Enel of One Piece

Enel was the self-proclaimed god of Skypiea. Using the abilities of the Mantra as well as the Thunder Fruit, he was superior to the inhabitants of Skypiea and could therefore rule over them without restriction. His plan to destroy the Sky Islands was later thwarted by Luffy. He is currently on the moon, fulfilling his greatest dream.


Enel’s Afro

Enel is a tall and muscular man. He has blond hair, but you can’t see his hairstyle because of his white cap. However, in an SBS, Oda reveals that Enel has an afro. Unlike his hair, his eyebrows are jet black. The most noticeable thing about his head, however, are his long, drooping ears, which are also one of Buddha’s 32 features. He also has a very prominent nose. In his back, Enel has stuck some drums connected with metal rods. These are probably a reference to Raijin, the god of thunder, who used to drum to summon a roar of thunder. He keeps his upper body uncovered, with the exception of a few gold bangles. Around his waist he wears a long blue band, with a cloak of some sort underneath. Enel’s pants are very wide. They are orange with black stripes. He wears no shoes, but he does have gold ankle and toe bands. Most of the time he also has his golden staff in his hand.


Enel is not only a very confident person, but also extremely arrogant. This comes from the fact that he has a god complex. This stems from his devil fruit and mantra, which truly give him god-like strength. Furthermore, God has always been the title for the head of the country and this reinforced Enel’s opinion even more. He also believes he has all the rights and duties of a god.

Yes, I belong to a certain place…
…where I come from, they all believe in a kingdom of God….
…they call it Fairy Vearth!!!
There’s earth as far as the eye can see!
That’s the real paradise!
The land worthy of me!!!
Compared to that, the Upper Yard you’ve been fighting over for centuries is a joke!!!!
The reason…
…of your quarrel runs deeper than…
…than you realize.
You live in the sky…
…you are neither clouds nor birds.
This land is totally unnatural!
Earth belongs to Earth, people to people! And there is a home for God too!!!
As God, I care for the natural order.
Yes, I intend to chase all humans out of heaven!!!
-Shandora, Enel to the last fighters.
Enel is shocked the first time – rare for a god.

He has no scruples about anything. People who even say a bad word about him are executed by him. To stop the gold seekers from the Blue Sea, he had every little thing punished by the White Berets and his priests. When his captured Divine Soldierss rebelled, he finished them all off. He even didn’t stop at his own people. When he no longer needed his servants, he disposed of them summarily. The Shandia, however, he did not destroy for unknown reasons, but simply let them continue to fight against the superior priests.

Still, he can give someone credit too. For example, he was impressed by Robin’s knowledge of the Golden City and told Luffy that he was very brave when he pushed him off the Ark. By his own admission, he hates calculating women.

Should Enel get into a situation where he doesn’t have the upper hand, he is always very shocked. So he desperately tried to persuade Wyper not to use the Reject. When he realized that Luffy is immune to lightning, he finally lost all facial expressions and was completely lost in thought, allowing Luffy to hit him. All in all, it can be said that Enel is extremely arrogant, but still plays the role of a god quite convincingly.

Skills & Strength

In general, Enel’s abilities must be very strong due to the fact that he is the ruler of Skypiea and the four strong priests and many Divine Soldierss follow him unconditionally. In response to a question in the SBS of Volume 43, Oda replied that Enel possessed a bounty of 500,000,000 if he were to make his mischief on the Grand Line as a pirate. This was for a long time the highest bounty sum known up to that time, and was only dethroned by the announcement of Ace’s bounty sum.

Enel’s powerful thunder logiamakes him nearly invincible.
Go Laki, Wyper can’t find Enel in the house of God. It’s not too late, stop Wyper!!!
We’re not gonna make it…
No one can make it!!!
Enel is…
-UpperYard, catch to Laki.

