Époni of One Piece

Époni is a nurse in the kingdom of Germa, and it was she who was once tasked with caring for Sanji’s ailing mother, the queen at the time.


Époni is a stockily built, tall woman with long dark hair, with a strand running down her face in front of her ear on both the right and left sides. She wears a maid’s uniform and brown pumps with small heels. She also has strikingly reddish cheeks.


Over 13 years ago, Époni took care of Sora after she lost a lot of weight and became bedridden due to taking a drug to suppress the genetic manipulation of her children. One day, Sanji set out on a long journey to visit his mother, but his meal was quite battered by the rain and an incident with a hungry dog. When he showed the meal to Époni, she tasted it in advance, as Sora’s physical condition meant she could only eat select food. It tasted awful and the maid said it openly to the young prince’s face. Therefore, she replaced the food with a specially prepared meal, but Sora preferred to taste Sanji’s food. Although Époni had already disposed of it in the trash, Sora asked to bring it to her and ate it. To the mother, her son’s food was delicious, which Époni couldn’t comprehend, while Sanji was hugely happy. Later, Reiju, Sanji’s sister, visited her mother and Époni was present when Sora told her daughter about Sanji in a very happy way.

What became of Sanji’s mother after her death is unknown. However, she did not appear in Totto Land 13 years later.


  • Her name is possibly derived from Eponine, a character from the novel Les Misérables (in the original: Les Misérables) by Victor Hugo. Cosette, another servant of the Vinsmoke family, also appears by name in the novel.

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