Fish-Man Island Arc

The Straw Hat Pirates has dived with the coated Thousand Sunny towards Fish-Man Island. On the way there they have to deal with some dangers, for example the Caribou pirate gang and the pirate Vander Decken. Arriving at a depth of 10,000 m, they immediately make the acquaintance of some members of the New Fishmen Pirates, who want to recruit the Straw Hat Pirates for their crew. The Straw Hats refuse and are separated from each other as they enter the island. After some exploration on the island, most of the Straw Hats end up at the royal Ryuuguu Palace, where a banquet is held for them. But the supposed feast turns into an arrest, because the fortune teller Madame Shyarly has prophesied the downfall of the island by Straw Hat Luffy. But the latter has already left the others on his own and meets Princess Shirahoshi, who has been living in isolation in Kokaku Tower for ten years due to threats. The two take a trip to the lake forest to visit the grave of Shirahoshi’s mother.

Now the New Fishmen Pirates under Captain Hody Jones is also on the move, which wants to capture the Ryuuguu Palace. They manage to capture King Neptune, Zoro, Usopp and Brook. Meanwhile, in the Sea Forest, the rest of the Straw Hats meet with Jinbe, who tells those present about the island’s past. This was decisively shaped by Queen Otohime and Fisher Tiger. They then learn via Den-den Mushi that Hody Jones will execute King Neptune in Gyoncorde Plaza in three hours and subdue the island. Jinbe and the Straw Hat Pirates hatch a plan to foil Hody’s plan. After Zoro, Usopp, and Brook are freed from the palace prison, they encounter the New Fishmen pirate gang and 100,000 other enemies in Gyoncorde Plaza. Using his King Shaki, Luffy incapacitates half of them before turning his attention to Hody Jones and the other pirates to deal with the rest. Additionally, Fish-Man Island is threatened with destruction by the Noah, a gigantic ancient ship set in motion by Vander Decken’s devilish powers. The disaster is ultimately averted and new information reaches the Straw Hat Pirates. Additionally, Luffy inflicts the wrath of a Yonko on the gang before they subsequently sail to the second half of the Grand Line, the New World.

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