Drum Island Arc

Since the departure of the Straw Hat Pirates from Little Garden, Nami’s condition has continued to deteriorate. She has a high fever and no one can help her. Luffy decides to go to the next island to get Nami treated. But there are no doctors on the winter island of Drum. The island’s former king, Wapol, who fled the island after a strange band of pirates ravaged the island, has taken all the island’s doctors with him. The only female doctor is the ancient Kureha, who lives on the island’s highest mountain in the king’s castle. Luffy decides to take Nami to the “witch”. Sanji accompanies him.

To make matters worse, Wapol returns to the island. The Straw Hat Pirates has already made acquaintance with Wapol and is not pleased to see the omnivore again. The islanders, most notably Dalton, who was to be elected the next king, also see their freedom in jeopardy again. After climbing the mountain with his bare hands, Luffy wakes up to Doctor Kureha. She has nursed him, Sanji, and Nami back to health. This is also where they meet Chopper the reindeer. Or is he a human? Luffy doesn’t know what to do and decides to take the monster into his gang. But peace does not last long: Wapol and his commanders appear in front of the castle and claim it for themselves again. A fight breaks out between Luffy and Wapol. But Chopper also has a score to settle with Wapol and his henchmen.

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