Emporio Ivankov of One Piece

Emporio Ivankov is the King of the Transvestites of the Kingdom of Kamabakka and Commander of the Grand Line Army within the Revolutionary Army.


Ivankov as a woman

Emporio Ivankov is a tall man with a large face. Most notably, his large chin stands out. He also wears a lot of makeup, even though he is actually a man. He has long, purple and curly hair, over which he still wears his crown. He wears a very skimpy cloak around his upper body, but it is free at his stomach. There you can admire his horned tattoo. On his relatively thin arms he wears black gloves. On his legs Ivankov wears a garter. If necessary he can transform into a woman thanks to his devilish powers. In doing so, he becomes smaller and slimmer, taking on the curves of a woman. His face also takes on a “normal” shape.


Emporio Ivankov is a man who follows someone he trusts unconditionally. Thus, he fought for Dragon, but ended up in the Impel Down because of it. His loyalty even goes so far as to put his life on the line for Luffy, since he is Dragon’s son. Iva is admired by everyone for working miracles through his devil powers. However, he himself doesn’t like to accept the fame.

He does not care whether he is called “Miracle Healer” or “The Miraculous Man” or not, because, in his opinion, miracles happen only through a strong will of the person in question. Ivankov doesn’t care about the gender of people and says everyone should live the way they want.

That is why he also transforms the men of his kingdom into women and vice versa. All that matters to him is that the person in question enjoys life. This attitude is not unique, however, and every transgender, such as Bentham, is very fun-loving. Even in the fight with Magellan, he was fooling around pretending his face was melting, but it was just his makeup applied too thickly. Emporio Ivankov also has a speech impediment of sorts: instead of a “W”, he always speaks a “V”.

Abilities and Strength

The powerful Hell Wink

Emporio Ivankov is considered the strongest transgender in the world. That is why he is the king of the Kamabakka Kingdom. He has joined the revolutionaries with his country and therefore has a high position and the trust of Dragon with them. Also, the fact that he was imprisoned in the fifth level of Impel Down proves his strength.

He once ate from a paramecia fruit, the Hormone Fruit. With it, he can produce a wide variety of hormones. The hormones he produces the most are probably estrogen and testosterone, which he always uses to change the trannies around him from a man into a woman and vice versa, since everyone should live the way they want to. He can also create a hormone that speeds up the healing process and can even be used to heal fatal injuries. However, there is a side effect: you shorten the life of that person. He can also produce the hormone “adrenaline” and thus make someone perform at their peak. In addition, it can also grow body parts, as it did on his face.

Emporio Ivankov usually attacks with a wink, the Death Wink. This conceivably simple process causes great damage, and when he enlarges his face with a hormone, he is able to create a much larger wink and thus more damage. This is how Iva managed to take out an entire Blugori squad.

The Newkama Kenpou

In addition, he is able to multiply his face through a previously unknown technique, allowing him to perform the Galaxy Wink. This allows countless Death Winks to rain down on the opponent, which can have devastating consequences.

Ivankov is one of the few who have mastered the Newkama Kenpou. So far, he has performed two techniques with it. Mudageshori Ken is one of them, with which he tried to stop Magellan. Despite the leader’s strength, Iva was able to injure him this way, but in the end, he was no match for him either. He can use this martial art in other ways, however, as in Rolling Esthetics, where he was able to dodge a laser beam from Bartholomew Kuma with a quick roll through the air.

Iva also seems to be a very good tactician, as he led the breakout of the trannies from Impel Down. He also knew he couldn’t beat Magellan, so he pumped himself full of hormones against the poison. This allowed him to survive the fight with him, buying time for the escapees.


Ivankov in conversation with Dragon

Earlier, Ivankov met Dragon and joined him along with his kingdom. Both of them built a great trust in each other. Iva himself took a high rank among the revolutionaries. He also paid attention to Dragon in the process and noticed things about him that he himself was not aware of. For example, Iva noticed that whenever the wind blew, Dragon would look toward home. But Dragon didn’t want to reveal much of his past, so the two of them preferred to take care of important things for the revolutionaries.
Ivankov was also present at the mission in the Kingdom of Goa.

