Dracule Mihawk of One Piece

Dracule Mihawk (originally Dracule Mihawk), also known as “Hawkeye” (jap. 目のミホーク, Taka no Me), is the best swordsman in the world. In addition, he was one of The Seven Warlords of the Seas.



Hawkeye is a tall man. He wears a hat with a feather that is black on the outside and burgundy on the inside. His hair under it is short and black. His gaze is very sharp, like that of a hawk, and he wears a small black beard. Around his neck he wears a golden cross, but the bottom half of it can be removed to reveal a dagger. His sleeves go down to his hands and are decorated with flowers and are wine red. Over this he wears a black sleeveless jacket. He also wears a cloak, which like the hat is black on the outside and wine red on the inside. The color of his pants is a light purple, and underneath he wears black boots. On his back he still carries the Black Sword, Yoru.

As a means of transportation he uses a special boat, which is equipped with only one mast, a kind of throne and green glowing candles. This boat is called “coffin boat”.


Mihawk is a very cool man who knows about his strengths. He always knows exactly which opponents are strong and how, which probably comes from his experience. This is also how he told Zoro how little he cares about a fight with him. But he can also change his mind if he is impressed. After the fight with Zoro, he told Zoro to keep training so he could challenge him again later and possibly even defeat him, as he was visibly impressed by Zoro’s strong will. He also usually only accepts one-on-one fights if they present a challenge, for example, he declines Shanks’ offer as he doesn’t want to fight a one-armed “cripple”. During the fight against the Whitebeard Gang, Mihawk also sought a challenge by attacking Whitebeard with a cutting wave. By his own admission, he wanted to see how much of a difference in strength there currently was between him and Whitebeard.

Due to his almost friendly relationship with Shanks, he also heard a lot about Luffy and was reluctant to face him for a fight. However, his duty required him to do so.

Skills and Strength

The strongest cutting wave

Hawkeye is considered the strongest swordsman in the world. In his possession is the Black Sword, Yoru, one of the 12 best swords ever, the so-called Dragon Swords. He masters this sword so perfectly that he can even deflect single pistol bullets in flight. In battle, he also displays unusual speed, which may be due to the technique Soru. In the past, he has engaged in merciless battles with the future Emperor Shanks, but the results are still unknown.

If the world’s best swordsman is bored, he doesn’t mind just sinking 50 ships of Don Krieg’s armada for a bit of fun. Also, he could defeat Zoro, who already had a reputation as a fighter in East Blue at the time, almost exclusively with a small dagger.

In addition, Hawkeye can create cutting waves with his sword. He hurled one of them at Whitebeard. This one was even bigger than the Moby Dick, and according to some marines, it was the most powerful cutting wave in the world. Even so, “Diamond” Jozu was able to repel the attack thanks to his devilish strength.

Another time he proved his strength when Luffy dodged one of his attacks and a huge iceberg parted a few hundred meters behind him. Furthermore, it was no problem for him to track Luffy’s movements in Gear 2 and hit him. Even a gum-gum jet bazooka had to be stopped by the Straw Hat Pirate, as he knew Hawkeye would have cut off his hands despite his speed. In the fight against Daz Bonez, he also proved that he could cut iron with ease.

Mihawk is proficient in armor and observation haki. If he concentrates his armor haki on his blade, he can protect it from damage, increase his penetrating power, and effectively fight enemies with logia powers.


Gol D. Roger’s Execution

Mihawk at Roger’s execution

Mihawk was also present at Gol D. Roger’s execution. At the time, he was not yet wearing a chin beard. It is not known if he was already one of the samurai at that time.

Life on Kuraigana

After all life was extinguished in the kingdom of Shickeahru on the island of Kuraigana seven years ago during the war, Hawkeye nested himself in the only castle not in ruins. This served him from that day on as a home.


