robin, several dwarves, including Flapper, attempted a direct attack. However, Sugar turned these dwarves into teddy bears and had them attack their friends. Flapper thus became a teddy bear as well. He tried to fight it, but couldn’t disobey any of Sugar’s orders, and thus attacked his comrades, who by now had forgotten about him due to Sugar’s devilish powers. When Usopp scared Sugar so much that she lost consciousness, all the toys changed back to their true form, thus Flapper also became a dwarf again.

The birdcage

Dressrosa in bird cage

After Doflamingo started his birdcage game, the dwarves first took Usopp, Robin as well as their other allies to the coliseum. There, Rebecca, Bartolomeo, Robin, Leo, and Kabu later decided to go to the palace to bring Luffy the keys to Law. The rest of the dwarves, which included Flapper, again went to the Smile factory to help Franky free the enslaved dwarves, which they succeeded in doing. Afterwards, they all tried to get to safety from the bird cage, which was getting smaller, but they ran into Zoro, who suggested they help stop the cage. Using a piece of the Smile factory made from sea stone, they tried to stop the birdcage and were actually able to make it slow down. Not only did the dwarves help, but also many gladiators or former prisoners. But finally only Luffy’s victory against Doflamingo could stop the cage and everyone was happy as the announcement of his victory came and the birdcage disappeared.

The end of tyranny

After Doflamingo was defeated and the Admiral of the Navy Fujitora kneeling before King Riku Doldo III to apologize, Kyros gave a speech to his soldiers, who received it emotionally and saluted him. Their heroes, the Straw Hats, were now about to depart, but the marines were ordered to seize them. The dwarves, including Flapper, helped the Straw Hats escape by stealing the navy’s weapons.

Foundation of the Tontatta Pirates

After the Straw Hats left Dress Rosa, the Tontatta Pirates formed and Flapper became a member of it. After completing the Levely, they discovered a Tarte ship in the waters off Green Bit. On board was the badly battered Pound, whom they brought ashore and treated on Dress Rosa.

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