From his muscular body, it is easy to see his high physical strength, with which he could often block Luffy’s attacks. With his golden staff he can strike very hard and could always fling his opponents away bleeding. He could even block Zoro’s sword slashes with it. A huge gold wheel, probably weighing several hundred kilograms, was released from its holder by Sanji. Enel, however, was able to push it back in with only one arm. Despite almost never being hit by attacks, Enel is very resilient in combat. Even when Luffy gave him many hard blows in a row, Enel wouldn’t give up.

Enel forges its gold staff into a trident.

Enel’s greatest strength, however, is his devilish power. He got this from the Thunder Fruit, a logia fruit, which makes him one of the most powerful people. He is completely immune to blows, sword slashes, or rifle shots. Even the heat of Mantis’ Burn Blade couldn’t harm him. Luffy is an exception to this, as his body is made of rubber and does not conduct electricity. Thus, he was able to hit Enel. However, he could often dodge his attacks because he can move at the speed of lightning. He can even hide in an electricity conducting object. Thus, Enel rushed through the gold of the Ark and was able to appear behind Luffy. In addition, he can transform his body into a lightning bolt so powerful that it even emits tremendous heat. Wyper’s burning bazooka fizzled out ineffectively from it. He can increase the voltage he generates up to high 200 million volts. At that voltage, he’s just a massive lightning beast. But even a million volts is enormously powerful. This voltage was able to knock out Mantis and jumped over to Cloud River, where it finished off another 20 fighters. Another proof of his range is his attack “El Thor”, also called the Punishment of God. With this, he destroys insurgents many miles away, leaving only a massive crater behind. With his devilish powers, he is even able to reanimate himself in case of cardiac arrest.

Furthermore, he can use the electric heat of his power to heat things. Thus, he could forge his staff into a trident or attach a large gold sphere to Luffy’s arm. Should the opponent come into contact with these weapons, he suffers severe burns.

Enel destroys Angel Beachwith only one attack.

Through his Maxim Ark, he is able to create dense clouds that greatly increase his strength. Thus, he can send out thousands of lightning bolts to destroy an entire country. Moreover, he can unite the dense clouds into a sphere with tremendous tension. This is even so powerful that it destroyed all of Angel Beach in a matter of seconds.

In addition, Enel possesses a very well-developed mantra, with which he can monitor almost all of Skypiea. Through his devilish powers, he can even perceive electrical waves, which strengthens his mantra immensely. Thus, he can thwart most actions in advance. So he was even able to catch Luffy’s hands in a Gomu Gomu no Gatling. However, Luffy eventually managed to outwit his mantra several times. He was also the only one who could stand up to Enel, since he’s made of rubber and electricity doesn’t bother him.



Not much is known about Enel’s time on Birka. It is clear, however, that he was born there. Presumably he also found his devil fruit there. There were many strong fighters in Birka and Enel recruited some, including the four priests as well as his future Divine Soldierss. He attacked the people of Birka and destroyed the Isle of Heaven.

The attack on the house of God

Gan Fall is completely inferior to Enel.

A little later, Enel set out to attack the Upper Yard, as he needed the gold on the island for his plan. He attacked the God’s Yard and defeated Gan Fall and his troops with ease. The surviving 650 Divine Soldierss were forced to do forced labor for him at Maxim’s Ark. Gan Fall was thrown down from the God’s House by him, but survived and has been helping fugitive God’s Warriors ever since. Enel, on the other hand, expanded his rule over the land. Anyone who spoke a bad word about him was executed. The only ones who resisted him were the Shandia, but they were defeated.


A punishment and a defeated priest

Enel is looking to punish Conis.

Enel first went into direct action when a treasure hunter tried to leave the Upper Yard. To prevent this, he eliminated him with a massive lightning bolt. Since the Straw Hats who had recently entered Skypiea had committed crimes in the eyes of the Celestials, they were to be punished. While Luffy, Sanji, and Usopp stayed behind, the rest were kidnapped. However, the prisoners did not relent and calmly investigated the forest.