On the Baratié

Hawkeye defeats Zoro

After sinking the entire armada on the Grand Line from the Godfather of the East Blue, Don Krieg, he pursued the latter’s last ship into the East Blue, complaining of boredom. Creek, attacking the Baratié with the remaining part of his crew, told with a shudder of the superhuman strength of Hawkeye, and suspected a devil’s power behind it. In the midst of the skirmish between the crew of the Baratié, the Straw Hat Pirates, and Creek’s band of pirates, Hawkeye suddenly appeared on his little ship, from which he sabered the Dreadnaught Sabre. Surprised, Zoro recognized the samurai of the seas by his striking gaze. Immediately, the pirate hunter challenged the best of the best to a duel. In this Zoro resorted to various attacks, but all of them had no chance against the hawk-eye, who was only armed with a dagger. Then, when two of Zoro’s three swords break, he admits defeat and allows himself to be slashed by Mihawk, who by now was fighting with his real sword after all.

You have an iron will, if you keep it up…. you might defeat me!
-Mihawk after the fight with Zoro.

The wound that resulted can still be seen today in the form of a huge scar across Zoro’s chest. After Hawkeye went on a rampage, he was attacked by Creek, who sought revenge. However, he failed miserably and so Hawkeye disappeared again with his coffin boat.

Meeting with Shanks

Old “friends” drinking

When Luffy’s first bounty was offered, Hawkeye made his way to Shanks to tell him about it, as he used to tell him stories about a little wonder boy. At first the situation was very tense, however Mihawk refused to fight him, as he didn’t want to fight “one-armed cripples”. However, shortly after, the situation loosened up again and they started drinking together, even though Shanks had complained of a hangover before.

The meeting of the samurai

Mihawk in Mary Geoise

Mihawk appeared as the third and final samurai at the Mary Geoise meeting. Having earlier overheard the brief conversation between Flamingo and Sengoku, in which Sengoku had called him and his fellow samurai scum of the sea, Mihawk wondered if he was in the wrong place. He hadn’t come here to vote on the next samurai, though; he just wanted to hear about the situation surrounding the Straw Hat Pirates.

The call of the world government

5 Samurai at one table

While the Straw Hat Pirates was on the Sabaody Archipelago, it was announced that Ace was to be executed. The execution of the commander of the 2nd Division of the Whitebeard Pirates would lead to a war between the World Government and the aforementioned gang. In order to keep Whitebeard and his pirates from rescuing their member, all 7 Samurai of the Seas were called upon to aid the Navy in the upcoming battle. To this end, a meeting was held six days before the execution, at which five of the seven samurai – Bartholomew Kuma, Donquixote Doflamingo, Blackbeard, Gecko Moria, and Hawkeye himself – answered the government’s call and now ate their meal together at one table.

Fight with Whitebeard

Luffy can only dodge

Later they made ready again and awaited Whitebeard. At first, the five samurai just watched as Whitebeard and the navy fought, until finally Dracule Mihawk hurled a gigantic wave of cuts at Whitebeard. However, this was intercepted by Jôzu with his diamond body.
Eventually, Luffy and his alliance reached the island, which Dracule Mihawk also noticed.

The straw hat boy kept charging forward, not letting anything stop him. Even Hina, Smoker, and a giant couldn’t make it. So Mihawk stood in his way.

Sorry, redhead…
…I’m not going to be able to help myself with this power.
So destiny…
…will this next-generation boy wonder’s life end here….
…or will he somehow escape this black blade!!!?
– Mihawk in thought of Shanks.
Mihawk engages in a fight with Flower Sword

A fierce battle ensued, which Hawkeye dominated. Even when some Newkamas helped Luffy and he used Gear 2, he was outmatched. Mihawk kept pushing him back and even managed to wound him. However, Luffy remembered Buggy’s devil power and brought him in as a replacement. The latter was unsuccessfully cut by Mihawk several times, until he arrogantly attacked him with a special magic bullet. Hawkeye redirected this one, however, and prepared to attack Luffy again. However, at Marco’s command, Vista suddenly appeared. The swordsman faced Dracule Mihawk for the fight, which was quite even, but was ended early for the sake of both sides.

