Faust of One Piece

Fist is a cat mink and a member of Basil Hawkins’ pirate gang.


Faust is a cat mink with dark fur. He wears a dark blue cape, with a red and white plaid shirt and purple pants underneath, and a sash around his waist. Additionally, like all members of the Hawkins pirate band, he wears a cross as a neck ornament similar to that of their pirate flag. His appearance is completed by a white ruff, based on 16th century fashion.


Not much is currently known about Faust’s personality. In his previous appearances he always had an expressionless, rather calm facial expression. He always addresses his captain as Captain Hawkins, which may say something about his respect as well as his loyalty to him.

Skills and strength

Nothing is known about his abilities yet, but it can be assumed that he has some strength as a member of the Hawkins pirate gang. In addition, he is described by Oda as a kind of magician. As a member of the Mink race, he also has the ability to use Electro.


On the Sabaody Archipelago

Faust and other members of the Hawkins pirate gang watched as their captain fought Admiral Kizaru.

After the battle in Marine Ford is declared over by Shanks, he is seen aboard with Basil Hawkins as he wonders about Luffy’s non-dwindling chances of survival.

The New World – Fight Brownbeard

In the New World, on the island of Foodvalten, he is seen standing next to his captain preparing to fight the Brownbeard pirate gang.


  • Faust’s name is first mentioned in SBS volume 86 by Oda.
  • Although he is a mink, Faust is not from Zou Island, but from the North Blue.
  • His name may be derived from the historical Johann Georg Faustwho is credited with miracle healing, alchemy, magic, astrology, and fortune telling. This would fit him as a member of the Hawkins pirate gang. His ruff as a fashionable accessory from the 16th century is another indication.

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