Eikon of One Piece

Eikon is a dwarf from the kingdom of Tontatta.


Like all dwarves of the kingdom of Tontatta, Eikon is about the size of a human hand and has a long, pointed nose and a bushy tail. She has bushy dark hair and wears a light-colored headband. She wears a horizontally striped top with long sleeves as well as a collar. On her feet she wears dark boots.


Like all dwarves of the kingdom of Tontatta, Eikon is very gullible, so she was directly very friendly towards Robin after she claimed to have no bad intentions.


After Nico Robin told the dwarves that she was a good person and they immediately believed her as a result, she was freed by them. Gancho, the king of the kingdom of Tontatta, then introduced himself to her and at his side was Eikon with a friendly smile. But when Nico Robin was about to leave the kingdom, the dwarves rushed upon her, as it is a custom there that persons should surrender their weapons on leaving, or all their clothing if they have no weapons with them. Eikon also wanted to undress her, but Flapper appeared and told the others that she was a friend of the “hero”, whereupon the dwarves let her go.

Later, Eikon attended the meeting for the rebellion against the Donquixote Pirates in Dress Rosa, below the Field of Flowers, which was held by their commander, the one-legged toy soldier. Also present were Nico Robin, their “hero” Usopp, and Franky.


  • Her name was not revealed until One Piece Magazine Vol. 2.

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