Crocodile attacks Hawkeye

Later in the fight, Luffy was dangerously close to the scaffold, which is why Mihawk tried to stop him. Surprisingly, Daz Bonez intercepted Mihawk’s attack, but was cut down shortly after with a single blow from Dracule Mihawk, whereupon he went back to attacking Luffy. However, just before Luffy was hit, Crocodile now interfered, stopping the best swordsman in the world. This allowed Luffy to achieve his goal of freeing Ace after all, but the Fire Fist still died shortly after. Later, Shanks also appeared on the battlefield after Whitebeard died. Hawkeye now turned away and left the battlefield, whereupon some marines complained about his behavior. The latter, however, replied that only the battle against Whitebeard was agreed upon, but not against Shanks. Sengoku declared the war over shortly afterwards.

Meeting with Zoro again

Dracule Mihawk talks to Zoro

When Hawkeye returned to his home on Kuraigana after the war, he met his old adversary Zoro and Perona, who had also been hurled to that island by Bear. He informed the two uninvited guests of the current events. Zoro, who wanted to go to Luffy immediately, he offered a boat, if he should make it to the coast. Afterwards he told Perona about Moria’s death, whereupon she burst into tears. However, he explained that there could be something wrong with the newspaper report, as he saw his fellow samurai still alive on the battlefield.

He then went out to Zoro, who was fighting a crowd of armed baboons. When he emerged, the monkeys seemed intimidated by Mihawk’s presence. At this, Hawkeye explained that Zoro would not have such an easy time with the monkeys, as they only became so violent because of the people who lived near them. He told him the history of the island and thought the baboons would be good training for him. Since it was getting dark, he invited him back to his castle. Zoro, however, wanted to leave the island immediately to meet his captain, and angrily declined.

Zoro’s training

Zoro asks Dracule Mihawk to teach him

After Zoro learned from the newspaper article that Luffy wanted to take two years to train before meeting again, he asked Hawkeye to teach him his swordsmanship. Mihawk told Zoro that he should be ashamed to say that, due to the fact that they were actually enemies. He also remarked how he should pass on his knowledge to him if Zoro couldn’t even manage to defeat the monkeys. Zoro countered that this had already been done. Perona was then ordered to heal Zoro’s wounds; then training was to begin. Among other things, Mihawk taught Zoro how to use the armor haki, mainly so that his swords would be protected from damage. Zoro was not allowed to drink alcohol until he had mastered this discipline.

Two years later

Two years later, Mihawk was still living on Kuraigana with Perona and the now trained Humandrills. In a newspaper they read of the exploits of the Straw Hats on Dress Rosa and ate rice balls. While the Levely was in session, Perona read on Kuraigana that Moria was alive after all, contrary to previous news. She decided to look for her boss and took in wonderment Hawkeye’s comment that she should be careful. He mentioned that it would be better if she left, as there were interesting topics being brought up at the Levely. The Regents’ negotiations eventually resulted in Mihawk being stripped of his title and privileges as one of The Seven Warlords of the Seas, just as with the others. After a week, Kuraigana was surrounded by naval vessels. Mihawk found the situation appealing, as it had been a while for him to be hunted by anyone.


  • His sword, the Black Sword, Yoru, is a dragon sword.
  • Mihawk is so far the only character where the determinative“DON“sound effect (Chapters 50 and 234) has a custom font, namely matching the guard of his sword hilt.
  • Dracule Mihawk is considered an “invincible swordsman”. It is said that he has won every fight so far.
  • He’s very reminiscent in some ways of Cyrano, the villain from Oda’s Monsters, which is also included in Wanted!
  • He seems to be somewhat based on the famous novel character Dracula.
  • In the SBS to volume 63, Oda drew the samurai as children, including Mihawk.
  • In SBS volume 76, Oda shows us what Mihawk would look like if he were female.(Show image [hide])
  • The SBS to volume 90 shows what Mihawk’s daughter would look like.(Show image [hide])
  • His favorite drink is red wine.
  • According to earlier concepts on Dracule Mihawk from Vivre Card ~ One Piece Picture Encyclopedia ~ his epithet was initially supposed to be “psychic” (jap. 千里眼, Senrigan).

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