Episode of Arabasta: The Desert Princess and the Pirates


The 8th theatrical film of One Piece is a reimagining of the story of Arabasta with improved animation and new music. The content largely mirrors that of Episodes 92 – Episode 129, when the Straw Hat Pirates saved the Kingdom of Arabasta from civil war.

Differences to the manga / anime

In Movie 8, some events and incidents were changed. We try to list them here.

Sanji sees Bon Kurei on the Going Merry after Luffy and Usopp “hooked” him, but doesn’t let him pat his cheek.Sanji doesn’t get to see Bon Kurei until the fight. That’s why Sanji’s face was the only one he didn’t know.
The secret identifying mark (the cross) under the bandage of the Straw Hat Pirates is shown right at the beginningIn the manga and anime, you don’t learn about the cross until much later, namely when Vivi wants to see the sign from the “fake Usopp” (Mister 2).
Upon arriving in Arabasta, it is suddenly nighttime and the Straw Hat Pirates is in their new clothes with Vivi, Karoo and Matsuge in Yuba.The Straw Hat Pirates has more adventures before arriving in Yuba.
Crocodile tells the top agents off Arbana in the desert of Utopia. The meeting at the Spiders Café was also skipped.The top agents meet at Spider’s Café, where they receive more detailed instructions.
The Straw Hat Pirates does not spend the night in Yuba. They move on directly after the meeting with Toto.The Straw Hat Pirates rests for a night before continuing their journey.
Mister 2 shows up at the palace as a fake “Cobra” and gives Chaka and Pell orders to fight back.Mister 2 does not show up at the castle. Pell and Chaka wonder why the king had destroyed the city before.
The 1st fight between Luffy and Crocodile takes place somewhere in the desert, just like the fight between Robin and Pell.
During the fight, Crocodile dries out Luffy’s right leg.
The 1st battle actually took place in the desert outside Rainbase.
This is where Luffy’s arm gets dried out.
Ace, Igaram, Hina, Tashigi and Smoker do not appear.All of these characters make an appearance
Zoro, Sanji, Usopp, Chopper, Nami, Vivi, Karoo, and Matsuge ride scissors all the way to Arbana.Shear actually only gets them as far as a river. From there on they have to go on without Hasami’s help.
Usopp and Chopper are a team from the start, as are Sanji and Matsuge, with Sanji taking the active part of the fight.At first, Chopper and Sanji are together, as well as Usopp and Matsuge. However, the two were beaten quite quickly by Mr. 2, so Sanji sets out to take on Mr. 2.
Karoo gets run down when he tries to protect Vivi from the rebel army, but is able to get up again. He is only shot down later, leaving Vivi to run on alone. Mr. 2 doesn’t show up at her place at all.Karoo does not get up again, and Mr. 2 comes to Vivi and, in Usopp’s guise, asks her to leave the “bird”. Vivi recognizes him, however, and runs away from him.
Nami has mastered the climate beat stick from the beginning.Nami has some problems at first and only gets the “party tricks” right.
The fights between the Straw Hat Pirates and the top agents were extremely cut. There was almost no dialogue at all, just the attacks.
Sanji just leaves Bon Kurei lying there after defeating him. He simply loses his glasses during the fight.Sanji gives Bon Kurei a final kick as he is already down.
In the Nami vs Miss Doublefinger fight, Miss Doublefinger isn’t thrown through a wall, but merely backwards a few feet, though it feels more like Nami is being thrown further backwards by the pressure herself. This change doesn’t actually make the true power of the climatic clock stick clear.Miss Doublefinger gets slammed through some thick walls.
Zoro’s memories of his master’s words are missing (“Cut without splitting”). Likewise, he suddenly has the Wado-Ichi-Monji in his hand again.Zoro remembers his master’s words and feels exactly where his Wado-Ichi-Monji lies.
Koza was not shot down in front of the palace, but was wounded by Crocodile. From then on he no longer took part in the fight of the rebels.Koza is shot by a Baroque agent dressed as a palace guard.
You don’t learn about the desert kids’ secret passage to the palace that Koza used.Koza gets up to the palace through the secret passage.
The 2nd fight between Luffy and Crocodile in front of the palace was skipped. Luffy has no water barrel with him and is taken directly to the mausoleum by Pell.The two fight once more at the palace.
Luffy gives Vivi his straw hat and then flies with Pell straight to the mausoleum.Luffy walks to the mausoleum and meets Tashigi on the way.
Zoro didn’t get lost.Zoro ends up in a jungle outside Arbana after his fight. He has lost his way again.
Chopper ate a 2nd Rumble Ball in six hours without anything happening. When he fell off the tower the bomb was in, he used Double Plush.Chopper doesn’t use a 2nd rumble ball, but lands on a marine.
During the gum-gum hurricane, Crocodile is additionally hurled through a tower of the palace. Accordingly, the mausoleum must have been located directly under the palace.Crocodile is hurled through a meter-thick ceiling, clearly highlighting the power of Luffy’s attack.
Crocodile ends up outside the palace with Chaka and Koza, who then arrested him.Crocodile lands a straight right in the marketplace.
The navy was almost completely left out. Only at the end you see some navy ships, from which the Straw Hat Pirates has to flee.The navy appears a few times, for example in the marketplace. Also, Tashigi shows Luffy the way to the mausoleum.
The Straw Hat Pirates celebrates alone. The bathroom scene was left out.The Straw Hat Pirates celebrates together with everyone who is in the palace. Afterwards the king goes with them to the bath.
Luffy and Zoro’s bounty increases were not mentioned.The bounty increases are mentioned after the departure. (Is because the content only goes up to episode 129).
Robin only gets close to the Going Merry and remembers Saul’s words that she would make friends one day.The scene doesn’t exist. You don’t find out about Saul until much later in Enie’s lobby. Nico Robin shows up directly on the The Going Merry after hiding there.
Terracotta takes on the role of Vivi’s double.The role of Vivi’s double is actually played by Igaram.
Bon Kurei doesn’t help the Straw Hat Pirates, as they didn’t even meet later.Bon Kurei makes friends with the Straw Hat Pirates. He later sacrifices himself for them and allows himself to be captured.


The US cover of the DVD
  • The film was released on DVD on 21 July 2007. From 27 January 2009 it was also available on Blu-ray.
  • The remake was also one of the top 10 anime movies in Japan in 2007.
  • Likewise, it made it to the 5th spot on the Japanese anime DVD charts from July 18-24.
  • The film aired on Fuji TV on August 19, 2011, and included about 15 minutes of new opening with the events on Whisky Peak.
  • The film was released on Blu-ray in the United States at the same time as the DVD. ( hideimage)


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