Esta of One Piece

Esta is a young woman who lives in Dress Rosa. Her boyfriend was turned into a toy by Sugar, which is why she lost all memories of him.


Esta is a young woman of average height with light brown hair of about shoulder length. She has eyes of the same color to go with it. She wears a turquoise summer dress, whereby the dress is decorated with white ruffles and a dot pattern downwards from the hips. Furthermore she wears dark pumps.


In Dress Rosa, until Sugar’s fainting, there lived those who were forgotten and those who forgot. Esta was one of the latter, and was panicked by the supposed human sickness when a toy “pretended” to be a human. This showed when her former boyfriend “molested” her.


After her boyfriend was turned into a living toy by Sugar, she had lost all memories of him. When he saw her on the street with her new boyfriend, he tried to awaken Esta’s memories of him. However, the latter said that she did not know him, which completely horrified him. He tried again, but she desperately pushed him aside. Then two policemen came. Franky and the toy soldier witnessed how the former friend was taken away by the policemen and thrown into the garbage dump.This information comes from an anime filler.

After Sugar lost consciousness at the hands of Usopp, her former boyfriend transformed back. While still looking at her new boyfriend in love, she remembered that she already has a boyfriend and cringed.

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