Dressrosa Arc

Trafalgar Law tells Doflamingo the conditions for Caesar’s return. He is to resign as Samurai of the Seas and thus lose the protection of the World Government. The latter accepts the terms, which is also publicly disseminated shortly thereafter, but is announced by the CP0 to the citizens of Dress Rosa as a hoax. The crew splits into three groups; Law, Robin, and Usopp head to Green Bit with Caesar for the planned surrender; Luffy, Franky, Zoro, Sanji, and Kinemon are to destroy the Smile factory; Nami, Momonosuke, Chopper, and Brook stay to protect the Sunny. However, the Straw Hat Pirates’s plan has long been seen through by Doflamingo. He has developed some defensive strategies. As it turns out, Doflamingo is a descendant of the 20 founding families of the World Government and thus has control over the CP0, although he himself is no longer a Tenryuubito, which faked his resignation. Moreover, he summoned one of the admirals, Fujitora, to be able to pin Law down. A tournament for Ace’s former Fire Fruit was set up specifically for Luffy, as he can never leave it in anyone else’s hands.

Thus, in the end, the operation was doomed to failure. Law was defeated by Doflamingo and Fujitora on Green Bit and brought to the palace seriously injured. However, the ship’s crew managed to ‘save’ Caesar and now escaped to Zou with Sanji. Luffy has reached the final round in the tournament and is now doing everything he can to free Law. Unexpectedly, Sabo now appears, who asks Luffy to give him the Fire Fruit so he can carry on Ace’s will. Freed from the burden of worrying about the Devil Fruit, he can fully concentrate on Doflamingo. Usopp and Robin have encountered the inhabitants of the Tontatta Kingdom and join in their Operation SOP, incapacitating Sugar. This results in all the toys changing back and the rebellion against Doflamingo begins. Many former fighters from the Corrida Colosseum also participate in this rebellion. After all officers of the Donquixote Pirates have been defeated by Straw Hats or fellow fighters, Luffy also manages to defeat Doflamingo with his new technique Gear 4.

As thanks for their liberation, many pirate gangs or fleets now ask to sail under the flag of the Straw Hats. Caused by Zoro’s preference for alcohol, the Straw Hat Grand Fleet also comes into being. The remaining Straw Hats now set out to rescue the remaining crew, after Zou.

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