Once upon a time, Ivankov also met then-rookie Crocodile. From this encounter, Iva still knows a secret, which seems to make Crocodile very uncomfortable. Later, the Navy managed to imprison him in the Impel Down, where he ended up in the fifth level. However, he managed to escape and nested himself in the unknown level 5.5 of the prison with many others escaped.


Luffy’s Savior

Ivankov injects Luffy with the healing hormones

After Luffy lost out in the battle against Magellan, he was poisoned beyond repair. Ivankov is known to have performed many miracles, so Bentham sets out on a dangerous quest to find his idol. After freeing Luffy in Level 5, he asked the other prisoners about Ivankov. No one knew where he was. His name was also crossed out on the prisoner list. In the thicket of troop wolves, Luffy and Bentham were badly injured and could seemingly only be saved by Ivankov.

Eventually Inazuma showed up and took the two to Emporio, Ivankov helped Luffy and Bentham and tried to heal them both. With Bentham, this only took ten hours, but with Luffy’s healing, it took far longer. Ivankov believed that Luffy’s healing process would take another two days. Therefore, he was very surprised when Luffy recovered after less than a day. When Luffy explained that he was Dragon’s son, Ivankov revealed himself as one of the revolutionaries. Unable to allow his leader’s son to run to his death in front of him, he joined Luffy to rescue Portgas D. Ace, though they arrived too late in Level 6 as Ace had already been taken out of Impel Down, instead freed Crocodile, whom Ivankov was able to blackmail with his secret not to mutiny, and Jinbe, who promised to help them escape from Impel Down.

The escape

Ivankov now mobilized all the trannies and gave a speech.

The collective outbreak
Are you all ready?
Assuming we make it to the main entrance on the first floor in one piece…
…that’s where the real trouble begins!
We’ll be surrounded by the impassable Calm Belt.
If we want to make it to Marine HQ, our only option is to steal a Navy warship.
Our most pressing need is numbers!
We need to find more allies!!!
Of the people we have here, only a handful are likely to make it to the top unscathed.
And of course, the unfortunate ones will face terrible torture.
Our own chances depend on the number of prisoners we can free along the way.
We steal keys and open cages along the way.
We’re out to cause a panic the likes of which Impel Down has never seen!!!!
-Impel down, Ivankov to the trannies.
Joy at the successful escape

From then on, on their way up, they freed dozens more prisoners from almost every level, outnumbering the guards. In the process, a brief fight ensued between Ivankov and Sady, which Ivankov managed to win. A short time later, Ivankov and Inazuma faced Magellan to stall for time, but were unable to defeat him. Ivankov had survived the fight through hormones, however, and flung himself and Inazuma, with the help of the Hell Wink, to Luffy on Level 1. Now, to escape Impel Down for good, all the fugitives held onto Ivankov’s hair and let themselves be flung out to sea with another Hell Wink, where they were caught by whales summoned by Jinbe.

Fight in Marine Ford

Iva has to fight his old friend Bartholomew Kuma

Now that Ivankov was free again, along with 240 other prisoners of the Impel Down, he immediately had Inazuma’s medical care ordered. He also later overheard Luffy talking about Ace’s real father and was as shocked as everyone else. When Aokiji froze Whitebeard’s waves to ice, Luffy’s alliance was sitting on one of them just now. They fell off and broke through the ice, but were saved by Jinbe. As Luffy began to advance towards his “brother” Ace, Kizaru tried to stop him. However, Iva flung him out of harm’s way with a Death Wink. Afterwards, he promised him that he would take care of him, but immediately got into it with Bartholomew Kuma. He wondered why he was shooting at an old friend and threatened to hit him back if he didn’t stop. At this moment Donquixote Doflamingo interfered and explained to him that Bear was long dead.

Shortly after, he also explained what he meant by that: Bear had rebuilt more and more of his body, and now he was just a weapon with no memories. When he then attacked some Newkamas with a blast wave as well, Iva got really angry. He multiplied his face and attacked Bear with a Galaxy Wink and then kicked him into a building to clear the way for Luffy.

Iva’s hormones allow Luffy to stand up again

The latter kept charging forward as the fight progressed. When the Pacifista finally appeared, Iva only wondered more what Bear had allowed to happen to him. The fight raged on and on until Luffy was finally defeated. Luffy begged Iva to give him the Tension Hormones once more.