The other three, however, prepared to rescue them. To do this they borrowed a ship from Conis, whereupon it was to be wiped out. Gan Fall, however, appeared in time to rescue them. As a result, the three Straw Hats invaded the Upper Yard, but were made to fight by Satori. By working together, they managed to save their ship and defeat a priest for the first time in Upper Yard history. Enel now saw great potential for a fight. Furthermore, the Shandia were going to attack again the next day. He gathered the rest of the priests and told them that a fight was coming. According to his prediction, of the 81 fighters, 5 should still be able to stand upright after three hours. Thus he initiated one of the bloodiest and most merciless battles of Skypiea.

The survival game

Mantis doesn’t stand a chance against God Enel.

The first victim of this game became Shura. Even though it was his priest, Enel found it quite funny since he hadn’t been paying attention. After a short while, Enel began to join in the fight himself. So he went to the Upper Yard. First he appeared on the The Going Merry to say goodbye to Gan Fall. Sanji and Usopp tried to resist, but were both defeated. As the battle progressed, he encountered Kamakiri, who wanted to fight Enel. However, the latter was aware of his superiority and gave Shandia five minutes. He didn’t want to fight back for that long.

At the end of the five minutes, Catchfly was completely out of breath and had been shocked several times, but couldn’t even put a scratch on Enel. He still tried to escape, but was caught up and defeated by Enel. In the process, the electricity still jumped to the Cloud River and finished off another 20 fighters. Shortly after, another Shandia tried to sneak up on Enel, but he appeared behind him and finished him off. Finally, Enel ran into Robin in Shandora.

They talked about the gold and the bell. Enel now wanted to finish the fight and leave for his dream world. That’s why he interrupted the White Rose Death Match above him by destroying the ground with a massive lightning bolt. So finally the last fighters still standing arrived at his place: Zoro, Robin, Wyper, Nami, Gan Fall as well as the snake Nora.

The Final Five

Four fighters, one opponent.

Nora was happy to be back home and even cried tears of joy. However, this disturbed Enel and he finished her off with just one attack. Then he spoke to the last fighters how beautiful his dream world was and that only the chosen ones were allowed to live there. But since there were still 6 with him, he wanted to see one of them killed. In unison, everyone pointed their weapons at him to show him that they were choosing him. However, this circumstance did not bother Enel at all.

He then told Gan Fall that he had already finished off the Sacred Squad, which made the latter furious. In a short fight, Enel was able to win easily. However, since the others didn’t want to join him in his dream world, he had to fight. First he finished off Robin, then Zoro went down as well. Wyper, however, was able to knock Enel out with a combination of Sea Stone and Reject.

After an electric CPR, he got back up, while Wyper had heavy damage from the knockback. Enel also had no problems with the resurrected Zoro. Both of them were quickly finished off. Since Nami was scared, she immediately gave up and went with Enel. Arriving at the Maxim Ark, Enel suddenly heard voices over his mantra. It was Luffy and Aisa who were accidentally swallowed by Nora. The pirate captain had come to stop Enel and avenge his friends.

God vs. superhuman

Luffy is giving Enel a hard time.

Luffy shouted to Enel that he was not worthy to be a god. Then he came at Enel. The latter tried to stop him with several of his attacks, but then had to realize that Luffy, being a rubber man, was immune to lightning. Shortly after, he was already hit hard. After that, the actual fight began, while the Maxim Ark kept rising. In addition, both opponents had to adjust to a new opponent for whom their usual techniques no longer worked.

For one, Enel’s thunder power was harmless to Luffy, but he was able to dodge almost every one of Luffy’s attacks with his mantra. Enel mainly used cutting and hot weapons from then on, while Luffy had to outsmart the mantra. This wasn’t so easy though, so he tried to turn off his mind first, but it cost him his fighting power. Because of this, he now used attacks against the walls of the ark, as this way he himself didn’t know what they hit.

So he was finally able to hit Enel and immediately followed up, leaving Enel now very badly battered. But since Enel didn’t want to fight anymore, he forged a giant gold ball around Luffy’s arm and then pushed him off the Maxim Ark. But Luffy was far from ready to give up and headed for Giant Jack.

The sound of bells proclaims peace

Enel seems to have the advantage.

