Drophy of One Piece

Drophy aka Miss Merry Christmas was a special agent for the Baroque Company and the partner of Mr. 4. She goes by the nickname City Trap Drophy (jap. 町落としのドロフィー, Machi Otoshi no Dorofī).


Miss Merry Christmas is an older, chubby woman who looks rather small due to her rather short legs. She has an aged face, marked by wrinkles, and wears blue lipstick. She also wears glasses with greenish-yellow frames and blue lenses, which are color-matched to her lipstick. Her cheeks are quite wide, so her ears disappear behind them. She also has curly red-brown hair, which is tied up at the roots with a green hair band.

She continues to wear a white shirt with a fir tree shaped green red dotted tie. Furthermore she wears blue-purple trousers with green flowers.


Miss Merry Christmas is very easily irritated. For example, she totally freaked out when Usopp called her a penguin, even though she hadn’t even taken her mole form yet, and she continued to be perceived as a penguin later on. Also, it annoys her beyond belief when Mr. 4 goofs around instead of doing his chores. Furthermore, the agent speaks without pausing and repeats a sentence several times when she wants to imply something. On the side, she also insults her partner or her enemies quite often. Thus she forms a strong contrast to her very sluggish partner.This fact only occurs in the anime.

In the anime, she has a hectic and annoying voice.

Skills and strength

As a human mole

Miss Merry Christmas was a special agent of the Baroque Company, which already says a lot about her strength and fighting power. Thanks to her devil power, the mole fruit, she can move underground, dig and dig tunnels. That’s why she’s also called the digging babe.

When she transforms into a human mole, her hands turn into large claws with which she can dig through the ground at lightning speed, as she did when she and Mr. 4 fought Usopp and Chopper. Due to the fact that she had no fears of losing the fight against the two pirates, she seems to have complete confidence in her powers.


Meeting at the Spiders Café

Miss Merry Christmas argues with Mister 2.

First, Miss Merry Christmas and her partner Mr. 4 entered the Spiders Café meeting place where all the Special Agents were to gather. The two were greeted by the shopkeeper, Pola, who offered them tea. Shortly after, Mr. 2 appeared along with members of his own gang. Mr. 2 entered the café alone and a small argument ensued between him and Miss Merry Christmas.

At 8 o’clock sharp, another man appeared outside the café, beating up Mr. 2’s people. He turned out to be Mr. 1. Because of this, Mr. 2 started a fight with him, but Pola was able to stop him after a short time. It turned out that Pola was known under the alias “Miss Doublefinger”, also a special agent of the Baroque Works, and her partner was the attacker, the brutal Mr. 1.

She told the other agents that the boss was waiting for them in Rainbase. The agents then made their way to the Golden Rain Casino in Rainbase.

Operation Utopia

After reading the orders are burned

In one room, the Baroque agents were waiting for Mister Zero. Miss Bloody Sunday introduced them to the boss of the Baroque Company. He heralded Operation Utopia, the last one as the Baroque Company. All of the Baroque Company’s operations had been working toward this operation. He handed the agents their last orders, which were burned after they read them.

If the missions were accomplished, the land would be theirs. Arabasta was to become their utopia. Those who made mistakes would be punished by death, and so Crocodile saw the agents off to their missions. Finally, Miss Bloody Sunday informed him that several Billions had snuck into the rebel army. He gave her orders to inform them at Nanohana to kill the Straw Hat Pirates if they should appear. At all costs, Vivi had to be prevented from reaching Katorea.

Finally, he sent his agents to launch Operation Utopia.

Capture of King Cobra

The agents guard Cobra

While there was turmoil in the royal palace because King Cobra had disappeared, Miss Merry Christmas and Mr. 4 had captured the ruler and were guarding him.

Nevertheless, at the palace a messenger reported that the king was well, but it was a copy, impersonated by Mr. 2. He had touched the king and was able to memorize his face. In this guise, he gave the order to burn down the city of Nanohana.

The arrival of the Straw Hat Pirates

Finally, with only an hour left before Utopia was to be executed, the Special Agents gathered at the west gate of Arbana and waited for the Straw Hat Pirates, who had already taken out six Special Agents to date. Their goal was to stop Vivi so that their mission could be accomplished successfully. Mr. 4 finally announced their coming by a soft “Kooooommeen”, which none of the agents understood.

The agents were slightly shocked that the approaching ones were riding fast animals and they didn’t know who the wanted one was. At Miss Merry Christmas’ command, Mr. 4 fired a time bomb to see who was who, but the pirates simply dodged and split up. Mr. 4 and Miss Merry Christmas gave chase to the riders who were heading towards the south gate, thinking that one of them must be Vivi. The other agents also took up the pursuit of two riders each, ultimately finding that none of them were Vivi, as they had been tricked. Vivi had stayed outside the city to stop the approaching rebels.

Fight against Usopp and Chopper

The agent can grab Usopp by the legs

While the Straw Hats were trying to save the land of Arabasta from its demise, Usopp met Chopper lying injured on the ground near the East Portal.

Miss Merry Christmas and Mr. 4 had beaten him before. While Usopp was still trying to escape, he was already caught by Chopper, who forced him to fight alongside him against the agents. Mr. 4 immediately began firing lead-heavy balls at the Straw Hats with his weapon Lassoo, giving them both a good beating. The “bottle babe” was also able to give the Straw Hats a good beating, until the situation seemed hopeless, and Chopper tried to find out Mr. 4’s weak point.

Once this was found, the tide turned in favor of the reindeer and the gunman. Through a trick, Lassoo sneezed out several of the exploding balls, which immediately exploded near the agents. By a final combination, the straw-hatted pirates managed to put the agents out of action for good. Thus, Usopp and Chopper had won the battle.

Life after the Baroque Company

The agents reopen Spider’s Café

After the defeat at Arbana, all of the Special Agents except Mister 5, Miss Goldenweek, and Miss Valentine were taken to a Marine prison, where they were by far the most heavily incarcerated. After Mister 2 and Mister 3 were also brought in by Hina, her friends, the only agents at large, broke into the prison and freed all their colleagues. Only their boss Crocodile and Daz Bonez aka Mister 1 remained behind.

They then traveled together back to Arabasta, where they reopened Spider’s Café and can now live in peace….


  • Her favorite tea is Orange Pecoe.

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