Elizabello II of One Piece

Elizabello Ⅱ., also known as the Fighting King (jap. 戦う王, Tatakau Ō), is the king of Prodense.


Elizabello as a toy

Elizabello is a very tall muscular man who has a thin beard and a very prominent chin. He has blond, gelled hair, which he wears as a slickback hairstyle. His legs are extremely thin compared to his massive arms. He wears a golden crown as well as a cape with a red and dark blue checkerboard pattern, which also has a white fur collar. During the tournament in the Corrida Colosseum, he also wears golden boxing gloves.


Elizabello seems to be more of the quiet type of person, as he is rarely seen speaking. He has great trust in Dagama and obviously leaves most of the decisions to him. Furthermore, he seems to be a ruthless man, as he did not shy away from using the King Punch, his kingdom’s most powerful weapon, against civilians – even if they were not the actual target in the process – just to advance to the next round in the Fire Fruit Tournament. However, he is also fiercely loyal and embraced his old friend King Riku III, who once helped his kingdom after seeing him again after a long time, even though there were many evil rumors about him. He also helped Luffy, Zoro, and Law fight the Donquixote Pirates, on the grounds that he owed the Straw Hats and was in King Riku’s debt.

Skills and strength

Elizabello possesses incredible strength. He is even said to have punched a huge hole in the fortress of his enemies with one blow in a war. His “royal blow” is thus also the secret weapon of his kingdom. Only, the regent needs at least an hour to summon the necessary power and focus it, which is why he can only use his blow once at most in a battle, man against man. Except for this blow, however, the king seems to have no attacks or toughness to speak of, for he was soundly defeated by the pirate Bartolomeo; one attack was enough to knock the king out.


Battle Royale at the Corrida Colosseum

Together with the tactician of Prodense, Dagama, he traveled to Dress Rosa to compete in the tournament for the Fire Fruit in the Corrida Colosseum, as it would have given his kingdom a significant advantage. While in the waiting room, the Funk brothers accused them of scheming to get ahead in the tournament with strong contenders, to which Dagama merely replied that the other participants in the tournament had surely made their plans as well.

Later, the fighting king could be seen in the Battle Royale of the B Block, along with his tactician and mercenaries that the latter had hired to protect the king. After the fighting had progressed and only 24 fighters remained, Dagama thinned out the mercenaries by attacking them and was aided by his secret comrade-in-arms, Blue Gilly. However, when the King’s right hand man also tried to take out the Long Legged Man from behind, he became the victim of his own scheming and ended up in the water belt around the arena due to a kick from Blue Gilly.

However, the preparations had been made: The King Punch was ready for action, and promptly the King applied it, showing no regard for the spectator stands that were in danger of being swept away by the powerful attack. With his strike, the king took out all the remaining combatants except for Bartolomeo, who held on thanks to his barrier power. The pirate then defeated Elizabello with a single attack, making Bartolomeo the victor of Block B.

Prisoner in the underground port

After ending up in the Dress Rosa underground with the other defeated gladiators, it was revealed that the gladiator Ricky was actually the former King Riku Doldo III. Elizabello then embraced his old friend and spoke of how often he came to the aid of his country and how King Riku’s disappearance upset the balance between the kingdoms, leading to countless wars.
Later, he was seen carrying crates in the underground port, also transformed into a toy and with no chance to resist. He cursed Doflamingo and inwardly screamed for help, saying he was the King of Prodense after all. When Sugar lost consciousness at the hands of Usopp, the curse was broken and he transformed back.

Alliance against Doflamingo

Together with other previously reverted gladiators, Elizabello the Second was able to resurface. He declared that his kingdom owed a great debt to King Riku and that he should therefore defeat Donquixote Doflamingo. To do this, he formed an alliance with those present and they marched towards the King’s Plateau, where they were met by Pica. Together with Don Chinjao, Elizabello managed to destroy Pica’s giant stone hand and repel further attacks until Zoro finally took over the fight against the stone giant. They continued to charge forward, taking down several of Doflamingo’s followers along the way, clearing a path for Luffy, but kept getting involved in the fight between Pica and Zoro, which the King wanted to end with his King Punch. However, Zoro persuaded him to save that attack for later until the latter finally defeated Pica. Now Elizabello was able to use his secret attack, but to his annoyance, “only” to clean up the remnants of the battle, in the form of falling chunks of stone.

However, there was no peace from this victory, as soon the birdcage contracted and lives were to be saved. Sai ordered him to take care of the wounded before the birdcage reached them. Mansherry healed the wounded and they moved on to help the people of Dress Rosa as well. As the cage got smaller and smaller, the people braced themselves to stop the birdcage with the help of Bartolomeo’s barrier. This all showed success in that the birdcage began to close more slowly, but it took Luffy’s victory over Doflamingo to save the city and everyone present.

After the defeat of the latter, the townspeople begged Riku Doldo to become their king once more and Elizabello also agreed and encouraged him. Three days later, he was chatting with King Dress Rosas on the ruined royal plateau about what had gone before – how the villagers had picked themselves up and come out of it stronger. He wondered, however, if Riku was serious about handing over his throne to Rebecca one day, as he still remembered how stubborn she once was.

The Levely in Mary Geoise

While preparing for the Levely, Elizabello II contacted King Riku III and they decided to sail to Mary Geoise together. During the sea voyage, the two were playing a game of chess when Rebecca came to them with the newspaper about Luffy’s news. Later, the ship was attacked by pirates, but their ship was protected by the marines Koby and Helmeppo. He too later found himself in the room for the World Conference of Kings, but was only amused by how other kings talked about Luffy and the danger he would pose.


  • His favorite food is fruit punch.

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