Edward Weevil of One Piece

Edward Weevil is a powerful pirate of the New World and has been one of The Seven Warlords of the Seas since the events following the Battle of Marine Ford. With the dissolution of the Samurai of the Seas, Weevil has also lost this title and is now a simple pirate without privileges. By his own admission, he is also the son of Edward Newgate aka Whitebeard and Bakkin.


Like his supposed father, Weevil also wears a very conspicuous white moustache, though it is a good deal larger than Whitebeard’s. His long bushy hair is blond. To the left and right he has tied it into two braids. He wears a black headscarf, which looks exactly like Whitebeard’s. Otherwise, he wears black shoes and a matching jumpsuit, but too small for him, held on with two chains and featuring his Jolly Roger. Compared to his large and powerful body, he has relatively small hands and feet. Around his left forearm, around his neck and on the left side of his face the course of scars is visible.


Weevil is firmly convinced that he is the son of Whitebeard. His mother’s words and his white moustache are sufficient and valid evidence for him. He reacts very aggressively should anyone contradict his mother’s claims. His relationship with her also shows how manipulative he is. His goal is to get revenge on Marshall D. Teach, who is responsible for the death of his alleged father. Bakkin, his mother, again only cares about wealth.

Overall, Weevil comes across as extremely primitive. This was especially evident when he mistook a photo of Whitebeard for a mirror.

Skills and strengths

That even Admiral Kizaru felt that Weevil’s power should be feared more than sufficiently qualifies him for the post of one of The Seven Warlords of the Seas. His strength was even said to be comparable to that of a younger version of Whitebeard. He single-handedly defeated 16 New World pirate captains along with their crews, leaving a wave of destruction in his wake. In doing so, he was armed only with a Bisento, which was also Edward Newgate’s main weapon. He is also proficient in armor and observation shaki.


Weevil defeats A.O.

Weevil defeated A.O and his crew in a confrontation. Whether they are still alive remains unclear. He wanted to contact Marco, the former commander of Whitebeard’s first division, through him, as he had done with 15 other captains before, in order to eventually take Whitebeard’s legacy. In a newspaper, Bakkin read of the defeat of Donquixote Doflamingo at the hands of Monkey D. Luffy and recalled how Marco supported him in battle on Marine Ford two years ago. She suspected that he could get them to their destination, and decided that he should be the next pirate captain they would seek out.

Just before the Levely began, an article about Edward Weevil was published with the headline.

A few weeks later, Weevil’s status as a Samurai of the Seas was revoked, as it was for the other Samurai. Weevil had just destroyed a village on an island in the New World and was already surrounded by marines. He asked his mother why the navy was no longer on their side. Bakkin concluded that their cooperation had come to an end and ordered Weevil to kill them all.


  • His favorite dish is his mother’s caviar oni giri.

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