Another shot of tension hormones?! No way!!
That’s all you can take!!!
After you’ve fought your way through Impel Down…
and nearly dying from a deadly poison, your body is really…
…well beyond its limits!!!
If you try any harder…
…you’ll really be throwing away your own life!!!

I’ll do what I can, and if I die doing it, then fine!!!
Just let me fight, Iva-Chan!!!
If by not fighting now, I can’t save Ace… That…
…would make me want to die!!!
Please just give me the strength to keep fighting now!!!

I thought I told you that!
If I let you die, I could never face Dragon again, you dumbass!!!!
So please, do what you damn well please!!!
-Marine Ford, Ivankov, and Luffy.
The pirates charge forward

He gave him the dose he demanded and Luffy stood back up roaring and ready to fight. In fact, Luffy managed to free Ace. However, the fire fist died a short time later from an injury inflicted by Akainu. Luffy, who was completely broken up, was carried out of the danger zone by Jinbe, but the Straw Hat and the Fish Man were severely injured by Sakazuki in the process. Earlier, Ivankov and Inazuma also confronted the admiral, but were quickly defeated. Afterwards, they hid aboard a naval ship along with the other trannies. Supernovae Trafalgar Law, who also showed up after Whitebeard had also lost his life, took Luffy and Jinbe into his care and sailed away. Boa Hancock followed him just on the ship where the trannies were hiding. During Luffy’s recovery, Ivankov and his entourage took their leave and headed back to the Kamabakka Kingdom.

Return to Momoiro Island

Ivankov returned to his kingdom

When he finally returned to his kingdom, he met Luffy’s crew member Sanji. However, he didn’t want to believe that one, since the Cook didn’t resemble his mugshot at all, and so there was a possibility, however small, that he might be a World Government informer. So Ivankov didn’t give him any information about Luffy’s whereabouts for the time being, before Sanji challenged him to a duel to hijack a boat. However, he lost very quickly in the forest of the island, but the Man of Miracles handed him a newspaper in which Luffy’s latest deeds were reported.

Afterwards, Inazuma informed the transgender King that he had received a call from Dragon. They exchanged news via Den-den Mushi and the leader of the revolutionaries then wanted to reveal the truth about Bear’s condition to Ivankov. After the conversation, he asked Sanji what was going on, as he interpreted a message from his captain from the newspaper article. Later, the two had dinner together. In the conversation, the Cook of the Straw Hats said not to tell Iva Luffy’s message unless he believed him to be part of his gang. He also remarked on the special effects of food, whereupon the transgender King told him that the inhabitants of the kingdom can prepare dishes that can change the emotional state of the eater. Sanji wanted these recipes immediately, but since they were abilities of the Newkama Kenpou, he would have to learn it first.

The chef refused, whereupon Ivankov gave him the chance to defeat each of the 99 masters of the Newkama Kenpou, each of whom possessed one of the recipes, while being hunted day and night by the rest of the trannies so that he would once again don a dress. Should he pass this test, he would also give him a ship. Sanji immediately accepted the task and mastered it, as seen by his return to the Sabaody Archipelago after two years.

The Gathering of the Revolutionaries

After the destruction of Baltigo, the Revolutionary forces moved their headquarters to the Kingdom of Kamabakka, which the Okama prepared in advance for a gathering. Dragon had summoned all the commanders of the Revolutionaries here, as they were going to declare war on the World Nobles during the upcoming Levely. Of course, Emporio Ivankov was also present, who, before the meeting officially began, addressed the Revolutionaries present as well as Dragon on the events surrounding Totto Land, showing his amazement that Sanji was a prince of Germa 66.

A headline about Sabo

After a new issue of the World Economic Newspaper reached Kamabakka with an article about Sabo, Ivankov could not believe what was reported there and was visibly upset.


  • His prisoner number at Impel Down was A-6582.
  • Ivankov is based on the character Dr. Frank-N-Furter from The Rocky Horror Picture Show as well as his own seiyuu Norio Imamura.
  • He’s just called Iva-san by all the trannies.
  • He is called the “Man of Miracles” (jap. 奇跡の人, Kiseki No Hito).
  • His favorite food is horumonyaki (note: needs link).

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