Luffy charged up the Giant Jack with Nami, but Enel was already on his way to the golden bell. So they couldn’t reach him by purely running up the tendril. So the others had to cut down the vine, but Enel tried to prevent that. After Zoro had already severely damaged the plant, he was struck by Enel’s lightning and went down. Even when the snake Nora woke up and rammed the vine, it held firm. Robin now told Wyper about Mont Blanc Cricket, which brought tears to his eyes. He climbed the vine and felled it with a reject. Luffy and Nami now went full throttle up to Enel. However, the latter was not in the mood for another fight. So he wanted to destroy Upper Yard, like Angel Beach before, with a massive lightning ball, but Luffy jumped into it. He now flailed around wildly, so that the gold ball on his arm completely discharged the ball. He then turned to face Enel, who now transformed into a massive thunder beast. As a god, he could not lose, as he had the powers of nature, but Luffy did not care.

You want to be a god?
Where the hell is there…
…a God who only destroys?!!!
-Beforethe golden bell, Luffy to Enel.
Luffy can defeat the “god”.

He then gave Enel a fierce kick, but Enel countered by impaling him with his hot trident. Luffy had to think of the people he was fighting for and ripped the trident from his body, whereupon he fell down. However, he held onto a cloud, which allowed him to shoot himself back up. He then used a massive gum-gum-gold rifle. Luffy thus destroyed parts of the Ark and pushed Enel against the bell with full force. Enel fell to the ground bleeding profusely while the golden bell rang, thus proving true the legend that the sound of the bell will bring peace to the land.

To Fairy Vearth

Enel and its moon army.

However, Enel was not knocked out yet and climbed onto the damaged ark. So he could fly to the moon, which he called Fairy Vearth. First he explored his new realm, when he suddenly noticed something and immediately attacked. It was Spacey, a robot who wanted to defeat the space pirates. He came to the moon with some friends to avenge the death of Dr. Tsukimi, whom the space pirate gang had on their conscience. Suddenly, a shadow approached them, which turned out to be a space pirate.

First he attacked Spacey and defeated him, then he turned his attention to Enel. However, the latter made short work of the pirate. Since this pirate gang would only disturb Enel in his conquest of the planet, he immediately destroyed their headquarters and killed all of them. After that, he got rid of Spacey and his cronies. As he continued to explore the planet, he came upon a cave that the space pirates had uncovered. In it was an ancient city, which happened to be named Birka, just like his home. This he immediately electrified, reawakening all the robots from the city’s days. After a little digression on the history of the city, Enel was now faced with his own army, consisting of robots who swear allegiance to him, making him the ruler of Fairy Vearth.


  • Unlike Enel, however, the god Raijin, like many gods, was neither clearly “good” nor clearly “evil”. The commonality of both is that Raijin also mercilessly tormented his opponents with his lightning.
  • In the original, he says he is kaminari, which can mean both god and lightning.
  • According to Oda, US rapper Eminem played a role in the character design (Enel looks a lot like Eminem). Eminem is one of Oda’s favorite artists.
  • His favorite foods are apples and bananas.

Name origin

  • The simplest, and at the same time most unlikely, variant of a possible inspiration is the similarity between Enel’s name in Rômaji (eneru) and the English word “enerugî“(energy). However, if one considers Oda’s wealth of ideas in other important antagonists, other, deeper solutions can be suspected.
  • Thus, in the famous novel Finnegans Wake by the great James Joyce, there is a character named Enel-Rah
  • Another interesting component in the naming of Enel finds its origin in Hebrew language. Here many gods carry the syllable “El” in their name. Likewise, the syllable is found in names that have a religious background, for example: Daniel, Elijah, Israel, Michael or Tibany. (More information about this background can be found here) In addition, there is also the syllable “En” in Hebrew. This expresses a negation or the opposite. Thus, Enel’s name can be translated from Hebrew as “Not God.” With this Oda has indicated that he is not a real God.
  • Another interesting coincidence is that an Italian utility is also named Enel.

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